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Township & Range Numbers
Compiled by Maps of LCA by: Charity Goodwin Dec 31, 2003

Nothern Lawrence County

Township 5 S Range 9 W
Wolf Springs & Beavers Cross

Township 5 S Range 8 W
Hatton, Loosier, Terrytown
& NeSmith

Township 5 S Range 7 W
Langtown , Mountain Home
& Chalybeate Springs

Township 5 S Range 6 W
Hillsboro, Reynolds, Caddo,
Fish Pond & Jonesboro

Township 4 S Range 9 W
Towncreek area includes
Cal & Davenport Cemeteries

Township 4 S Range 8 W
Towncreek, Sherrod Quarters
Rocky Hill

Township 4 S Range 7 W
Courtland, North Courtland
Wheeler, Pointers Quarters
& Brides Hill

Township 4 S Range 6 W
Lovettville, Flower Hill
Area of Spring Creek

Township 3 S Range 9 W
Small county section
has one cemetery-Foster

Township 3 S Range 8 W
Red Bank &
Wheeler Dam Village

Township 3 S Range 7 W
(Small tip of LCA Land on river)

Township 3 S Range 6 W
(Small tip of LCA Land on river)

Southern Lawrence County

Township8 S Range 9 W
Kinlock, includes Macedonia &
Poplar Springs cemeteries

Township 8 S Range 8 W
Hepsidam, includes Bunyan Hill, Tapsville,
McLemore & Mountain Spings cemeteries

Township 8 S Range 7 W
includes Pinetorch, Shiloh,
Old Beulah cemeteries

Township 8 S Range 6 W
includes Friendship, Center &
Cave Springs cemeteries

Township 7 S Range 6 W
Oakville & Speake

Township 7 S Range 7 W
Wren, Pinhook & Aldridge Grove

Township 7 S Range 8 W
Youngtown & Landersville

Township 7 S Range 9 W
Mt. Hope

Township 6 S Range 6 W
includes Kitchens Mill, & Midway,
Oak Grove & Sivley cemeteries

Township6 S Range 7 W
Moulton, Masterson Mill, Hamony
& Chalybeate Methodist Church Cem

Township6 S Range 8 W
Hatton area, includes Mount Moriah,
Muck City, Parker Town, Rutherford Cem.

Township6 S Range 9W
includes Fergason, & Love cemeteries &
area of Mehama, Concord, Flat Rock

Historic Lawrence County Maps

Map of Lawrence County (1995)