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Surveyed 6 Nov 2000
Robert Ellington Torbert

The major portion of the pictures
in this section were contributed
in Dec 2003, by Sandra Tidwell.

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    NAME                         DOB         DOD      SEC-     NOTES
LEWIS, Ethel P.                 3JA1910    11MY1971   4-01 w of L.E.
LEWIS, L.E.                    13FE1904    29FE1980   4-01 h of Ethel
LEWIS, Annie Mae                2MH1883    15MH1937   4-01 w of James H.
LEWIS, James H.                14DE1872    20NO1942   4-01 h of Annie
SMITH, Betty                   12NO1851    26JA1928   4-01 w of J.J.
SMITH, Frank                   15AU1933    4OC1933    4-01 s of J.B. & C.E.
LEWIS, Beulah M.               27DE1905    11FE1996   4-01 w of C.E.
LEWIS, C.E.                     7NO1900    14JL1973   4-01 h of Beulah
LEWIS, Dorothy D.               4JE1922               4-01 w of W. Howard
LEWIS, W. Howard               28SE1923    22NO1964   4-01 h of Dorothy
WILLIS, Naomi E.               13DE1916    5SE1939    4-01
WILLIS, Ada Love               20JE1889    17JL1934   4-01
LOVE - see WILLIS, Ada                                4-01
LOVE, Mealer S.                 9MH1870    14MY1945   4-01 w of Henry
LOVE, Henry                    14FE1863    13MY1930   4-01 h of Mealer
RICHARDSON, Frank M.           10OC1860    21MY1907   4-01
RICHARDSON, Jim W.              3JE1899    10MH1976   4-01 h of Linda
RICHARDSON, Linda T.            9AU1907               4-01 w of Jim W.
NEAL, Sophronia Richardson     14JL1864    4MH1937    4-01
RICHARDSON - see NEAL, S. R.                          4-01
RICHARDSON, Hettie M.           9FE1902    19OC1918   4-01
CHANDLER, Virgie M.            12JL1897    19AU1916   4-01
JACKSON, Myrtle M.             31MY1907    20AU1996   4-01 w of Elmer
JACKSON, Elmer E.              20NO1902    30MH1941   4-01 h of Myrtle
McKELVEY, Mollie E.            12JA1868    28OC1942   4-01 w of John
McKELVEY, John E.              13SE1871    2OC1937    4-01 h of Mollie
JONES, Mary Leona              24FE1861    5NO1937    4-01
BASKINS, W. Amos               27JL1915               4-01 h of Eunice; (m 6MH1937)
BASKINS, Eunice V.             29SE1919    5MH1990    4-01 w of W. Amos
BASKINS, Doris Ann             11DE1939    31DE1939   4-01 d of W.A. & E.V.
OAKLEY, Vida P.                28MY1904    30MY1949   4-01 w of Wm. B.
OAKLEY, William B.              7OC1886    9MH1973    4-01 h of Vida
PERKINS, Lina                  10AP1898    19NO1957   4-01 w of John
PERKINS, John W.                8OC1892    18MY1946   4-01 h of Lina; AL Pvt JCL
O'BRYANT, Harlin               16MH1895    18AU1943   4-01 AL Pvt 101 Engr 26 Div.
DELANO, Frances Irene          15MH1937    5JA1955    4-01
DELANO, Levert Cecil (Buster)  10SE1915    19JL1974   4-02 h of Carrie
DELANO, Carrie Marie Palmer    18DE1918               4-02 w of Levert
LEVERT - see DELANO, L.C.                             4-02
PALMER - see DELANO, Carrie                           4-02
JACKSON, Jewel E.              21DE1905    15DE1979   4-02 w of E. Turner
JACKSON, E. Turner              1AP1903    21JE1974   4-02 h of Jewel
TURNER - see JACKSON, E.T.                            4-02
JACKSON, Vernette              24OC1928    23JL1945   4-02 d of E.T. & J.E.
PALMER, Goldie                   1910        1974     4-02 w of Claude
PALMER, Claude                  5MH1906    16JE1940   4-02 h of Goldie
RICHARDSON, Cora G.            11AP1897    7FE1919    4-02
JACKSON, Robert                12NO1873    9AU1931    4-02 triple w/Minnie & Clevie
JACKSON, Minnie                 8JA1876    31MH1948   4-02 triple w/Robert & Clevie
JACKSON, Clevie L.             31JL1882    21AP1966   4-02 triple w/Robert & Minnie
JACKSON, William A.            18AU1828    23JE1910   4-02 Pvt Co D 1 AL Cav CSA
O'BRYANT, Oin                  29DE1898    10AU1902   4-02
O'BRYANT, Tom O.                 1866        1911     4-02
MORRIS, Mattie M.               8SE1859    12FE1925   4-02 w of D.J.
SHARP, R.A. (Mrs)                1875        1914     4-02
YOUNG, Janie L.                20AP1858    16SE1887   4-02 w of Wm. B.
MAY, A. Velma                  14JL1898    19OC1916   4-02 w of Wm. B.
MAY, Emmett                     5JE1882    12JA1913   4-02 h of Annie
MAY, Annie W.                   3DE1881    12AU1976   4-02 w of Emmett
WILLIS, Mary A.                 1JA1855    17JE1942   4-02 w of Wesley
WILLIS, Wesley                  5AP1860    11MY1953   4-02 h of Mary A.
CARR, Joseph P.                 4NO1829    27JE1890   4-02 h of Julia
CARR, Julia A.                 12JL1834    25AP1914   4-02 w of Joseph
CARR, Johnnie                  30DE1856    29AU1857   4-02
FAULKNER, Vergie L.            21DE1911    23AU1989   4-02 w of Wm. A.
FAULKNER, William Alton        25MY1916    21AP1983   4-02 h of Vergie
WILLIS, Saima A.               17OC1900    5DE1976    4-03 w of Albert
WILLIS, Albert G.              10AU1894    30NO1973   4-03 h of Saima
WILLIS, Harold                 21SE1929    29NO1932   4-03 s of A.G.
WILLIS, Howard                 15SE1919    21OC1923   4-03 s of A.G.
