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     The Princess Sehoy Chapter was organized on June 19, 1934, at Woodward, Alabama.  Mrs. P. B. Bowers was the organizing Regent.

     The Chapter is named for the Indian Princess Sehoy of the Muscogee Nation, Tribe of the Wind.  According to Pickett's History of  Alabama, the Princess Sehoy was married to Captain Marchand, who commanded Fort Toulouse, an outpost of the French Empire.  In 1722, the Captain was slain by his mutinous men.  Before his untimely death, however, the union of Princess Sehoy and her French husband was blessed by a girl to perpetuate the name, Sehoy.

     Few queens have played a larger ultimate part in history than did Princess Sehoy, through her descendents - the Tates, McGilliverys, Durants, Tunstalls, Francises, Weatherfords, and others.  Alexander McGillivery was her grandson.  William Weatherford, "The Red Eagle," was her great-grandson.

     From the time of Princess Sehoy until the decline of the mighty Creek Nation over one hundred years later, there was a Sehoy, "Princess of the Wind."


"Princess of The Wind"

             In my dreams I see a Princess,               
Daughter of The Mighty Creek.
Dressed in softest, softest deerskin,
Lithe and swift upon her feet.
I can see her laughing
With a sparkle in her eyes.
I know that she was lovely
When she lived 'neath southern skies.
Lovely Princess of The Wind,
Tell me your heart's desires.
Did you long to find a soul mate
To share your lodging's warmest fires?
Oh, for just a little time
To go back through many years.
Just to see and know you.
All your joys and sorrowful tears!
Indian Princess, Princess Sehoy,
Lass with hair of raven hue.
Married to a brave, then white man,
Produced another Princess, too.
Not just one Princess Sehoy.
But there numbered Sehoys three.
Ancestors of noted families.
Tates, Durants, Weatherfords,
In our Southern History.

                                                            ---Helen S. Hudgens

                                                    Princess Sehoy Chapter Member


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