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Wheeler Plantation Cemetery
Cemetery Photos
Survey of this cemetery was done Jan,10th 2003
Contributed by Charity Goodwin & Patricia Sparks

A note of interest is that Mrs. Wheeler had her grave marker place on the site wher her horse Beatrice was buried,
we will add a photo of it at a lter date. There are three cemeteries at the Wheeler plantation, Wheeler, the Old Hendrick ( which there are not surviving markers, and a slave cemetery. There are about 3-4 marked graves in the Slave cemetery, one of this is the following: Robert Beard March 1831 to April 24,1910

Frank Edward
Son of Sarah & Felix Sherrod
Dec. 24, 1836
July 3, 1863
  Ella Sherrod
  Richard Jones Sherrod
Ben Sherrod
Erected by Lucy Wheeler 1897
  Felix A. M. Sherrod
March 29, 1809
June 21, 1845

Double Stone SHERROD
Our Father and Mother
Consort of Samuel W. Sherrod
March 3, 1821
July 19,1845
Samuel W. Sherrod
Died Nov. 28,1848
Aged 34 yrs, and 12 days

Infant Son of
Wm. J. & Julia Wheeler Harris
  Infant Daughter of
Wm. & Julia Wheeler Harris
Feb. 6, 1907
  Ella Wheeler
Weldon Jones M.D.
Born in Cumberland Co., VA Dec.25, 1790
Died in Ala Sept. 22,1875
In his 84th year without a spot of blemish.
The Subject of this writing took part in the War
of 1812, was graduate at the University of VA.
the same year. His father was Harrison and his
mother Ann Jones, both natives of Va. He was
a Vol. Soldier decended from antient and respectable
family and lost his leg at the battle of Guildforst C.H.,
North Carolina. He emigrated from Va to Ga. thence
to Miss. acquitting himself with honor to his State
adopted, to his parents and his social relations.
  Annie Early Wheeler
July 31,1868
April 10,1955
"Come ye blessed of my father"
Foot Marker
In Memory of Miss. Annie E. Wheeler
First Vice President General from Alabama
Placed by Alabama Society NSDAR
UDC 61-65 Daughters of the Confederacy
  Thomas Harrison Wheeler
March 7,1881
Sept 7,1898
Drowned at Montauk Point,
Long Island, in the attempt to
save the life of a comrade
Cadet United States Naval Academy,
Served on U.S. cruiser Columbia,
Spanish American War
Joseph Wheeler
Born Augusta, Ga. Sept. 10,1836
Died in New York Jan.25,1906
His body lies at Arlington, VA
Bronze Maker placed by S.A.R.
Sept,10,1994 SAR 1775
Graduated at West Point 1859.
Lieutenant-General Confederate Army 1865,
Represented the Eight District of
Alabama in the 47,49,50,51,52,53,54,55,56,
Congresses. Major General U.S.A.1900.
A great Warrior. An eminent stateman.
  Daniella Ellen
Beloved wife of Joseph Wheeler,
daughter of Richard Jones,
Sister of Thomas Jones.
Aug. 20,1841
May 19,1896
Percious Mamma of
Richard Jones Sherrod born April 2, 1860, Died Jan.6,1866
Ella Sherrod born June 1861, Died July 1861
Lucy Louise Wheeler 1866-1924
Annie Early
Ella born Aug.9,1869, Died Mar.1871
Julia Knox Hull
Joseph Jr.
Thomas Harrison 1881-1898
  Lucy Louise
Beloved Daughter of Joseph Wheeler
Nov.24,1866 - Dec.25,1924
Harrison Leigh Buck
August 1,1907 Pelham, New York
November 6,1968 Staunton, Virginia
  Joseph Wheeler
Beloved son of Gordon & Carrie Wheeler
April 16,1911
November 24,1915
  Carris Peyton Wheeler Buck
August 8,1877 Wheeler, Ala
March 16,1953 Greenwood, Virginia
Dearly beloved wife of Gordon Mountjoy Buck
Gordon Mountjoy Buck
May 3, 1875 "The Towers" Natachez, Mississippi
April 26, 1970 "Whilton" Greenwood, Virginia
Eminent member of the New York Bar