WILLIS, George A.              28FE1847    2AP1917    4-03 h of Mary L.
WILLIS, Mary L.                23AP1851    28JL1922   4-03 w of George
WHITE, John C.                 31MY1911    2JE1911    4-03
WHITE, Mary Ruth               22OC1925    23JE1927   4-03
WHITE, Mable Hipp               5MY1885    17OC1938   4-03
HIPP - see WHITE, Mable                               4-03
LEWIS, Hubert G.               17MY1878    24JA1933   4-03 h of Margaret
LEWIS, Margaret                 7AP1882    21JE1968   4-03 w of Hubert
GREENWELL, Eloile              29JE1913    15JE1969   4-03
LINDSEY, Marvin E.              8AP1905    1NO1983    4-03 h of Brella
LINDSEY, Brella Palmer          9JL1908    19NO1986   4-03 w of Marvin
PALMER - see LINDSEY, Brella                          4-03
PALMER, Lizzie Frances          6JL1880    27DE1954   4-03
PALMER, Will O.                26JE1879    30SE1942   4-03
MORRIS, Murriel                17JA1918    26AP1942   4-03 w of W.W.
BRUCE, Edsel Glenn              1JA1925    26DE1949   4-03 AL S1 USNR WW2; s of J.P.
BRUCE, James P.                  1881        1958     4-03 h of Dora
BRUCE, Dora L.                   1881        1964     4-03 w of James P.
ELLIS, Cleona M.                6OC1918    12JA1990   4-03 double w/Albert
ELLIS, Albert D.               24FE1927               4-03 double w/Cleona
HADDOCK, Roy B.                  1914        1975     4-03 h of Annie
HADDOCK, Annie P.                1915        1974     4-03 w of Roy
JACKSON, Annette S.            30AU1969    15SE1993   4-04
JACKSON, Jason P.               3AU1974    5OC1974    4-04
PARRISH, Edward E.              5AU1928    11MH1983   4-04 Pfc USA; h of Flora
PARRISH, Flora B.               9MY1924    26DE1999   4-04 w of Edward
JACKSON, James E.              21NO1913               4-04 h of Blanche
JACKSON, Blanche E.             4JL1912    22NO1995   4-04 w of James E.
JACKSON, infant                              1945     4-04 s of Harold
JACKSON, Albert H.             13AP1922    26JL1949   4-04 AL Cpl 46 Engr WW2 BSM
JACKSON, Lawrence Glenn         8AU1915    20JE1951   4-04 AL Pvt Tng WW2
JACKSON, Lillie F.              6SE1890    29MH1978   4-04 w of James G.; (m 20DE1908)
JACKSON, James G.               8JE1882    4SE1967    4-04 h of Lillie
PAULK, infant                   1OC1903    1OC1903    4-04 d of J.C. & Hattie
FOWLER, Ruby Francis           19DE1905    22JL1907   4-04
HARDWICK, Thomas L.            19MH1865    27OC1892   4-04
CLAXSON, Elizabeth             18FE1818    21MY1861   4-04 w of Rev.
FAIRES, Elias V.               26OC1847    25DE1859   4-05 s of J.H. & H.
FAIRES, infant                  OC1854      OC1854    4-05 d of J.H. & H.
FAIRES, Jefferson C.           28MY1830    3AU1843    4-05 s of Elias & Charlotte
FAIRES, Charlotte Huddleston   17OC1802    23MY1846   4-05 w of Elias
FAIRES, Elias                  24MY1797    4AP1881    4-05 h of Charlotte
FAIRES, Alonzo                 10JL1845    14FE1878   4-05
LLEWELLYN, Annie Flynt         25NO1889    5AP1967    4-05
LLEWELLYN, William Elbert      17OC1870    29JA1947   4-05
LLEWELLYN, Fannie M.            9NO1870    6SE1901    4-05
YOUNG, Joseph M.               26MY1853    16JL1876   4-05
YOUNG, Matilda                 10AU1825    20JA1902   4-05 w of Scruggs
YOUNG, Elias Scruggs           25MH1827    6OC1907    4-05 Pvt Co B 19 TN Cav CSA
YOUNG, Mattie J.                 1862        1943     4-05
PAULK, Hattie Branum             1881        1931     4-05 w of Elder John C.
BRANUM - see PAULK, Hattie                            4-05
SCHARNAGEL, Mary                4JE1898    13SE1937   4-05 d of Linnie Paulk & Andrew
SCHARNAGEL, Linnie Paulk       21DE1872    16JE1947   4-05 w of Andrew
PAULK - see SCHARNAGEL, L.                            4-05
HINTON, Charlie                 2AU1879    20OC1944   4-05
WILSON, Sammie B.              12OC1918    30NO1931   4-05
WILSON, Willie M.                          29DE1913   4-05
WILSON, W.H.                   17MY1854    11SE1917   4-05
MARKS, Henson                  13AU1867    17NO1939   4-05 h of Mary E.
MARKS, Mary Eula               16JE1870    13AP1961   4-05 w of Henson
HENSON - see MARKS, Henson                            4-05
FOWLER, Elbert B.              29MY1883    10NO1961   4-05
CHOWNING, Eugene W.            26JA1914    5NO1979    4-05 h of Noma
CHOWNING, infant                           24JL1946   4-05 s of E.W. & Noma
BROADFOOT, Christie Anne                   15JE1972   4-05 d of James & Brenda M.
BREWER, T.B.                   23MH1920    13AU1949   4-05 AL Pfc 424 Inf WW2 (PH)
BREWER, Lawrence E.            26AU1926    13AU1949   4-05 AL S1 USNR WW2
BREWER, Emma L.                24NO1894    7OC1962    4-05
BREWER, W. Wheeler             25FE1900    22MY1986   4-05
WHEELER - see BREWER, W.W.                            4-05
PATTERSON, Lillie Mae            1901        1957     4-05 w of John B.
PATTERSON, John B.               1897        1978     4-05 h of Lillie
PATTERSON, Clyde A.            11AU1929    27AU1999   4-05 ME 2 USN Korea; h of Pearl
PATTERSON, Pearl E.            14NO1936               4-05 w of Clyde
