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Bits & Pieces from Moulton Advertisers & Lawrence County Area papers

John N. ALDRIDGE was tried and acquitted last week charged with the killing of Wm. H. ALEXANDER several years ago.
(Moulton Advertiser 7 May 1885) Contributed by Charity Goodwin

Will ALEXANDER was in town Monday with a fine beef, which he sold at 4 cents and 5 cents. (MA Jan 26, 1888 )

My wife, M. E. ALEXANDER, and myself, having amicably adjusted all differences between us, and the same having resulted from 
misunderstanding, I hereby withdraw and retract the notice published by me, in the Moulton Advertiser, dated 11th April, 1881, in 
reference to my said wife, M .E. Alexander. This 21st April, 1881.W. H. Alexander 
(Moulton Advertiser 28 Apr 1881)Contributed by Charity Goodwin

Henry ALMON of Moulton was with us Tuesday in attendance on the Masonic convention. (MA November 9, 1899 )

Hon. D.C. ALMON and family have gone to Kinlock Springs to spend several weeks --small pox ( MA 8-6-1903)

Charles ARMSTRONG was murdered and robbed in Colbert county of $400.00. Making 2 identically the same down there in a
short time. (Moulton Advertiser 25 Nov 1914)

We regret to learn that Col. A. E. ASHFORD met with the misfortune of having his leg broken by his saddle horse falling on it. The
accident occurred near Masterson's mill, on Monday last. We hope to hear of his speedy recovery.
(Moulton Advertiser 21 Oct 1880)

Captain BAILEY of Hillsboro is an old time Democrat, honest and fearless, but always submissive to the will of his party.  There is no better
material in the State for Auditor than BAILEY. (MA November 9, 1899 )

We take pleasure in announcing that John K. BAYLISS, last of Jonesboro, has taken charge of the Courtland Hotel.(March 12, 1885 MA)

Nelson BEAVERS, was badly shot by Bill SUMMERS, near Wolf Springs last week. Ma April 5,1888

Frank BENNET, who seriously shot two deputy sheriffs and killed 2 blood hounds near Gadsden, is still at large with a $50 reward
hanging over him. (Moulton Advertiser 11 Jul 1889)

Jeff BLANTON, who shot an officer in the back at Haleyville recently is out on a bond of $7,500. (Moulton Advertiser 6 Oct 1908)

Last week, in Limestone county, Thos. BOURLAND shot and killed Mrs. BLAKELY. It is said that he went to kill her husband, and
because she would not tell him where her husband shot her down. He fled.
(Moulton Advertiser 14 Dec 1882)

As Titia BOWMAN was picking cotton on the Sykes farm, a few miles from Courtland, Ala., on the 1st, she was struck on the
head and killed by a broken limb dislodged by the wind from a tall tree near which she was working.
(Moulton Advertiser 10 Nov 1892)

Died on the 16th at his home near this place, Edwin BRACKEN aged about 70 years. (MA Feb 24, 1881)
Dan BRACKEN, colored, shot and killed his wife at their home at Oakville last Sunday night. From reports coming here it seems that 
they were quarreling when Bracken picked up a gun and he claims it was accidentally discharged, the load striking his wife, who 
lived until the next morning, but before dying she is reported to have made the statement that her husband shot her with the intent 
to kill. Bracken is in jail here to await the action of the grand jury which meets Monday, September 3.
(Moulton Advertiser 22 Aug 1917)

W. H. BRADFORD, of near Avoca, honored us with a business call one day last week.(MA March 12, 1885 )

A girl child, 5 years old, hepless and speechless, was deserte by its mother near Wolf Springs last week. The child has never
taken a step, has never spoken a word, and lived by sucking its food throuhg a rag rolled up like a sugar-treat. It was brought
here Sunday by a Mr. BRADFORD and consigned to the poor house by Judge KUMPE. MA

In Chancery: Fourth District, North Western Chancery Division, Lula BRANNAN vs. Wm. R. BRANNON.  Wm. R. BRANNAN a resident
of Little Rock. Ark. To answer or demur to the bill of complaint in this cause by the 24th day of Jan. 1898.  D. C. GOODLETT, Register.
(MA December 30, 1897 )

F. T. BROWN, who shot and killed Fred ASHFORD  in Courtland a few days ago, has had his preliminary  trial and was bound over in a
bond of $2,000 to await  the action of the next grand jury.  (LA 8 Jan 1897)
An old sow came very near eating up a little child of J. A. CALLAHAN's at Jacksonville a few days ago.
(Moulton Advertiser 14 Jan 1886)
W. A. B. CARTER was foully murdered, near Scottsboro a few days ago, by Sol WALLER and  W. U. WALKER. They made him 
drunk, then cut and shot him to pieces. The brutes are in jail. (Moulton Advertiser 24 May 1883)
John CARTER killed in Walker county and J. L. LINDSEY in Fayette both murdered. 
(Moulton Advertiser 25 Oct 1910)
We learn that Mr. Joe CLEERE, of Haleyville, who is well known to a large number of our readers, who has been sick for some time,
 was taken to Birmingham last week where he submitted to an operation removing one of his arms to check the spread of a cancer
 which has been the cause of his trouble. The operation was successful and Mr. Cleere's friends will be glad to learn that he is 
improving.    (29 Jul 1914 Moulton Advertiser)

