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                                                       The thirteen colonies were full of unrest.
                                              Minutemen and patriots rose to the test.
                                              Alerted by the ride of Paul Revere,
                                              They entered the battle showing no fear.

                                              First at Lexington, Concord and Bunker Hill,
                                              Pushing hard to break the Redcoats' will.
                                              Through eight long years our ancestors fought
                                              With muskets and rifles for the freedom they sought.

                                              Struggling through cold to cross the Delaware,
                                              Shortages of food and clothing led to despair.
                                              Valley Forge, King's Mountain and lastly Yorktown,
                                              King George and the British were soundly put down.

                                                                                                    Anne Green


Peter Acker
             Furnished supplies to South Carolina forces.  Was born in Germany.  Died 1815 Pendleton District,
                South Carolina.

        Isham Bilbrey
             Patriot and soldier from the Halifax Military District, North Carolina.  Fought at the battle of  King's
                Mountain. Resided in Chatham County, North Carolina.  Born 1760.  Died 1851 Overton
                County, Tennessee.

        John Burns
             Served under Colonel Benjamin Cleveland in North Carolina Militia. Fought at Battle of King's
                Mountain and at Gates' defeat near Camden, South Carolina. Born 1762 in Virginia.
                Died 1843 in South Carolina.

        Francis Clinkscales
             Served as Sergeant under Captain Hezekiah Garner in the 26th battalion of the Charles County,
               Maryland, militia. Born 1739 in Maryland. Died 1837 in Anderson County, South Carolina.

        John Creel
             Signed oath of allegiance in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.  Born 1732 in Farnham Parish, Richmond
               County, Virginia. Died before 1799 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

        Joel Dean
             Served as a Private under General Green in North Carolina.  Resided during the Revolution in Guilford
               County, North Carolina.  Born 1755 in Virginia.  Died 1842 in Spartanburg District, South Carolina.

       William Farr
       In Sparta Militia Regiment under Colonel John Thomas, Sr. later serving as a Major.  Served with General
       Sumter at Rocky Mountain where he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.  Fought in battles at Hanging
Rock, Blackstock, and Cowpens.

       Peter Forney
             Served as Private under Captain Johnston; promoted to Lieutenant serving under Captains Reid and Neil;
               promoted to Captain serving under Colonel Charles Polk with North Carolina Rangers Dragoons. 
               Born 1756 Anson County, North Carolina.  Died 1834 Lincoln County, North Carolina. 

      James Glenn
            Served as a sharpshooter under General Greene 1799-1780. Born 1757 Frederick County, Virginia.
              Died 1832 Jefferson County, Virginia.

       Richard Griffin
            Furnished supplies and served as a juror in 1778 and 1783 in state of South Carolina.  Born 1734 in
              England. Died 1805 in Laurens District, South Carolina.

       John Griffith
            Served as Private under Captain Dixon and Colonel Clark in the First Regiment from North Carolina.  Born
              1744 in the western section of North Carolina.  Died 1809 Oglethorpe County, Georgia.

         Peter Groover
            Served as Private, Corporal, and Sergeant under Captains Trice, Johnson, Donahoo, and Cowan in North
              Carolina regiments; also served under Colonels Murphy and Dixon.  Received a pension for his service.  Born
              1762 North Carolina.  Died 1841 Franklin County, Georgia.

       John Harris
            Served in South Carolina and Virginia as Private under Captains, Noble, McCall, Luckie, and Johnston. Also
              served under Colonels Williamson, Pickens, Clarke, and McCall.  Born 1762 in Maryland.  Died 1814 in
              Pendleton District, South Carolina.

       Joseph Hinds, Jr.
            Member of Halifax convention 1776 in North Carolina. Was paid for services and supplies.  Born 1735 in
              England. Died 1815 in Wayne County, Kentucky.

        John Hubbard, Sr.
      Served as Private.  Fought at the Battle of Kettle Creek in Georgia.  Received land in Franklin County,
      Georgia, for his service. Died 1800 in Elbert County, Georgia.

        Samuel King
            Served as Juror in Rutherford County, North Carolina.  Born 1748 in Ireland.  Died 1828 in Buncombe
              County, North Carolina.

        Edward Lacey
            Served as Colonel under Brigadier General Thomas Sumter; served as Captain of militia, Cherokee
              Expedition under Andrew Williamson, 1776; also, member of South Carolina Legislature in 1782.  Born
              1742 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Died 1813 Livingston County, Kentucky.