WILLIAMSON, Ethel Lorene       12NO1922    5JE1999    4-05 Cpl USAAF  USCG  WW2
WARD, Mary F.                   2MH1932               4-05 w of James R.
WARD, James R.                  9SE1928    22AP1997   4-05 h of Mary F.
COCHRAN, Michael R.            20SE1958    15MY1975   4-06
COCHRAN, Donald Lee            14AP1958    21SE1958   4-06 s of D.L.
FULMER, Harold (Buddy)         25MH1945    9JA1971    4-06
FULMER, Elzura E.                1919        1947     4-06
FULMER, Margaret F.              1943        1947     4-06
FULMER, Dorothy E.               1946        1947     4-06
FULMER, Alma M.                29JA1895    1DE1966    4-06 w of James A.
FULMER, James A.                3OC1881    24MH1958   4-06 h of Alma
FULMER, William P.              4NO1877    28FE1965   4-06
FULMER, Della Wright           22JE1897    16NO1946   4-06
WRIGHT - see FULMER, Della                            4-06
FOWLER, James Everett          17AP1893    26FE1983   4-06 USA; h of Roxie
FOWLER, Roxie P.               24DE1902    23MY1970   4-06 w of James E.
FOWLER, Levi Floyd              9SE1890    18JA1970   4-06 h of Viola
FOWLER, Viola L. Darby         27FE1896    6FE1930    4-06 w of Levi
DARBY - see FOWLER, Viola                             4-06
PAULK, infant                  30DE1906    23JA1907   4-06 d of G.F. & Mary E.
PAULK, Martha S.                2OC1918    15JA1920   4-06 d of G.F. & Mary E.
PAULK, Mary H.                   1883        1963     4-06
BOWDON, Ruby Paulk             27DE1907    24NO1968   4-06
PAULK - see BOWDON, Ruby                              4-06
DULIN, infant                              21MH1913   4-06 s of C.B. & B.L.
FOWLER, Ray                    28NO1900    3SE1901    4-06 s of F.P. & M.E.
FOWLER, Mary Annie             16DE1912    24JA1913   4-06
DEWBERRY, Mary Ola              8AU1903    14JE1997   4-06
DEWBERRY, Lizzie Y.            24FE1866    21JA1944   4-06 w of H.B.
DEWBERRY, H.B.                 26NO1857    4AP1925    4-06 h of Lizzie
DEWBERRY, Zella M.             15DE1895    4JL1900    4-06 d of H.B. & L.L.
CAGLE, William E. Sr.          17AU1893    23FE1972   4-06 AL Pvt 129 Inf WW1
CAGLE, Ethel B.                26NO1896    4JL1982    4-06 w of Wm. E.
CAGLE, Clara E.                 7DE1853    10JA1947   4-06 mother
BEVIS, Burt J.                   1891        1953     4-06 h of Vernon
BEVIS, Vernon S.                 1893        1974     4-06 w of Burt
FAIRES, Richard (Rev)           9JA1773    30JL1855   4-06 born SC; ? death yr; AL 1819
FAIRES, Elizabeth              15MY1776    12MY1841   4-06 w of Richard
FAIRES, Cornelius               7AU1802    22AU1839   4-06 Came to AL in 1819
FAIRES, Sarah W.               15JE1802    14AU1866   4-06 w of Cornelius
SIMMONS, Mollie                24JL1843    4NO1925    4-07
SIMMONS, Alice M.              12OC1867    4NO1903    4-07 w of H.S.
SIMMONS, H.S.                   9JE1866    22MH1945   4-07 h of Alice
SIMMONS, Abbie (Mrs.)                      7DE1924    4-07
SIMMONS, Turner T.             18SE1921    14JL1956   4-07 AL Tec 5 USA WW2
TURNER - see SIMMONS, Turner                          4-07
AUSTIN, James Stanley          14AU1941    6MH1994    4-07
KOONCE, Everett P.              2NO1925    24OC1926   4-07 s of E.L. & M.J.
KOONCE, V. W.                  27JL1882    14SE1897   4-07 d of C.F. & M.E.
KOONCE, Columbus F.            10JL1853    15MY1920   4-07
KOONCE, Mary E.                 9JL1857    9SE1938    4-07 w of Columbus
KOONCE, William B.             10JE1856    18JA1913   4-07 h of Mary L.
KOONCE, Mary L.                 1NO1858    16MY1906   4-07 w of Wm. B.
KOONCE, W. J.                  21AU1886    10MH1909   4-07 s of W.B. & M.L.
SCOTT, George W.               28MY1868    13JL1949   4-07 h of Emma
SCOTT, Emma R.                 10MY1874    23JE1950   4-07 w of George
RISNER, J.L.                    2AU1918    4NO1918    4-07 double w/Annie R.
RISNER, Annie R.                9AP1924    25JL1925   4-07 double w/J.L.
RISONER, Sarah E.              10MY1883    27JL1900   4-07 last name different
FOWLER, F.P.                   16OC1852    12MH1933   4-07 h of Mary E.
FOWLER, Mary Emma               7JL1859    3JL1938    4-07 w of F.P.
FOWLER, William E.             21AP1881    4FE1941    4-07 h of Willie V.
FOWLER, Willie V.               2OC1893    5DE1978    4-07 w of Wm. E.
FOWLER, Andrew F.              22SE1920    13DE1982   4-07 S2 USN WW2
FOWLER, Marie S.                9AU1922               4-07 w of Andrew
SHELTON, William B.              1878        1951     4-07 h of Lillie
SHELTON, Lillie B.               1888        1974     4-07 w of Wm. B.
SHELTON, Joseph K.              8SE1906    15MY1972   4-07 AL Pfc USA WW2
SCOTT, Samson E.                4NO1904    11SE1952   4-07 h of Viola
SCOTT, Viola                    7MH1915    30NO1992   4-07 w of Samson
COCHRAN, William A.            25OC1895    27SE1980   4-07 Pvt USA WW1
COCHRAN, Myrtle C.               1904        1993     4-07 w of Wm. A.
HOWELL, Paul A.                19AU1943    14FE1968   4-07
SCOTT, Robert E.                4JL1940               4-07 h of Betty; (m 19FE1963)
SCOTT, Betty R.                13SE1944    28AU1989   4-07 w of Robert