Brutal Murder
A quiet, peaceable White was shot to death by a brutal negro. The Murderer at Large.
Near Town Creek, in this county, on Monday of last week, Mr. Oscar COOPER, a respectable farmer of that neighborhood, had
occasion to reprimand Steven BINFORD, one of his colored laborers, on account of his not doing work in a satisfactory manner.
Binford did not like the talk of Cooper, and securing a shot gun, emptied the contents into Cooper's body, killing him instantly.
The negro fled and is still at large. Cooper leaves a wife and two small children. Great indignation is felt among Cooper's
neighbors, and it is believed that Steven's neck will grace a halter when caught. (Moulton Advertiser 19 Jul 1888)

Jake COOPER, 70 years old, has just been discharged from the Mississippi penitentiary after serving four decase as a state convict.
(MA 12-18-1902)

Hon Wm. COOPER of Tuscumbia, has just celebrated his 84th birthday. (Moulton Advertiser 21 Jan 1886)

A Brutal Act
One Bob CORNELIUS, who has been working for Mr. R.J. STEPHENSON near Danville, for three years or more, and who married
Miss Lotsy COLQUITT last December, soon became jealous of her, and within five months, drove her from his home. On Monday the 14th,
he borrowed a gun, and intercepting he wife on her way from her Danville home, forced her into a thicket and throwing her to the ground
attempted to cut her throat. He no doubt thought he had killed her. as the wound reached from ear to ear. The unfortunate woman is now
believed to be recovering. MA Oct.24,1895

Hoyt COX, while hunting in Jackson county, accidentally shot himself in the abdomen, and but little hope is entertained
for his recovery. (Moulton Advertiser 1 Mar 1910)

Nicholas DAVIS, a prominent member of the Huntsville Bar, died in that city last week.(MA March 12, 1885 )

J.P. DULEY was tride fro bond in a wife-whooping case last Saturday, and was released on a $250 bond, to appear before Justice SNEED a
Mt. Hope. (ASW July 12, 1888)

We regret to learn that William DUTTON fell from the roof of a house last week and sustained serious injuries - breaking
several ribs, sticking a nail in one of his jaws, dislocating a finger, and otherwise hurting himself. MA Contributed by Charity Goodwin

On Sunday last, near Swoope's Old Mill, as Mr. A. ECKEBERGER was returning home from the Valley, he was shot at by a man
concealed behind some rocks. The ball missed him but struck his wagon bed in two feet of where he was setting. Mr. E. was
calm enough to return the salute by a couple of shots at the man as he darted off in the woods. We hope the man, whoever he is,
may be arrested and brought to justice. (Moulton Advertiser 29 Mar 1874)

Dr. B. T. ETHEREDGE shot into an intruder on his premises at Town Creek the other night, and the next morning a big wolf sign was
found all around. He now offers $50 as a reward for the theiving sneak. (Moulton Advertiser 16 Feb 1909)

Poo EVETTS will move from Landersville to Moulton and open a boarding house. (MA Jan 26, 1888)

Benj. FRANKS, who shot and killed Jasper Jones, Register in Chancery,  of Jackson county, in 1878, was captured in Tennessee,
two weeks ago, and is now in jail at Scottsboro. (Moulton Advertiser 18 Mar 1880) 
Caleb FRY, a crazy man from Winston county, hanged himself with hickory bark near Cullman a few days ago. He had been carried 
to the Insane Asylum, but Dr. Bryce refused to receive him because he was not insane.
(7 Jun 1883 Moulton Advertiser)
Bud FULLER was brutally murdered in his field by his son in Walker County. After shooting the old man three times he then beat him
to a jelly. (Moulton Advertiser 28 Jul 1915)
Preuit GIBSON, of near this place, is in his seventh year. He has alittle cousin, Miss WILSON, six years old, of Texas who is visiting 
him. They are very devoted to each other, and last week they concluded to unite their destinies for all time to come. They put 
on their Sunday clothes,Preuit managed to steal a mule out of the lot, he mounted it, and taking his pet up behind him, they went 
in hot persuit  of a minister who had just passed. The juveniles were captured, and the doting parents soon convinced
them they were rather premature in having the silken knot tied.  (Moulton Advertiser 6 Dec 1883) Contributed by Charity Goodwin
Tommie GOODWIN-Acquitted in the preliminary trail, on Monday last . Tommie Goodwin, charged with the
murder of R.G. Letson, before Squires W.R. AYCOCK & Jon. A. GILCHRIST, was acquitted. The defense was represented by
Hon. C.M. SHERROD, and he made out a clear case of self defense, not only so, but the State witnesses made it a clear case of 
Justifiable Homicide. (MANov 18,1898) Contributed by Charity Goodwin
The Preliminary trail of GOODWIN for the killing of LESTON was helod in the place last Saturday, before
Judge Kumpe, and after examination of many witnesses the defendant was acquitted. (MANov. 24, 1898) 
Contributed by Charity Goodwin
J. D. GRAHAM, of the Temple community and an uncle of Tom Graham, who is employed at the Waurika caf?has given the world a 
concrete  example of patriotism that some of our slackers, who make such desperate effort to get deferred classification, would do 
well  to follow. Mr. Graham is 54 years of age and has a family of grown  children. He has several brothers, all of whom have sons in 
the army and he decided that his family must also be represented. He made several unsuccessful attempts to enlist but after making 
trips to Oklahoma City, Houston, Dallas and Austin, he was finally accepted in the Texas Rangers and will do service on the Mexican 
border.Tom Graham has four brothers already in the army and being in the draft age he expects to be called in the next group. He, 
too, is ready and anxious to go. MA
Jas. D. GREEN, who killed E.W. THOMPSON about one year ago, was sent to the penitentiary for life from Colbert county.  
(Moulton Advertiser 1 Apr 1880)

