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Township 2, Range 8, Section 23

Contributed 29 Sep 2006
by Bob Torbert

Location: From Florence, go east on US 72 beyond Elgin and turn north on CR 568 and then left on CR 53. The cemetery is on the right, behind and between two& houses, just north of mail box 1336. This cemetery of the James Whitehead family was surveyed in 1995 by Mildred (Whitehead) Kimbrough who included family records. It was updated by Robert Torbert in Sept 2006 without benefit of family records. An * indicates a correction of the previously published data to what is on the tombstones. Rows are numbered from west to east.

NAME                               DOB           DOD        ROW  NOTES
WHITEHEAD, Mattie E.             29MH1870      13AU1958     01   w of JF
WHITEHEAD, Jesse Franklin        15FE1870      20MH1944     01
WHITEHEAD, D. Neally             17AU1896      09AP1979     01   (Dempsey O'Neal)
WHITEHEAD, Mary Jane Thornton*   08OC1898      08FE1989     01   w of DO
WHITEHEAD, Dorothy J.            05JL1932      05JL1932     01
WHITEHEAD, Zadie Mae             22JE1910      30AP1931     01
WHITEHEAD, Claudine                1917          1917       01   d of Ernest & Elsie Foster
WHITEHEAD, Dessie Irene          16NO1906      16SE1909     01   d of Jesse & Mattie
WHITEHEAD, Andrew Jackson        04AU1855      14JE1880     01   h of Sallie McCreary
HERSTON, Julia Ann Whitehead     09OC1850      13AP1880     01   w of Wm. C.
WHITEHEAD, Francis Marion        01FE1852      06MH1875     01
WHITEHEAD, Elizabeth Ann                         1859       01   w of TB; d of Dr.M. W. Butler
WHITEHEAD, Thomas Benton         28FE1829        1859       01
WHITEHEAD, James I.              07JL1798      06MY1858     01
WEST, Mary Ellender Whitehead    26MH1836      04JL1853     01   w of John C.
HERSTON, Margaret Whitehead      30JA1827      05NO1850     01
WHITEHEAD, William K.            06OC1819      06MY1850     01   h of Nancy Grant
HERSTON, Mary Gautney            08MY1844      28AP1876     02   1st w of JW Herston
GRISHAM, Sarah Frances W.        09JE1849      07AU1882     02   1st w of Winston Pettus
WHITEHEAD, Sarah Ann Sanders     13NO1817        1882       02   2nd w of James 1st
WHITEHEAD, Catherine Bulls   *   26JL1850      22JL1886     02   1st w of James II
WHITEHEAD, Marion William        21JL1886      15OC1886     02   s of James & Catherine
WHITEHEAD, Annie Dorcas          21NO1902      08DE1902     02   d of JA & LA
WHITEHEAD, James II              08FE1846      20AP1908     02
WHITEHEAD, Martha E. Peck        20MH1863      17JL1943     02   2nd w of James II
WHITEHEAD, Olga Pearl            22AP1923      22AP1923     02   d of JA & LA
WHITEHEAD, James Arthur          07DE1877      15MY1950     02
WHITEHEAD, Lizzie AlmaThornton   18OC1883      30MH1963     02
WHITEHEAD, Samuel Hosmer         cir1883       21JL1942     02   Sgt  144 MG BN 40 Div
WEATHERHEAD, Lemuel Clifford     28DE1910      04JL1985     02   h of HW
WEATHERHEAD, Hazel Whitehead     06DE1912      02MH1987     02
HILL, Eddie                      1894 AR                    03   child of Lizzie Gautney H.
HILL, Ina Frances                1896 AL                    03   child of Lizzie Gautney H.
WHITEHEAD, John Woodson          27NO1872      11SE1905     03   h of Annie
WHITEHEAD, Annie Gowen           10JA1875      04JA1901     03
WHITEHEAD, Orelia Pearl          18DE1894      01AP1915     03
WHITEHEAD, Earl Andy  *          11JL1897      26JE1924     03
WHITEHEAD, infant twins                                     03   infants of Phillip
WHITEHEAD, Phillip   *           23SE1880      21JE1942     03   h of Lillian
WHITEHEAD, Lillian               02AU1882      15MY1913     03
BUTLER, Vona Whitehead           24MH1901      31DE1918     03
OLIVE, Eunice R. Whitehead       01MY1903      22JE1923     03
CORUM, William A. *              08AP1922      11OC1953      3   h of EL
CORUM, Edith Louise              24FE1922      14NO1985     03
CORUM, Donald Glen               06SE1952      04MH1995     04   USN
SPRINGER, Ella O.                28DE1918      28FE1918     04
SPRINGER, infant                               03OC1916     04   infant of BF & Georgia
GRISHAM, Winston Pettus *        25OC1844      19MY1905     04
GRISHAM, M.A.E.                  30OC1857      20NO1911     04   3rd w of WP
GAUTNEY, Callus Lee   *          14SE1899      06AU1906     04
GAUTNEY, infant                  03FE1903      07FE1903     04   s of James & EJ
GRISHAM, Luther E.               16SE1871      18OC1941     05
GRISHAM, Lenorah Josephine       30OC1873      19DE1923     05   w of LE
GRISHAM, Annie                   21FE1901      10SE1906     05
SNODDY, Allen Clifton            29MH1906      06JL1907     05
SNODDY, John Earl                16NO1911      23NO1911     05
SNODDY, Bessie Belue             04MH1909      27OC1914     05
SNODDY, William Mason            30SE1868      05JA1932     05
SNODDY, Nettie J. Whitehead  *   16AU1875      07AP1949     05
WHITE, Harold Charles Jr.                      09JL1948     05
BARKLEY, Charles R.              19FE1930      05FE1953     05
BARKLEY, James R. Jr. *          18JL1897      14NO1960     05   h of LL
BARKLEY, Lessie Laura            04JE1895      22SE1972     05
SANDERS, Dessie Delores S.       14JL1914      01DE1977     05
ROBINSON, Louise                 31MY1923                   05   w of HM; m 6FE1950
ROBINSON, Harvey M. (Red)        11JA1915      08JA1999     05
WHITE, Helen F. Barkley          23AP1926      05MH1993     06   w of HC
WHITE, Harold C.   (Ricky)       09JE1918      07MH1987     06
GAUTNEY, Polly (Mary Sanderson     1898          1912       06   w of Jim
GAUTNEY, Jim                       1898          1912       06
STUTTS, Mattie A. Gautney        28JL1870      06FE1917     06   w of Wm; m 20JE1894
STUTTS, William                  17MH1853      18MY1918     06

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