GIST, James                    13SE1927    10AU1991   4-07 h of Dorothy; (m 23DE1950)
GIST, Dorothy L.                7SE1934               4-07 w of James
SCOTT, Eva M.                  10DE1907    4AP1986    4-08 w of Sam; (m 22SE1922)
SCOTT, Sam A.                  10NO1900    4SE1970    4-08 h of Eva
KOONCE, Ethel                  21SE1890    8SE1931    4-08 w of J.M.
KOONCE, Lester D.              12AU1896    5AU1897    4-08 s of W.H. & M.E.
KOONCE, Stella M.               7MH1895    23JA1896   4-08 d of W.H. & M.E.
KOONCE, Mittie E.              26MY1868    22JE1937   4-08 w of W.H.
KOONCE, Martha F.              16MY1859    24FE1893   4-08 w of W.H.
KOONCE, William Hall            6JA1862    20FE1925   4-08 h of Mittie & Martha
KOONCE, George Alexander        1JE1873    14OC1885   4-08 s of G.R. & N.S.
KOONCE, Nancy S.               19JA1843    8MH1921    4-08 w of George
KOONCE, George R.              19OC1838               4-08 h of Nancy
KOONCE, Mary L.                 4NO1858    16MY1906   4-08 w of W.B.
KOONCE, James P.               14JA1896    19JA1972   4-08 h of Mamie
KOONCE, Mamie E.                8JL1898    5JE1943    4-08 w of James P.
RUSSEL, Tabitha                            7AU1839    4-08 63 rd yr.
DULIN, Billy B.                11JE1920    10JA1987   4-09 USA  WW2
DULIN, Bessie L.               21FE1888    21FE1975   4-09 w of Charles
DULIN, Charles B.               3OC1866    10MY1967   4-09 h of Bessie
CASH, Herschel                  5OC1903    2DE1960    4-09
PAYNE, Bill                      1897        1959     4-09 h of Eva
PAYNE, Eva                       1907                 4-09 w of Bill
SMITH, Buddy                    3DE1934    12SE1976   4-09
SMITH, Jesse M.                 3JE1899    1JL1963    4-09
SMITH, Luther                   7JA1878    8AP1947    4-09
KELLEY, Orville W.               1899        1960     4-09 h of Vera
KELLEY, Vera F.                  1901        1985     4-09 w of Orville
SMITH, Bob E.                  26MH1934    30MY1993   4-09 A2C USAF; E3 USN Korea
SMITH, Johnnie T.               1JL1880    26JL1944   4-09 h of Mamie
SMITH, Mamie Zola Whitten       4JL1894    20MY1968   4-09 w of Johnnie
WHITTEN - see SMITH, Mamie                            4-09
WHITTEN, J. Marion               1858        1920     4-09 h of Mollie
WHITTEN, Mollie E.               1864        1930     4-09 w of J. Marion
SMITH, Donald W.               15SE1922    15AU1978   4-09 S1 USN WW2; h of Helen
SMITH, Helen S.                12MH1922               4-09 w of Donald
WHITEHEAD, Effie Gertrude      15SE1913    19NO1913   4-09
WHITEHEAD, William Brooks      29FE1912    21MH1912   4-09
BROOKS - see WHITEHEAD, Wm.                           4-09
WALLACE, Sallie J. Hale        18OC1852    29OC1879   4-09 d of J.W. Hale
HALE - see WALLACE, Sallie                            4-09
FAIRES, Alexander (Rev)        15AP1785    18SE1829   4-10 h of Margaret
FAIRES, Margaret                JA1788     26JL1860   4-10 w of Alexander (Rev)
FAIRES, Andrew (Rev)           21JE1817    27FE1872   4-10 h of Mary A.
FAIRES, Mary A.                27DE1814    14JE1892   4-10 w of Andrew (Rev)
FAIRES, Margaret Ann           23FE1849    13DE1924   4-10
FAIRES, Amanda                 22SE1846    23DE1876   4-10
SINCLAIR, Hettie J.             2FE1834    3MY1882    4-10 w of Samuel
SINCLAIR, Samuel               13MH1825    11JA1865   4-10 Pvt Co B 9 TN Cav CSA
ROACH, Edmund D.                7SE1829    8MH1875    4-10 h of Margaret
ROACH, Margaret S.             23MY1829    22OC1901   4-10 w of Edmund
ROACH, L.D.                     8AP1879    9MY1879    4-10
AUSTIN, infants                 1JA1881    11JA1881   4-10 children of E.L. & L.B.
AUSTIN, John A.                 4JA1885    30SE1885   4-10
WHITTEN, William Shelby        15OC1885    14FE1886   4-10
AUSTIN, Jesse E.               20OC1876    7OC1897    4-10 s of E.L. & L.H.
AUSTIN, Fannie E. Anderson     11AU1876    16NO1897   4-10 w of J.E.; d of T.H. Anderson
AUSTIN, Elias L.                8SE1852    20NO1917   4-10
AUSTIN, Lavina H.              30NO1853    17FE1927   4-10 w of E.L.
AUSTIN, Hettie L.              30AU1882    6AP1932    4-10 d of E.L. & L.H.
AUSTIN, Omer F.                 4AU1886    22OC1944   4-10
AUSTIN, Velma A.               30MH1890    1JA1990    4-10 w of Omer
SMITH, Dee                     15MY1874    27MH1913   4-10 w of J.B.
SMITH, John B.                 26SE1874    20AP1943   4-10 h of Dee & double w/Sarah D.
SMITH, Sarah D.                16JA1895    27DE1965   4-10 double w/John B.
SMITH, Sara A.                 14MH1938               4-10
HARRISON, William T. (Tom)     30AP1910    6MY1967    4-10 h of Neola; GA Tec5 USA WW2
HARRISON, Neola Smith          20MH1920    20AP1991   4-10 w of Wm. T.; (m 9AU1942)
ANDERSON - see AUSTIN, Fannie                         4-10
SHELBY - see WHITTEN, Wm.                             4-10
SMITH - see HARRISON, Neola                           4-10
AUSTIN, Floyd Y.               11JA1928    7MH1982    4-10 h of Mary Nell
AUSTIN, Mary Nell              27JE1927    6MY2000    4-10 w of Floyd