Mrs. R. L. HARRIS, of West Tennessee and a lady of more than local fame is visiting relatives in and near Moulton. (MA November 9, 1899 )

Col. Jack HARRIS came very near raising another rebellion in New York recently on the Lamar question. (MA Jan 26, 1888 )

Governor O'NEAL has issued a parole to Exie HARTLEY, a 17 year old white girl, who has been convicted in Cherokee county and
sentenced to six months for vagrancy. The case presents the most revolting situation in Alabama prison annals. The girl has been
sent to Flat Top mines to serve her term with some 600 other convicts, most of whom were negro men, she being the only woman in
the mines. The case is a disgrace to the state of Alabama and the legislature should take some steps to prevent a repetition of this
in the future.(Moulton Advertiser 5 Aug 1914)

Aunt Ann HOLMES, now of the county poor house , said to be over 100 yrs old, it quite ill and not expected to live. (MA 4-1-1897)

Richard HARLOW, 15 years old, is in jail at Athens for killing his little sister. (Moulton Advertiser 19 Jan 1888)

Hitt HILL, accidentally shot in the right arm ten days ago, had it amputated last week three inches below the shoulder.
Drs. IRWIN and GIBSON doing the surgery. Patient is doing well. Dr. MASTERSON was present and pronounced a
favorable criticism on the amputation. (MA 2-5-1903)

Dr. John P. HODGES of Oakville, one of the most successful physicians in the State, was to see us last Friday and in conversation
with him gave us the details of a human curiosity which he was called in to treat a few days before.A baby with two heads, four arms
and hands, four legs and feet, but with one body, was born to Mr. and Mrs. John MANN on the 11th of this month. The child lingered
about twelve hours and died. This is indeed a human curiosity, but the child is far better off dead than alive.Dr. Hodges reports the
mother as doing well. (Moulton Advertiser 20 Jan 1887)

Mr. Thomas A. HUTCHESON, a former Moulton boy, now of Barry Novarro County Texas has been here during the past week visiting friends
and relatives.  Tom is one of the biggest men we have ever known, and we wish him the fullest success financially, politically and matrimonially. 
What more can we say? (MA December 30, 1897 )

A pleasant birthday party was given by Mr. & Mrs T. KELLY on Tuesday night to honor Miss Mary Ellen, their oldest daughter.
MA Oct.13, 1892

Legal Advertisement:  State of Ala. Lawrence Co., Ala. Probate Court Feb. 26, 1885, Mary P. KING, a minor.  B. C. KING, former guardian
of Mary P. KING, filed his statements in writing and render oath, for a final statement of his guardianship.(March 5, 1885 MA)

Mrs. R.H. LANDERS is quite sick and little hope is entertained if her recovery. MA 4-8-1897

W.H. LEAGUE was expelled from Chapel Wheel No 303, of Winston County, for committing adultery
(ASW Aug. 16, 1888)

Extract from THE CHRISTIAN MONTHLY, edited and published by J. M. Pickens, Mountain Home, Lawrence County, Alabama, 1870 and
1871.(Two bound volumes deposited with the Library of the School of Religion, Butler University, Indianapolis,Indiana, 1945.
February 1871, page 96.  (Advertisement.)
10,000 Acres of Fine Agricultural Lands For Sale.
These lands are located in North-West Louisiana, will produce from 900 to 1500 lbs.of seed cotton per acre, and will be divided into tracts of
any size to suit purchasers—mproved or unimproved.  Homes to emigrants for $5.00 per acre, one third cash, balance on one and two years. 
40 acres free of charge to a competent Christian Minister, and terms easy to the Brotherhood.  Address

A.  O. P. PICKENS, Real Estate Agent
Coushatta, Natchitoches Parish, Red River, Louisiana.
(Same advertisement repeated in March, April and May 1871.)
(Contributed June 2004)

“Shot on Feb. 3, 1881 in Lawrence County, Alabama.  Late Greenback candidate forGovernor of Alabama.  He was an innocent victim. 
Robert LETSON came up to where William DAVIDSON and Rev. J. M. PICKENS were sharpening an ax, and began a quarrel with Davidson,
then shot him.  Mr Pickens tried to come between them.  He was about 45 years of age.” (AI Feb 10, 1881)
(Contributed )

Robert G. LETSON shot and killed Rev. J.M. PICKENS and severely if not fatally wounder Wm. DAVIDSON, at Mountain Home on Thursday
morning of last week. LETSON immediatley repaired to Courtland and surrendered himself to the authorities, stating that he had killed PICKENS and DAVIDSON. Davidson for slandering his daughter, and Pickens in self-defense. He was given a preliminary trial at Courtland on Saturday and Monday last, and the following card tells the result: Courtland Feb. 7, 1881
Maj. D.C. WHITE:
Dear Sir: LETSON's trial was concluded this evening. The sttorneys submitted they cse without argumnet. The verdict was to send him to the Tuscumbia jail, there to await his trial in the Circuit Court. Letson preferred jail to giving bond. The sheriff will take him there tomorrow. No other news. Your friend, D. SIMMONS
As the matter is to undergo judicial investigation we withhold comment. (MA Feb. 1881) Contribued By Charity Goodwin

