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Township 2, Range 7, Section 31

Contributed 26 Sep 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Florence, go east on US 72 a half mile beyond the Rogersville traffic light.  Turn left on Ezell Street and the Weaver Cemetery is on the right just beyond the trees and surrounded by the Civitan Cemetery. This cemetery was surveyed in 1995 by Judy Mason & Avon Hagood and updated by Robert Torbert in Sept 2006.  An * indicates the correction of an error in the earlier survey.  Rows are numbered from west to east.

NAME                               DOB           DOD        ROW  NOTES
DAVIS, Bobby Doyle               16AP1933      01MY1991     01   h of AB; m 8MY1954
DAVIS, Ann Barclay                                          01
FUQUA, Marjorie Lee              01MH1910      19OC2001     02
FUQUA, Finley Otis               02JL1920      07AP1985     02
FUQUA, Otis                      01JE1875      03DE1929     02
FUQUA, Bessie Lee                07JL1887      28JL1968     02
FUQUA, James Milton              21OC1907      03JE1909     02   s of Otis & Bessie
FUQUA, Eva Smith                  AU1929                    03   w of Joe
FUQUA, Margaret Claire            AU1929        FE1930      03   d of Joe & Eva
FUQUA, Velma                      NO1878        MH1879      03
FUQUA, Mary                       MH1874        AU1876      03
FUQUA, J.P.                       SE1864        MY1876      03
FUQUA, Katie Morgan              24MY1897      08MY1899     03   d of Otey Thomas & Mary Anna
FUQUA, Thomas Clark              19MH1908      17AU1909     03   s of Otey & Mary Anna
FUQUA, Octavia C.                10DE1858      16FE1907     03
FUQUA, Ingram                    16DE1836      18SE1910     03   Pvt Co L 11AL Inf CSA
FUQUA, Mary Weaver               23DE1836      17OC1914     03   w of Ingram
BARCLAY, James R. Sr.            03AP1853      29MY1934     03   h of Eva
BARCLAY, Eva Fuqua               06AP1869      08SE1936     03
BARCLAY, Belton F.               21AU1928      05JL1939     03   s of BF & DE
BARCLAY, Belton F. (Sr)          10JL1908      09JA1986     03   h of DG; m 5JE1927
BARCLAY, Dessie G.               24SE1910      05MH1996     03
NEWTON, Billie Murl              11NO1948      23AP1949     03
FUQUA, Frances T.                28MH1875      06SE1945     03   w of Benjamin A.
FUQUA, Rosalie                   12DE1910      18OC1923     03   d of BA & Fannie
FUQUA, William Cleatus           11AU1909      23JE1910     03   s of BA & Fannie
FUQUA, Henry                     20JA1902      18OC1902     03   s of W. & MO
FUQUA, Benjamin Archibal         20OC1849      08MH1931     03
FUQUA, Burl Weaver *             05MY1851      04JL1906     03   w of BA
FUQUA, Roberta R.  *             14MY1876      06JA1889     03   d of BA & BM
WEAVER, Joseph                   10NO1810      01OC1868     03   born in TN
WEAVER, Arabella Lanier          06FE1815      18SE1887     03   born in Humphreys Co TN
WEAVER, Sarah J.                 06OC1849      21FE1908     03
RILEY, Peggy Jo Patterson        13FE1936                   03   one date
PATTERSON, Jessie Bedingfield    01DE1901      01MH2004     03   102 yrs old
PATTERSON, John C. Jr.           14MH1931                   03
PATTERSON, Bessie                21MY1893      14JL1918     05   d of JH & Laura A.
PATTERSON, J.H.                  27NO1863      14MY1925     05   h of Laura
PATTERSON, Laura A.              12JE1867      11MY1915     05
PATTERSON, Robert Clarence       26FE1891      17MY1892     05   s of JH & LA
WEAVER, L.T.  *                  12AU1842      15SE1867     05   w of WT
WEAVER, W.T.                     15DE1838      07JA1920     05
PATTERSON, Thomas W.             04DE1889      20NO1930     06   AL 2 Lt Inf Res  WW-I
LESTER, Annie                    12MH1893      16SE1907     06   d of John H. & Sophia
FUQUA, William Joseph            22FE1901      12JA1970     07   h of FM
FUQUA, Florence May              29NO1903      01MY1950     07
FUQUA, Otey Thomas               21FE1872      07JE1944     07   h of MA
FUQUA, Mary Ann (Weatherford)    01JL1878      11MY1944     07
FUQUA, Martha Ann                22JE1935      29MH2004     07
WEAVER, Louis A. (MD)            30SE1859      15SE1942     08   h of BK
WEAVER, Blanche K.               17SE1871      09JA1968     08
PATTERSON, Gaston Torrance       05JL1911      07JA1982     08   Maj USA  WW-II
PATTERSON, Odessa Fike           27NO1917      31MH1994     08   w of GT
COX, Oscar                       24AP1870      06JL1939     09   h of DR
COX, Della Romine                14OC1895      26FE1979     09
COX, Percy Fuqua                 10FE1881      02NO1941     09   w of Peter
COX, Peter                       04JL1876      21SE1941     09
COX, Margaret Eva                29JA1913      31JA1994     09
COX, Buford Ingram               17SE1913      03SE1978     09   Pvt  USA  WW-II
GRISHAM, Tolbert                 06OC1912      09JA1982     10   h of Lucile
GRISHAM, Lucile Fuqua            07MH1912      18DE1990     10
ROUSSEAU, William Richard MD       1895          1950       10   h of Emma
ROUSSEAU, Emma Fuqua               1905          1973       10
FUQUA, Sarah E.                  27JL1903      25FE1974     10   w of John
FUQUA, John H.                     1898          1964       10
FUQUA, Mary O.                     1870          1952       10
FUQUA, Weaver Sr.                  1873          1950       10   Woodman
FUQUA, John C.                     1870          1944       10
FUQUA, Bennie                      1899          1965       10
FUQUA, Elsie B.                  10NO1907      14DE2002     11   w of FM
FUQUA, Fredrick M.               28JE1909      15AU1986     11   Pfc  USA
McMURRY, Waneta Brady            16OC1940      04FE1994     11   w of CO; m 20SE1963
McMURRY, Charles Otis            21AP1938                   11
McMURRY, Cornell Fuqua           02SE1915      13SE1991     11   w of John
McMURRY, John Jr.  *             13JA1910      06MH1956     11
McMURRY, John Clifton            10OC1934      09SE1991     11
FUQUA, Lewis Mason Jr.    *      15MH1943      29MY1988     12   Mason
FUQUA, Lewis Mason Sr.           20JE1900      07MH1968     12
FUQUA, Ossie Jo McLemore         27FE1900      17JL1991     12   w of LM Sr.
NEWBERN, Carol Don               12NO1940                   12   h of JF
NEWBERN, Judith Fuqua            26DE1940      06DE1900     12

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