PHILLIPS, Arthur Henry         10AP1933               4-10 h of Della; (m 8MH1952)
PHILLIPS, Della Pauline        25JL1935               4-10 w of Arthur
BROOKS - see WHITEHEAD, Wm.                           4-09
SMITH, J. Grady                11SE1914    19NO1977   4-11 h of Virginia
SMITH, Virginia J.             23AU1914    11FE1975   4-11 w of J. Grady
WYLIE, Ernest C.               21AU1926    23OC1969   4-11 AL Cpl Btry A  WW2
WYLIE, Jeanette F.              1FE1931               4-11 w of Ernest
MARKS, Homer Lee               14JE1914    11SE1979   4-11 h of Eunice
MARKS, Eunice A.               30SE1916               4-11 w of Homer; (m 31DE1938)
MARKS, Gary John                6JE1949    16JE1949   4-11
MAY, John J.                   10JE1861     6MH1941    4-11 h of Ada
MAY, Ada M.                     8MH1874    24JA1954   4-11 w of John J.
HARBIN, Callie E.               5OC1871    24OC1898   4-11
DARBY, Mary J.                  1NO1847    21NO1914   4-11 w of W.L.
MAY, infant                     1NO1902    13NO1902   4-11 d of John J. & Ada
MAY, Elizabeth                  6DE1824    30JE1906   4-11 w of John C.
MAY, John C.                    2JA1817    22FE1898   4-11 h of Elizabeth
KELLY, Andrew                   8DE1821    21JA1878   4-11 masonic
KELLY, Samuel McDonald         19AP1841    31AU1861   4-11 s of Andrew & M.C.
KELLY, Manerva C.                  ?       16JA18??   4-11 w of Samuel; broker stone
ROACH, Lavina Faires            7JA1798    20NO1879   4-11 w of George
ROACH, George                  18JA1784    15AU1858   4-11 h of Lavina
FAIRES - see ROACH, Lavina                            4-11
PAULK, Amanda J.               14AP1844    2DE1912    4-11 w of C.S.W.
PAULK, C.S.W.                  25OC1837    31MH1914   4-11 h of Amanda
PAULK, Pamphelia E.             2MH1866    7AP1867    4-11 d of C.S.W. & Amanda
KOONCE, John E.                24NO1864    18JL1865   4-11 s of G.R. & N.S.
KOONCE, Sarah A.               19MY1864    23JL1865   4-11 d of W.R. & S.
KOONCE, infant                 22OC1840    22OC1840   4-11 s of Wm. R. & S.
SULIVANT, Jane                  6OC1816    25SE1832   4-12 w of John
ROACH, William A.              25JA1823    9OC1839    4-12 s of George & Levina
KOONCE, Lavina A.              12AU1849    19FE1850   4-12 d of Wm. R. & S.
KELLY, infant                   8JA1860    8JA1860    4-12 s of A. & M.C.
ROACH, Samuel S.               29AU1855    19JL1858   4-12 s of Edmond & Margaret
ROACH, Richard H.              15JA1840    4AU1858    4-12 s of George & Lavina
KELLY, infant                   7JA1851    7JA1851    4-12 s of A. & M.C.
ROACH, J.M.                    14SE1888    25JL1889   4-12 twin
ROACH, C.J.                    14SE1888    2OC1888    4-12 twin
ROACH, S.E.                    19FE1887    25AP1887   4-12
ROACH, Franklin A.             16DE1861    4JA1887    4-12
ROACH, Etoile                   8MH1880    10JA1918   4-12
ROACH, W.G.                    12FE1852    25AP1916   4-12 h of Alice
ROACH, Alice Leona             19FE1855    12JE1889   4-12 w of W.G.
ROACH, Nora                    30SE1875    21AP1916   4-12
AUSTIN, Andrew J.               9FE1880    4NO1914    4-12 h of Emma
AUSTIN, Emma P.                14DE1883    10AP1978   4-12 w of Andrew
AUSTIN, Iva Mae                20MH1903    9AP1944    4-12
GRAY, Minnie L.                12MH1877    24MH1941   4-12 w of G.C.; (m 1893)
GRAY, Edgar L.                 24NO1875    5JA1958    4-12 h of Minnie
GRAY, Guilford C.              18MY1918    10NO1967   4-12
WYLIE, Turner                  21MH1898    13JL1981   4-12 h of Nellie
WYLIE, Nellie B.               16FE1906               4-12 w of Turner
TURNER - see WYLIE, Turner                            4-12
GUILFORD - see GRAY, G.C.                             4-12
JAMES, Jesse                    1JL1920    26SE1998   4-12 USA WW2 PH & OLC
JAMES, Caroline                17OC1926    19NO1992   4-12 w of Jesse; (m 9NO1945)
COOPER, Jesse C. Sr.           28FE1899    24JE1985   4-12 h of Vera;
COOPER, Vera B.                29OC1895    1JE1991    4-12 w of Jesse
RICHARDS, Millard Jefferson    23JE1927    6SE2000    4-13 h of Georgie
RICHARDS, Georgie B.            5AU1922    17AP1999   4-13 w of Millard
JEFFERSON - see RICHARDS, M.J.                        4-13
CARROLL, Mack                  22MH1894    7MY1970    4-13
WESSON, Harvey L.               2MH1913    27OC1982   4-13 h of Lula
WESSON, Lula Mae                7MY1908    20DE1984   4-13 w of Harvey
WINTER, Annie D.               29MH1882    22JL1968   4-13 w of James W.
WESSON, James W.               15SE1865    4MH1941    4-13 h of Annie
SMITH, Ethel Winter            20MY1914    13JE1940   4-13 w of Lawrence
WINTER - see SMITH, Ethel                             4-13
SHARP, Marvin F.               18FE1900    24JE1950   4-13 h of Mary
SHARP, Mary Holliman            3NO1893    18JA1989   4-13 w of Marvin
SHARP, Margaret E.             19OC1924    19DE1924   4-13
HOLLIMAN - see SHARP, Mary                            4-13
PAULK, Lillie F.               11JE1883    13MH1915   4-13 w of O.F.
ROACH, Robert A.               16SE1866    14NO1943   4-13