R..G. LETSON of Mt. Home was shot and killed by his son in law Thomas GOODWIN on last Thursday evening at the
home Harvey WRIGHT, about 4 miles from here . It seems that some family trouble has arisen between the two and Goodwin left
Letson's house a month ago. On Thursday Leston went to look for Goodwin for what cause is not known, but Goodwin
fearing trouble was prepared for him an on sight shot him with a double barrel shot gun, loaded with buck shot. Seventeen of
which took effect, killing Letson instantly. The facts in the case no doublt will all come out at the preliminary trail, which is set
Monday next. (MANov.11,1898) Contributed by Charity Goodwin

Mr. Van LOVE , whose mind became diseased some time ago, was taken to the asylum in Tuskaloosa last Friday. We hope to see him back soon. (MA March 25, 1897)

Two of our countymen have become deranged during the past week, Mr. J. V. LOVE, of Town Creek, and Mr. Albert JOHNSON, of near Mt. Hope. The latter is being watched at home, but Mr. Love's nieghbors deemed the best place for him where he could not do violence to himself or others, and he was therefore placed in our county jail. (MA March 18, 1897)

J. V. LOVE, formerly of this county, was arrested in Tuscaloosa last week for reckless driving and will be sent to the assylum.
When taken up, he had quite a sum of money on his person. (Moulton Advertiser 30 Apr 1905)

Prof. C.G. LYNCH is taken from the Historyt of Notable Men of Alabamapublished by the Southern Historical Society of Alanta, Ga.Entered the merchantile selling good, farming and held office of Magistrate. Charles Gibson Lynch was born Sept. 21, 1851 at Oakville, Lawrence Co., Ala. Son of Darius Lynch, who was born in 1809 in Tennessee, came to Limestone Co., Ala with his parents in 1817, died April 27, 1898, At his death he was prehaps the oldest Mason in the State. (MA5-1898)

A. B. MASTERSON has returned from Mississippi and is now clerking for the Messrs Irwin. Modest, neat, industrious, polite and capable, he is destined to take rank as a first class salesman. (MA Jan 26, 1888 )

W. D. MAYFIELD, who murdered Jim HIGHTOWER at his (Mayfield's) home, two or three miles east of Moulton, on Tuesday morning,
December 29th, had a preliminary hearing before Judge KUMPE, in this place, on Saturday last. After listening patiently to all the
testimony, pro and con, the Judge decided the case not bailable, and returned the prisoner to jail to await the action of the Grand
Jury.(Moulton Advertiser 15 Jan 1891)

Ed McDONALD's fine horse, snagged so badly two weeks ago, died last Friday.(MA Jan 26, 1888)

George JAMES has just been tried for the murder of Enoch CLAYBURN at  Cullman and was convicted of murder in the first degree
and sentenced to be hanged on September 25. (Moulton Advertiser 12 Aug 1914)
Mrs. Mary JONES, of Jackson county, celebrated her one hundredth birthday on the 14th of July. Mrs. Jones and the Junior were 
born on the same day of the month, but the good woman is just 65 years older than we are. The 14th of July is lucky for a person to 
be born on. People born on that day always live to be over a hundred years old, and generally accumulate a large fortune.  
(Moulton Advertiser 26 Jul 1883)
Died at his residence near Courtland on the 4th, Col. Frank JONES, in the 72nd year of his age. 
And on the 11th at his residence in Courtland, of pneumonia, Mr. A.D. SIMMONS, in the 65th year of his age. We hope some friend will 
furnish us sketches of the loves of these noble and useful citizens. (MA Feb 17, 1881)
Two young ladies, Misses JONES, 17 and 19 years old, committed suicide by hanging near Gadsden, Ala., one day last week. 
The oldest one had been betrayed and seduced she told the young sister of her sin, and their shame was too great for them to bear. 
They were highly respectable. The brutal scoundrel ought to be hung by the neck until dead. (Moulton Advertiser 7 Aug 1884)

Four girl babies were recently born to Flake KEY and his wife at Hollis, Okla. Their combined weight was 11 pounds and they
are all alive, with mother doing nicely. The family went from Lawrence county, and their numerous relatives are deeply interested in
them. Thousands of people are going to see the little quaduplets and many useful presents are being given to them. The dear
mother is poor, but bravely faces the future and if we had the wealth of some people she nor her children should never want for a
single material thing. (Moulton Advertiser 30 Jun 1915)

Judge KUMPE has received a letter from Tuscaloosa stating that "Malinda McDONALD, a colored insane patient from Lawrence
County, had died on Dec. 25th" She had been there many years. Signed by J. T. SEARY, MD. (Moulton Advertiser 2 Jan 1902)

Mrs. Miles LEE of Madison county was bitten some time ago by a mad dog,and last week after six days of intense suffering died a 
most horrible death. (Moulton Advertiser 4 Feb 1886)
Jim LEONARD died suddenly near Jaspar, and his wife has been jailed charged with the diabolical crime.
(Moulton Advertiser 31 May 1910)
Mrs. Robert MASTERSON, and her lovely step-daughters, have returned to their home at Round Rock, Texas. One of our young men 
is thinking of going out there to tell his girl good bye.
(Moulton Advertiser 17 Jul 1884)

