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Some Monroe County Civil War Soldiers

A record of the men from Monroe County, Alabama and, incidentally, from the general area of south Alabama who served the Confederate States Army

Presented by

The Sons of Confederate Veterans
Camp 1610
Monroeville, Alabama

Mr. Harris Carter English

Mr. James Steven Stacey

 Mr. Arthur Reed, Real Son

Mr. Donald Wayne Black, Mr. Brent C. Brown, Mr. Jennings Faulk Carter, Mr. Cecil Chandler, Sr., Mr. Cecil Chandler, Jr., Mr. Sam F. Crook, Mr. Frederick Albert Currie, Mr. Frederick Michael Currie, Mr. Billy Howard Dorriety, Mr. David G. Frost, Mr. Jimmie Duane Garrett, Mr. Sean Ross Garrett,  Mr. Joseph R. Holley, Jr., Mr. Clinton Edward Jackson, Dr. Mason Mc Grew, Mr. Daniel E. McKenzie, Mr. Sanford H. Morris, Mr. Albert A. Nettles, Dr. Henry C. Owens, Mr. James Frank Pierce, Sr., Mr. James F. Pierce, Jr., Mr. Carl W. Reed, Mr. John Reed, Mr. Larry W. Shiver, Mr. Fitzgerald Salter Steele, Mr. Joseph Christopher Terry, Mr. Bartley Eugene Tomlinson, Mr. William Willis

This effort is dedicated to the brave men who served the Confederacy.

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In Remembrance of five brothers who died

Pvt. Christian M. Rickard

Pvt. Dennis Rickard

Pvt. George Morgan Rickard

Pvt. Henry S. Rickard

Pvt. John A. Rickard

In a letter to the widow of her brother, killed at Chickamauga, Miss Elizabeth Stacey wrote, 
"My brothers were wounded into economic depravity."

A special thank you to Jimmy Garrett and Sean Garrett for their diligence in the surveys of the cemeteries of Monroe County and surrounding areas

Steve Stacey, compiler

May 30, 2000


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