ROACH, Andrew G.                3MY1859    14JL1926   4-13
ROACH, Willie E.                3FE1867    8AU1887    4-13 s of R.G. & M.E.
ROACH, J.B.                     3OC1868    15OC1869   4-13 s of J.S. & M.F.
KOONCE, Mary J.                17OC1847    3JL1937    4-13 w of J.M.
KOONCE, J.M.                    2DE1846    7DE1928    4-13 h of Mary J.
KOONCE, Salena                 24JE1820    28MY1891   4-13 w of Wm. R.
KOONCE, William R.             30OC1812    28AP1899   4-13 h of Salena
DUCKETT, Martha                cir.1805    21MH1836   4-13 aged 30y 7m 28d
SMITH, Sidney D.               27OC1861    5JA1863    4-13
SMITH, Martha C.               13NO1834    19JE1894   4-13
DUCKETT, Richard Pugh                      19JE1836   4-13 2y 3m 10d
SULLIVAN, Daniel Pugh          12DE1876    21AU1877   4-13 double w/Lowe
SULLIVAN, Lowe                 29SE1883    9OC1883    4-13 double w/Daniel
PUGH - see SULLIVAN, Daniel                           4-13
LUCAS, Pauline Harwell         10FE1814    14OC1871   4-13
HARWELL - see LUCAS, Pauline                          4-13
WESSON, Benjamin                                      4-14 grandfather
WESSON, Mary                                          4-14 grandmother - list of childre
RHODES, J.M.                   28FE1870    2JE1902    4-14 s of J.S. & M.F.
RHODES, M.M.                   27JL1878    5AU1906    4-14
RHODES, J.S.                   16MH1855    23AU1927   4-14 h of M.F.
RHODES, Mary F.                26NO1850    13JE1925   4-14 w of J.S.
RHODES, Perk                   11JL1873    22JL1935   4-14
RHODES, Etta (Miss)            27FE1884    19NO1966   4-14
BURGESS, Blant                  9MH1899    13MH1952   4-14 h of Leona; AL Pvt 114 F WW1
BURGESS, Leona                   1903        1985     4-14 w of Blant
SHARP, B.F.                     5FE1865    19AP1914   4-14 h of Ida
SHARP, Ida E.                   1JA1865    2AU1939    4-14 w of B.F.
FLYNT, Sallie                  31MH1868    13MY1915   4-15 w of J.S.
SHARP, Vera H.                   1911        1987     4-15
SHARP, Berry Robert              1894        1963     4-15
SHARP, Etoil May                 1893        1926     4-15
SHARP, Mary Blanche            14OC1917    14JE1950   4-15 w of Edwin
SHARP, Edwin Robert            15FE1917    1OC1998    4-15 h of Mary B.
SHARP, J.L.                    28AU1885    16AU1918   4-15
SHARP, Joseph Homer              1890        1968     4-15 h of Ella
SHARP, Ella W.                   1889        1978     4-15 w of J. Homer
SHARP, James Daniel              1932        1932     4-15
SHARP, J. Dalton               18OC1910    24JA1987   4-15 h of Lila
SHARP, Lila M.                 16NO1909               4-15 w of J. Dalton
MAY - see SHARP, Etoil                                4-15
DANIEL - see SHARP, James                             4-15
DALTON - see SHARP, J.D.                              4-15
PERKINS, Robert L.             30AU1898    17AP1986   4-15 h of Audra
PERKINS, Audra H.              14JE1918    5AU1982    4-15 w of Robert
PERKINS, Fletcher T.           16SE1901    7JL1978    4-15 h of Augazelle
PERKINS, Augazelle R.          20NO1904    19JE1996   4-15 w of Fletcher
FLETCHER - see PERKINS, F.T.                          4-15
MORRIS, Wayley F.              21FE1910    16OC1999   4-16 h of Minnie
MORRIS, Minnie L.              23AP1912               4-16 w of Wayley
LLEWELLYN, James E.            29SE1926    18AP1997   4-16 h of Dorothy
LLEWELLYN, Dorothy K.          16JE1929               4-16 w of James E.
HAYES, William T. Jr.           5NO1947    4SE1982    4-16
SMITH, Samuel W.               19AU1923    24AP1976   4-16 Col. USA WW2
SMITH, S. Perry                 3NO1873    17JL1944   4-16
WINBORN, Donnie Joe             6MY1968    6FE1969    4-16 s of James
WINBORN, Jimmy Glen             3MY1956    24OC1957   4-16 s of James
WINBORN, Ruby Mae              19MY1923    20DE1996   4-16
WINBORN, Wilson Leo            15AP1945    2JA1952    4-16 s of J.L. & Ruby
WINBORN, James Leo              7NO1923    19DE1990   4-16 h of Ruby
WINBORN, Homer                 12DE1900    9AU1941    4-16 h of Elsie
WINBORN, Elsie                   1905        1982     4-16 w of Homer
WINBORN, Annie Ruth            11MH1936               4-16
FLYNT, James S.                14DE1855    31OC1942   4-16
MOODY, Jessie Elaine           25AP1935    11MY1998   4-17
YOUNG, Felix F.                15AP1890    5JL1983    4-18
YOUNG, Pinkie                    1865      10DE1925   4-18
SMITH, Suella                   9NO1887    16OC1966   4-18
THORNTON, Andrew C.R.          21JL1883    13FE1978   4-18
LEACH, Alfred A.                1AP1920    12AU1998   4-18 h of Idealt B.
LEACH, Idealt B.               27AP1927               4-18 w of Alfred
POOLE, Sallie                  15JL1919    19JE1927   4-19
BARNETT, Dorothy A.            12MH1918    20OC1974   4-19 w of Robert
BARNETT, Robert Lee            25DE1901    14JL1995   4-19 h of Dorothy
FUQUA, Corine S.                 1936        1986     4-19
TAYLOR, Geanie R.               6MY1897    29OC1970   4-20
MITCHELL, Pinkie Lee            8NO1902    1DE1990    4-20
TAYLOR, Jim                    18NO1891    20AU1961   4-20