Mr. Henry W. MELTON was ordained to the Gospel Ministry at Town Creek Baptist Church last Sunday.(March 12, 1885 MA)

Mrs. Lucy MICHAEL, nearly 70 years old died near this place on Friday last. She had been a member of the Methodist Church 40 years. She has left many relatives and friends to mourn their loss. (MA Feb 24, 1881)

Notice Probate Court Lawrence Co. Ala. Estate of Sophronia MILAM deceased.  Notice is hereby given that all persons having claims against
said estate are requird to present the same within the time allowed.  A. J. OWEN Adm’r.(MA December 30, 1897 )

Mrs. J. M. MILAM, a most excellent Christian lady died at Camp Spring one day last week.(MA March 12, 1885 )

Nat MOON was thrown from a plow horse and killed in Madison co., one day last week. His foot was caught in the gear, and his
body was bruised almost beyond recognition. (Moulton Advertiser 5 Jul 1877)

Thomas NEWTON, of Jackson county, has lost his son strayed or stolen.Small in size, very talkative and is 16 years old. If you
should see young Tom drop his anxious father a card or note at Carpenter, Jackson county, Alabama.
(Moulton Advertiser 3 May 1883)

Wm. NORRIS, 95 years old, has been convicted of counterfeiting in the Federal Court in Birmingham. MA Oct.10, 1905

Jesse PALMER met with a painful and almost fatal accident at England's mill, south of town, in Winston county, last Wednesday.
A log rolled over him, breaking his left leg in two places and badly crushing his right shoulder to such an extent that several bones
had to be removed from it. Dr's. T. H. and J. H. IRWIN responded promptly to calls made on them, patched the young man up as
well as possible and left him resting quietly. (20 Jul 1909 Moulton Advertiser)

Mr. W. P. PALMORE, a nephew of our friend, W. W. ALEXANDER and a very nice young gentleman has been visiting friends and scenes of his youth in and around Moulton.  He hails from Marion County.(MA December 30, 1897 ) Contributed by Charity Goodwin

Mrs. Jas. PARKER, living some six miles south of Moulton, presented her husband with twin girls one day last week. Mother and children aredoing
well. MA Oct. 13, 1892

T. J. PATRICK starts to Missouri next week with his three children. He carries with him to his western home the best wishes of our
people.(Moulton Advertiser 28 Apr 1876)

R. H. PEEBLES, who shot and killed Kennard BARNES at Hillsboro a few weeks ago, was tried before Judge Foster,
in this place, on the 7th, on a write of habeas corpus and discharged. A large crowd of country people attended the trial.
(Moulton Advertiser 14 Jan 1886)

Our good old citizen and father in law, Mr. Pleasant PONDER, celebrated his 77th birth day last Sunday. Mrs. Sallie DOSS cooked a fine gobbler for the grand old sire, to which a few of the children and grand children paid their respects in a dignified manner. Seventy seven - borrowed time, but the old bozo is watching and waiting. There are but few older men than he is in this country - there are none better. That's what his youngest daughter says, and we believe she is about correct. (MA Jan 26, 1888 )

Legal Advertisement:  Probate court, State of Ala. Lawrence Co.  Final settlement of guardianship of A. V. PONDER, former guardian of minors James P. and Robert L. LIVINGSTON.(MA March 12, 1885 )

Recently at Athens a horse thief, Jim POWERS who was in jail at that place, was visited by his wife and infant to tell the husband 
and father good bye before he was removed to the coal mine. The jailor waited at the door until the parting word was said the sighing 
and weeping were heart rending. Soon the woman returned with the child and her face closely veiled. The clanking door closed, and 
the jailor felt that the agony was over. A few minutes later the little baby was found on the outskirts of town, and its mother 
claimed it through the jail bars. She had exchanged clothing with her husband to help him out of a close place. 
(Moulton Advertiser 9 Jan 1890)

Mr. Sip RETHERFORD shot Will GIBSON in the back last Monday evening. Gibson had struck Sip's son Mauray in the face with a
weight, producing painful injuries, which caused the shooting. The ball is still in Gibson, but he is not thought to be dangerous.
(Moulton Advertiser 12 Feb 1891) Contributed by Charity Goodwin

Sheriff Walter ROBERSON returned from Oak Lodge, I. T., late Saturday night last, accompanied by Bud LINDLEY who has an indictment hanging
over him in this county for raping a defenseless girl about a year ago and who, since that time, has been a refugee from justice in the wild and woolly west. 
Jim NESMITH is doubtless glad to see Bud’s familiar face, and they can now talk over the latter’s daring leap for liberty from a moving train.
(December 8, 1898 MA)

Newspapers report that Bob Robertson, formely of this locality, is to be hung today in Texas for murder. (MA 1-15-1903)

Archer ROBINSON is going to move to a farm, 4 miles west of Moulton, and pull a bell cord over a mule's back. (MA Jan 26, 1888 )