       James Lambert
            Served as Captain with the Burke County, Georgia Militia, Fourth Company 1778 under Colonel John
              Thomas. Born 1745.  Died 1802 Burke County, Georgia.

         Thomas Lee
            Served as Captain in the Johnston County, North Carolina Militia.  Born 1730.  Died 1816 in Hawkins
              County, Tennessee.

       William Lester
            Served first as a substitute in 1776 for his father in a company from Caroline County, Maryland, on patrol
              of the Chesapeake coastal area watching for signs of the British fleet in the Bay.  In 1777 he enlisted in the
              Fourth Company under Captain Douglas in the Maryland Line.   He was in the battles of Camden, South
              Carolina and Guilford Courthouse and was granted a pension for his service. He was born 1760 and died
              1848 in Alabama.

       Maher Lyle
            Furnished supplies. Widow drew land in Georgia 1827 land lottery. Born 1737 in Scotland. Died 1814
              Jackson County, Georgia.

       Nehemiah McAshan
            Provided supplies and food for the Continental Army and signed papers of dissent.  He resided at the time of
            the Revolutionary War in Buckingham County, Virginia.

       John McMurtry
            Served as Sergeant, Sergeant Major, and Ensign under Colonels Thompson, James, and Chambers on the
              Continental Line; also served as privateer on brig "Fair America" under Captain Decatur.  Received a pension
              for his service. Born Sussex County, New Jersey.  Died 1841 Sumner County, Tennessee.

       John Medearis
            Assistant Deputy Quartermaster General to Colonel Nicholas Long.  Also served as Captain in the
              Continental Line. Born 1744 Essex County, Virginia. Died 1834 Bedford County, Tennessee.

       John Middlebrook, Sr.
              Served as Corporal from Caswell County, North Carolina, in the Continental Line.  Born 1726 and died 1817
               in Newton County, Georgia.

       Reuben Nantz
              Member of Henry County, Virginia Militia; served as Ensign in Captains Brice Martin and John Wells'
              Company. Born 1745 in Virginia.  Died 1812 Henry County, Virginia.

       David Pendergrass
               Served as Private in First Regiment, Continental Line under Captain McRee and Colonel Thomas Clark. Born 175l
               in Virginia. Died 1804 in South Carolina.

       Andrew Pickens
              Served as Captain, Major, and Colonel in South Carolina militia.  After defeat of the British at the Battle of
              Cowpens, he was promoted to Brigadier General.  Also fought at the Battle of Kettle Creek.  Born 1739 in
              Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  Died 1817 in Pendleton District, South Carolina.

       Rebecca Pickens
              Suffered depredation by the British in South Carolina.  Born 1745 in Augusta County, Virginia.  Died 1814
              in Pendleton District, South Carolina.

       Robert Rutherford
              Served as Colonel in North Carolina Militia; Justice of the Peace in North Carolina; delegate to the First
              Provincial Congress.  Born Amelia County, Virginia.  Died 1814 Newberry District, South Carolina.

       Amos Stewart
              Served as a soldier under Captains Young and Jefferson Williams.  Received a pension for his service.  Was
              born 1759 in Orange County, North Carolina.  Died Taliaferro County, Georgia.

       William Thaxton
              Served as Private in the infantry with the Virginia Line.  Born 1748 Amelia County, Virginia.  Died 1803 in
              Halifax County, Virginia.

       Titus Travis
              Served as Private in the Seventh Regiment Dutchess County, New York Militia under Colonel Henry
              Luddington. Also, fought in the Colonial and French and Indian Wars.  Born 1739 and died 1815 in Putman
              County, New York.
       Levin Watkins
              Served as soldier in the Revolutionary Army of North Carolina and was paid for his service.  Born 1740 in
              Bertie County, North Carolina.  Died 1812 in Duplin County, North Carolina.

       Abraham Womack
              Served as Magistrate for the Council of Safety in Queensboro District, Georgia.  Born 1742 in Prince Edward
              County, Virginia.  Died 1797 in Hancock County, Georgia.

      Joseph Wright
           Received pay for supplies or other service in Culpepper County, Virginia. Born 1730. Died before 1804
             in Clark County, Kentucky.


                   We of Sunset Rock wish to offer thanks to all our patriots for their extrordinary sacrifice and
                                        service in helping to make this country the greatest country on earth. 
                                                         The military, then and now, deserves our praise.

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