POOLE, Mattie L.                JA1890     4SE1930    4-20
POOL, Mark                                 17DE1905   4-20 Age 60 yrs.; name different
POOL, Harriet                  14NO1832    7SE1902    4-20 w of Mark
POOLE, Henry                   17AP1870    5MH1940    4-20
OLIVE, Edgar                   17FE1888    18AP1911   4-20 s of Sam & Mattie
OLIVE, Luler                    5DE1885    22MY1908   4-20 d of Samuel & Mattie
OLIVE, Lucy                    30JA1834    3JA1887    4-20
AUSTON, Lucinda                            1JL1887    4-21 w of Lewis; aged 44 yrs.
BURTWELL, Edward               10NO1887    13SE1910   4-21
POOLE, Sammie                  31MH1938               4-21 one date; AL Pvt 528 Engrs
COLE, Kattie                     1906        1933     4-21
POOLE, Nellie                  19NO1914    30SE1932   4-21
POOLE, Alex                     4AP1882    17JL1950   4-21
COOPER, Lizzie B.               6JE1907    9MH1996    4-21
MOSES, Josephine Poole         24NO1919    9AU1984    4-22
POOLE - see MOSES, Josephine                          4-22
COLE, Rosie                    21MH1901    31AU1981   4-22
INGRAM, Quintella Evetta       12JA1973    14JE1985   4-23
BARNETT, Ida M.                26FE1919    19JE1984   4-23 w of Albert
BARNETT, Albert                 4MY1916    10NO1983   4-23 h of Ida
DIXON, Earnest                 28DE1900    22OC1982   4-23 h of Nettie
DIXON, Nettie                  15MY1913               4-23 w of Earnest
BARNETT, Rufus                 15MH1915    27JE1979   4-23
PARKER, Mattie L.              23MY1935    14JE1993   4-23 w of John D.
PARKER, John D.                15MY1926               4-23 h of Mattie
BREWIS, Ada Lee                 8JE1900    14AU1973   4-23
OLIVE, John                    18JE1896    20JA1946   4-23 AL Pvt 163 Depot Brig.
POOLE, Mattie                   4DE1881    29MH1943   4-23
POOLE, Naomi                   29JL1910    2DE1942    4-23
BURTWELL, infant                           8JA1943    4-23 infant of R.
VAUGHN, Amos                    7NO1944    29SE1979   4-23
VAUGHN, Ralph Eugene            6NO1952    24SE1997   4-23
VAUGHN, Otha L.                14MY1921               4-23 w of Harvey
VAUGHN, Harvey B.              19AP1916    23AP1999   4-23 h of Otha
POOLE, Christine               27NO1939    21AU1987   4-24
POOLE, Sue E.                  25NO1913    29JL1981   4-24
BURTWELL, Robert H.             9SE1916    11AP1977   4-24 h of Novella
BURTWELL, Novella              25FE1917               4-24 w of Robert H.
BEVIS, Glen                    29FE1904    14MH1977   4-24 h of Hattie
BEVIS, Hattie A.               11AU1905    6DE1953    4-24 w of Glen
SMITH, Will                     8OC1896    3JA1969    4-24
ROACH, Jessie L.                2MY1911    4JA1972    4-24
ANDERSON, Amos                  9JA1901    17AP1990   4-24 h of Martha
ANDERSON, Martha J.             4JE1905    12DE1978   4-24 w of Amos
ARMOUR, Jane J.                23JE1809    11JE1895   2-13 w of Wm.; stone is gone
CROUCH, James                              30's40's        no stone; Garrett's Book
DARBY, Raymond                   1911                      no stone; Garrett's Book
DARBY, Dorthy Mae               7DE1946    27SE1953        no stone; Garrett's Book
DELANO, George                             1939 TX         no stone; Garrett's Book
FOWLER, Wiley F. (s of LC & ME 15AP1879     AU1879         no stone; Garrett's Book
FOWLER, Leola E. (d of LC & ME 15JA1867                    no stone; Garrett's Book
HARBIN, John M. (infant)                    SE1967         no stone; Garrett's Book
JACKSON, Lenora                              1966          no stone; Garrett's Book
JACKSON, William E.              1879        1932     2-12 h of Lula
JACKLIN, Minnie (d of J & NJ)  13AU1873    21SE1873        no stone; Garrett's Book
JACKLIN, Nancy J. (w of J.)     7AU1849    19JE1885        no stone; Garrett's Book
KOONCE, Eva Beatrice (d of WB)  2MH1901    10AP1901        no stone; Garrett's Book
MAY, infants of WA & EP                                    no stone; Garrett's Book
OAKLEY, T.J. (h of Ida)         9SE1867    25SE1904        no stone; Garrett's Book
OAKLEY, William E.(s of TJ & I 14SE1886    11FE1905        no stone; Garrett's Book
OAKLEY, Ida (w of TJ)          25OC1868    11OC1919        no stone; Garrett's Book
PAULK, George F.                 1872        1951     4-06 h of Mary H.
POTTERFIELD, infant s of RT     8AU1886    8AU1886         no stone; Garrett's Book
SHARP, Blanch                    1918        1950          no stone; Garrett's Book
SMITH, James Robert            22FE1940                    no stone; Garrett's Book
SMITH, Geneva Earline          19JA1931    14NO1935        no stone; Garrett's Book
VAUGHN, Little Amos                        5MY1968         no stone; Garrett's Book
WINTER, James W.               15SE1865    4MH1941    4-13 h of Annie
BREWER, Rebecca P.(w of I.N.)                              no stone; Garrett's Book
CAMPBELL, ? B.                 16JE1840    17OC1841        no stone; Garrett's Book
YOUNG, Lula E. (old stone)     28SE1871    28FE1873   3-18 old & new stones differ