While in Leighton a few days ago we had the pleasure of meeting Fletch SANDLIN's Squaw, and was captivated by her lovely smiles. 
She is not only good looking, but as bright as a flash of sunlight on a sheet of polished steel.  
(Moulton Advertiser 29 Mar 1906)
Talk is cheap until you tackle the Long Distance Telephone, but that cuts no figure with Fletch SANDLIN when wants to hear 
from his girl in Moulton. He simply rings up, and talks until his tongue hangs out, and then turns away with a sad heart. 
(Moulton Advertiser 31 Jan 1907)

We glean the following items from the Courtland correspondent of the Montgomery Advertiser:
An effort is being made to secure the pardon of Hollis and Chassie SCOGGINS who were sentenced to three years in the
penitentiary last April, a year ago, for shooting one W. T. Chilcoat for ruining their sister under the promise of marriage.
(Moulton Advertiser 20 Jul 1899)

The SCOGGIN Boys were taken to the coal mines last Saturday. There is a general feeling throughout the county to have them 
pardoned.  (Moulton Advertiser 11 Feb 1899)

Billie SEAMANS had two bales of cotton to burn up one night last week on Rip VAUGHAN’S and Allie SHOEMAKER’S roadwagon.  He is unfortunate – but Bill and Allie and Rip are not the boys to sit down and whine over spilt milk.(MA March 12, 1885 )

A difficulty between Jo SEAMANS and Anthony BAYLESS, last Monday night resulted in Jo stabbing Anthony in the left side. Sr. John IRWIN patched up the wound, which was not considered dangerous. Jo fled to parts unknown. MA Nov 7, 1895

Bill SEAMANS accidentally shot James CROW yesterday, near this place, while out bird hunting.They were small shot and 63 peppered him on the left side, but we are glad to report no serious damage was done.(December 22, 1898 MA)

That elegant gentleman and true Democrat, Col. W. H. SHAW, gave us a pleasant call on Monday.(MA March 12, 1885 )

It is said that our debonair friend, P. W. SHOEMAKER, has not made a track in Moulton since his marriage. (MA Jan 26, 1888 )

Rev. J. W. SHOEMAKER, who endeavored to steal a few postage stamps from Uncle Sam, was tried at the recent Conference in Huntsville and expelled from the Methodist Church. Poor creature! His greed has placed a stain upon him which can never be erased, but he is not alone.There are others, high in position, whose crimes will some day be revealed to the public.(December 8, 1898 MA)

Allie SHOEMAKER created some excitement in town last Monday by permitting a team to runaway with him, but no special damage was done.
(MA November 9, 1899 )

A thief was shot at Pearcle SHOEMAKER's, one night last week. Blood was found the next morning, and the next time Pearcle
will get some fresh meat. (Moulton Advertiser 5 Mar 1885)

"Whiskey brought me to this," said Tim SHARPE as he swung off into  eternity Friday at Anniston for killing two policemen in that 
City some months ago. Poor Tim! For many years he was a fine citizen,  one of the best in Calhoun county, was honored and 
respected by every,but liquor tripped him and he fell. Going from bad to worse, as people generally do who in anyway monkey with 
booze, he soon reached his rope's end and disapeared through a trap door. Let our boys take warning, and keep out from under the 
influence of the demoralizing stuff. It withers and blights all who touch it. (Moulton Advertiser 30 Jun 1915)
Mrs. Lizzie SHELTON, a lady of high social standing in Scottsboro, while walking across the street last Wednesday, seeing 
Hugh BYNUM at a distance, called him to her side, drew a pistol and shot him through the shoulder. She fired twice again without 
effect, and then surrendered to the authorities. She claims that Bynum had insulted her.    (Moulton Advertiser 4 Jun 1885) 
Jos. SMITH hanged himself in Lauderdale county but the world moves on just the same. (Moulton Advertiser 29 Sep 1908)
Died at Courtland on Firday, Feb 11, 1881m A.D. SIMMONS., Esq., aged 65 years. He was for many years the acting Post master here. He 
was married at Athens in 1840 to Miss Jane WOLLARD, who survives him. He resided in Courtland for 35 years. (MA March 3, 1881)

Dr. R.M. SIMPSON had his forward badly disfigured last week by jumping from a unruly horse. MA Oct. 27, 1892

J. M. SKELTON, one of North Alabama's most widely known political campaign managers, committed suicide in his store at
Scottsboro. Despondency over ill health was the cause.
(Moulton Advertiser 29 Sep 1915)

John STUART is going to move to Landersville and go into business. (MA Jan 26, 1888)

A negro woman employed by Capt. C.C. SWOOPE on his plantation four miles from town, created considerable excitement a few
nights ago by becoming suddenly insane. She alarmed the neighborhood with her cries. She was crazy with religious excitement.
Capt. Swoope will have the woman sent to the insane asylum at Tuscaloosa. (Leighton News 12 Feb 1900)

I, at the November term, presented my claim for making five coffins, all of which was just and unpaid. Simeon NELSON is to
pay for C.C. TEDFORD and Caroline TEDFORD. J.P. TEDFORD died in Morgan County, sometthing over 200 yeards
from the Lawrence County line.
Basham's Cap, Ala Ma Feb. 17,1887

James TRICE, 17 years old, was murdered in a store a few miles beyond Athens, one night last week. Wesley WARREN, colored,
confessed havingcommitted the crime and was hung by a mob. Later Two more colored men were arrested, goods found in their
possession, they confessed and were hung.
(Moulton Advertiser 28 Jun 1883)

