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Contributed 23 Mar 2004
by Lee Freeman

From the Florence Times, Friday, November 20, 1908, p. 1.


Movement to Mark Their Graves in the City Cemetery.

The Florence chapter of the Daughters of the Confederacy are engaged in a movement to suitably mark the names of all the Confederate dead interred in the city cemetery. They have a list, which is published below for the purpose of having added to the list any names that may not be in their possession, and also to have stricken from the list any names that are not entitled to be on it. The committee in charge of this work are Mrs. Lee Ashcraft, Miss Olive Rogers and Miss Mattie McDavid. These ladies ask correction of the list by any one having information on the subject:

W. E. Blair

 Capt. A. D. Ray

David Sharp

 J. Cunningham

Jesse Brooks

 Edward O'Neal

James R. Price

 W. T. White

Isaac S. Barr

 Wm. Portlock

Walter Glenn

 W. W. Bayless

H. B. Lee

 Willis K. Embrey

H. D. Smith

 Dr. J. A. Douglas

Col. Jno. Steele

 James Hancock

M. J. Warren

 H. M. Hawkins

Robert Campbell

 B. M. Rogers

T. M. Rhodes

 Wm. Simpson

Geo. W. Barks

 Cutler Smith

Thos. R. Powers

 J. W. Powers

R. O. Pickett

 John W. Price

Charles Reeder

 Tom Rogers

C. B. Stewart

 Jas. J. Thompson

J. W. Chisholm

 Billy Chisholm

Cyrus Morrison

 John Thrasher

Wash Foster

 Seymour Irvine

James B. Irvine

 Tom House

Stratton Jones

 Cal Carson

John Ragsdale

 Oscar Jones

Darby John

 A. Ashcraft

Maj. H. C. Wood

 John B. Weakley

Wm. B. Wood

 John C. Simpson

John Crow

 Theo Allen Jones

Gov. E. A. O'Neal
Capt. Robert McFarland
Gen. Wm. Allen
Alex McAlexander
Ed. McAlexander
Capt. Thomas Ingram
Sterling McDonald
Capt. T. J. Williams


From the Florence Times, Friday, June 14, 1912, p. 1.
[ Contributed Feb 2007 by Lee Freeman ]


List of Those Interred in the Florence City Cemetery

The ladies of the Florence Chapter of the Daughters of the Confederacy have furnished The Times with the following list of Confederate soldiers interred in the Florence cemetery, and requests us to say that any name omitted from the list will be promptly enrolled upon proper information. They also request the friends of these veterans to furnish sketches of these soldiers to file in the archives of the Chapter:--

Robt. Campbell Dr. E. M. Stewart
Cyrus Morrison John M. Chisholm
A. C. Chisholm W. R. Chisholm
Wm. M. Portlock Seymore Irvine
E. M. Irvine Jas. B. Irvine
Thos. R. Powers John W. Powers
G. W. Foster Sterling McDonald
Robert Claiborne W. M. Allen
R. O. Pickett Thos. House
W. H. Haley W. Stratton Jones
T. P. Dinsmore Thomas Rogers
Mrs. Cutler Smith* William Simpson
B. A. Rogers John Ragsdale
A. M. O'Neal Mervyn Warren
James Hancock R. D. Martin
William Crow Oscar Jones
R. L. Bliss A. J. Ashcraft
J. C. Simpson H. C. Wood
W. B. Wood Alex McAlexander
George Barks Ed McAlexander
Andrew Brown T. C. J. Williams
T. A. Jones Kerby
Alex H. Smith John Hudson
Capt. Ray W. E. Blair
David A. Sharp Cal Carson
S. C. Brown Jonathon Cunningham
Jesse W. Brooks Gov. E. A. O'Neal**
E. A. O'Neal W. T. White
W. K. Embry Josephus Darby
Jas. A. Douglass H. D. Smith
H. B. Lee W. W. Bayless
Jas. J. Thompson Jas. R. Price
W. T. Brock Robt. McFarland
Isaac Barr Walter Glenn
H. McVay Moore Chas Finley
Frank Powers Thos. M. Rhodes
Thos. Ingram T. M. Gloss
H. L. Hawkins Robert Andrews
John W. Price  

* Should this be Mr. Cutler Smith rather than Mrs.?
** E. A. O'Neal is listed twice.

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