Updates are from  Doris Whisenant

Update 18 Mar 2001:
ANGEL, Roger Wayne           9 Aug 1955 -  9 Jan 2001
MOODY, Thomas                7 May 1932 -  8 Feb 2001
SHARP, Lila V.              16 Nov 1909 -  2 Mar 2001

Update 22 Aug 2001:
POOLE, Carrie Mae           17 Feb 1918 -  3 Aug 2001
JACKSON, James E.           21 Nov 1913 - 17 Aug 2001

Update 26 Nov 2001:
SMITH, Helen Bromley        12 Mar 1922 - 18 Nov 2001   Wife of Donald W. Smith
RICHARDSON, Linda            9 Aug 1907 - 27 Nov 2001   Wife of Jim Richardson

Update 3 Apr 2002:
ELLIS, Albert Daniel        24 Feb 1917 - 15 Mar 2002   Husband of Cleona M. Ellis 

Update 8 Jul 2002:
FORRESTER, Mayme Fowler     21 Mar 1911 -  4 Jul 2002

Update 25 Sep 2002:
GIST, Dorothy                7 Sep 1934 - 18 Sep 2002   Wife of James Gist

Update 5 Jan 2003:
ANDERSON, Ellis             23 May 1938 - 16 Nov 2002

Update 27 Feb 2003:
MORRIS, Minnie Haddock      23 Apr 1912 - 26 Feb 2003   Wife of Wayley Morris   

Update 28 May 2003:
PAULK, Gilbert Nelson        9 Jan 1910 - 11 Jan 2003

Update 8 Sep 2003:
SMITH, Sara A.              14 Mar 1938 -  5 Sep 2003

Update 24 Nov 2003:
TUCKER, Amber Scott         15 Oct 1979 - 22 Nov 2003

Update 1 Nov 2005:
SANGSTER, Angelia Barnett    4 Sep 1972 -  4 Sep 2004
DELANO, Marie Palmer        18 Dec 1918 - 10 Jul 2005
DULIN, David Gillis         17 Jan 1918 -  5 Mar 2005
FOWLER, Marie                9 Aug 1922 - 16 Mar 2005
BORDEN, Lynn Desiree        31 Jul 1954 - 22 Oct 2005
     Husband: Dwight Borden

Update 24 Jan 2006:
PHILLIPS, Della Pauline      25 Jul 1935 - 23 Jan 2006
     Wife of Arthur Phillips

Update 1 Mar 2006:
BORDEN, Robert Thomas        25 Aug 1922 - 27 Feb 2006
     Wife: Frances Haddock Borden; Robert Thomas Borden was
     one of the trustees of Wesley Chapel Cemetery.
Update 13 Jun 2006:
PHILLIPS, Arthur             10 Apr 1933 - 16 Jul 2006

Update 17 Mar 2007
Anderson, Wilbert Sr.        13 Jan 1918 - 12 Mar 2007
     Wilbert was the caretaker of Wesley Chapel Cemetery for
     many years. His work was excellent and he took great
     pride in keeping our cemetery in superb condition. Wilbert
     was a fine gentleman, loved by the Wesley Chapel Church
     family, and a great asset to family and friends that have
     been buried in our cemetery.

Update 31 Mar 2007
Cooper, Lewis Jefferson       6 May 1929 - 25 Mar 2007

Update 19 Nov 2007
Parker, John D.              15 May 1926 - 16 Nov 2007

Update 9 Jul 2008
BASKINS, Walter Amos         25 Jul 1915 -  7 Jul 2008

Update 4 Feb 2009
Burtwell, Novella Poole      25 Feb 1917 - 22 Nov 2008
Cooper, Alfred               28 Jul 1933 -  1 Jul 2008

Update 5 Jan 2010
Scott, Gladys Marie          25 Jun 1952 -  8 Sep 2009
Paulk, Betty Ann Beasley      6 Jan 1931 - 20 Jul 2009
Marks, Eunice Austin         30 Sep 1916 -  8 Oct 2009
Haddock, James E.                   1951 - 22 Mar 2009
Benson, Lowell                no date?   -  3 Dec 2009

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