Legal Advertisement:  Probate Court, State of Ala., Lawrence Co.  Feb. 26, 1885.  Estate of Milton VAUGHAN, deceased.  Joseph WHEELER,
formerly administrator of said estate (having resigned his administration) and filed his account, vouchers and evidences for a final settlement of said administration.(March 5, 1885 MA)

Gov. HOUSTON offers a reward of $200 for the arrest of John VAUGHAN who killed G. DUNCAN in Lauderdale county last Feb. No
description is given of Vaughn, and the proclamation reminds us of a little scrap of the Governor's congressional history when he
wanted Moss the inventor of telegraphy, put in the asylum for asking for a small appropriation to consumate what is now a great
blessing. (Moulton Advertiser 5 Jul 1877)

J. H. WADSWORTH has moved from Mt. Hope to Eugene, Ind. and wants the paper sent to him there. He say," I want to subscribe for THE Moulton Advertiser at least a year in order to keep up with the news of all Lawrence (MA 4-2-1903)

Forest WATKIN, who was sent from this county five years ago to the State Penitentiary for life, had had his term reduced to 10 yrs, he has
served five years. (MA Jan.16, 1896)

Forest WATKINS waylaid and shot Jim YORK in the head, near Oakville, late Sunday evening. York will die and Watkins has fled. 
(Moulton Advertiser 13 Feb 1890)
Dr. W.H. WATKINS a venerable and distinguished Methodist minister died on the 5th in Jackson, Mississippi.
(MA Feb 17, 1881)

The old soldiers who fought in Indian Wars feel very greateful to General WHEELER for having them placed in the penson roll. There are lots
of old heroes in this district, and the pension money will be very acceptable to them now in their advanced life. MA June 2, 1892

Mr. Jown W. WHITE, a member of the Tuscumbia city council, has been sent to the Insane Asylum at Tuscaloosa. He is a noble
gentleman, and we hope soon to hear of his mind being restored. Religion, we learn, was the subject on which his mind gave way.
(Moulton Advertiser 13 Mar 1874)

W. C. WHITFIELD was killed with an ax by T. M. TIDWELL, near Scottsboro, last week. Cause ; women and whiskey.
(Moulton Advertiser 5 Mar 1885)

Albert WINDHAM has quit wagoning and is now a merchant in this place. (MA Jan 26, 1888 )

We see it stated in many of our exchanges that Mr. Burton WILLIAMSON killed a Revenue officer at MT. Hope sometime ago. This is a mistake. Mr. Martin BEARD, the gentleman who was killed, lived near Mt. Hope and was engaged in farming.
(MA Feb 3, 1881)

Wash WRIGHT was shot and killed by Al GLOVER at a church Sunday,in Lauderdale county. Both young men, and they fell out 
about a girl.(Moulton Advertiser 28 Jun 1916)

C. M. WRIGHT, a prominent citizen of Leighton and formerly tax collector of Lawrence county, was shot by a negro at that place last Saturday from the effects of which he died Sunday night.(June 29, 1905 MA)

J. D. WYKER, the hardware man, says he was so busy selling stoves he hadn’t had time to write an ad this week, and if you don’t believe it call around to his place of business and see for yourself. (MA November 9, 1899 )

Mrs. YOUNG of Eastern Texas is visiting her sister, Mrs. Geo. ALMON, near this place. (MA Jan 26, 1888 )


Mr. E. V. CHARDAVOYNE and Miss Annie PIPPEN were married at Courtland on the 11th inst. They launch out upon the great sea of life beneath bright skies but with still brighter hopes. Our congratulations are tendered, and may no dark cloud over cast its shadow across their path. (MA Jan 26, 1888 )

Married, on the 11th inst., by Elder W. R. COLE, Mr. James ELKINS to Miss R. A. ANDERSON - all of this county. Two soulswith but a single
thought - Two hearts that beat as one. (MA Jan 26, 1888 )

To Wed His Fifth.
Mr. Wm. ELLIOTT, of Spring Valley, has had more than an average man's experience of a multiplicity of marriages. He has already
been married four times, and will, if rumor be true, soon lead to the altar his blushing fifth. He has married in succession, Margy
TREADWAY, Mariah McBRIDE, Violet THORN, and Mary BRYANT, and his prospective fifth is Miss Kate BRYANT.
(Leighton News 2 Mar 1894)

Mr. Nathan M. FALK and Miss Lona BOSHWITZ were married in the new Jewish Synagogue, in Memphis, on 18th, Rabbi M.
SAMFIELD officiated. Nathan is well known to many of our readers.
(Moulton Advertiser 28 Feb 1884)

Married at the residence of the Bride's Uncle, Henry GOODWIN, on the 4th inst. , Mr. Harvey WRIGHT and Misses
Mollie GOODWIN. All of the County Elder R.W. NORWOOD Officiating. (MANov. 8,1894) Contributed by Charity Goodwin

Willie GOODWYN, a robust man, is in jail in Marion county for stealing and marrying a 10-year old girl. (Moulton Advertiser 15 Mar 1910)

One of the most remarkable men in this county todat is John GREENHAW, who was born in Madison Co., Ala in 1791, and went to St. Clair Co., Ala, where he married Miss. Sallie SHUBERT. He moved to Lawrence County in 1861, and thence to Corinth, Mississippi in 1871, where he still lives at the ripe old age of 105 years old. He is in perfect health, had a perfect set of teeth, good appetite and moves around nimbly as a boy. (MA March 4, 1897)

J. W. and L. E. HARDIN, divorced two years ago are trying matrimony again in Franklin County. (Moulton Advertiser 11 Jan 1910)

On Sunday evening at the home of A. HEFLIN the bride’s father, Dr. A. E. ADAMS and Miss Sallie HEFLIN were united in marriage. 
Rev. A. J. WORLEY officiating.  Only a few friends were present to witness the nuptials.  The groom is one of Ardmore’s most favorably
known professional men, while the bride is a young lady of rare accomplishments and numbers her friends by the list of her acquaintances. 
Dr. and Mrs. ADAMS are at home to their friends on North Court Street in their cozy residence. (MA December 30, 1897 )

The wedding bells will be heard tonight at the Baptist Church, in Moulton.There beneath the glittering lights of the sanctuary Mr. Robert A. KIRKLAND
and Miss Mollie E. MASTERSON will be united in the hold bonds of matrimony.After the ceremony a few friends and relatives of the high contracting
parties will be invited to the wedding supper, given in honor of the occasion by the bride’s brother-in-law, Mr. H. B. IRWIN.(March 5, 1885 MA)

Married in Henderson, N.C., on the 5th inst., by the Rev. Mr. NELSON, Mr. D. M. HODGES, Jr., of Moulton, Ala., to Miss Jennie
POSEYdaughter of Hon. B.F. Posey, of the former place.
The happy couple reached their home, near this place, on the 10th, and were warmly welcomed by the groom's numerous friends.
We tender our hearty congratulations, and wish for friend Dee and his lovely bride the realization of their rosiest dreams.
(Moulton Advertiser 14 Feb 1878)

Mr. John NICHILS and Miss Lou BEZLEY, of Cullman county, ran away from their homes and came to Hartselle last Friday and
were united in marriage by Esquire J. W. Jaggers in his office. (Alabama Enquirer 14 Feb 1895)

Lewis REBMAN, recently married, goes with his lovely wife from Courtland to the far west and will settle down to accumulate
a fortune in the new State of Oaklahoma. They ordered The Moulton Advertiser to follow them, and of course it will be read with
interest. (Moulton Advertiser 10 Mar 1908)

Capt. Ed RICE was shot and killed at Jones' Lane, in Limestone county, last week, by two brothers named Plant. One of the murders
is still at large. (Moulton Advertiser 20 Mar 1874)

Cards are out for the marriage in Memphis, Tenn., on the 6th of January next, of Mr. W.W. SIMMONS to Miss Kate LEE. We have
been favored with an invitation to be present and witness the happy twain made one, and regret that pressing home duties deprive
us of the pleasure. However, we extend our congratulations
(Moulton Advertiser 31 Dec 1885)

Mr. M.A. SPEIGHTS and Mrs. Mattie HILL were united in marriage, at the home of the bride's father, near Itaska, Hill co., Texas,
on Sunday, December 13, 1896, Rev. F.C. Sowell officiating. The bride is an accomplished daughter of our neighbor,
Mr. Wm. H. ALDRIDGE.She is a woman of unquestionable character, a loving disposition, and has lived here long enough to win
the love of all. The groom is also a young man of our community, and no one stands higher here for integrity than he. We extend to
them our congratulations, and wish them a happy, prosperous journey through life.
(Moulton Advertiser 21 Jan 1897)

Mr. Newton Spiva and Miss Elsyade Waits were happily married in the Courthouse at this place last Friday in the presence fo many witnesses. It is said that Newton made three voyages to town before landing the prize, but he is now the happiest man in Lawrence Country. (MA 4-23-1903)

Miss Mary Johnnie STEPHENSON and Mr. Seth M. WALKER were married in  the Presbyterian church, at Waco, Texas, on the 
11th of this month. We extend our congratulations to the happy couple, and wish for them 
the realization of their brightest anticipations. Miss Johnnie is native Alabamian, and is said to be the loveliest woman in Texas.   
(Moulton Advertiser 20 Jan 1887)
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. TWEEDY of Courtland announce the engagement of their daughter Miss Alice GARTH to Mr. Vincent DURBIN of 
Pittsburg. The marriage will be on May 14 at Florence. 
(Moulton Advertiser 16 Apr 1913)
Miss Sallie H. WALLACE, nine years old, recently eloped with W. D. BAILY from Waterford, Miss., and was married to him. 
Baily was jailed at Boliver, Tenn., and the baby wife returned to her mother.
(Moulton Advertiser 26 Dec 1889)
It seems that Albert LANG out-generaled Hugh WILEY for a life-prize,  recently, near Pitt. While the latter came to Moulton after 
license to wed Miss Novella PARKER, so the report goes, the former slipped away with the fair one and they were happily married. 
Cheer up, Hugh, there are as good fish in the sea as was ever caught out.  
(Moulton Advertiser 2 Jan 1902)  
It was Hugh WILEY who was recently married to Miss Novella Parker, and not Albert LONG, as was erroneously reported to several 
papers.May sunshine and flowers, sweet milk and honey, with everything else good, be theirs all through life.  
(Moulton Advertiser 16 Jan 1902)



MA= Moulton Advertiser
TU= The Union
ASW=Alabama State Wheel
FL= Friend of the Laborer
LA=Leighton News
CE=Courtland Enterprise
AI= Alabama Independant