From the Alabama Division's President, Donna Clark

September 2014

Ladies in the Alabama Division,

A door has been closed and another year becomes history in the United Daughters of the Confederacy. A review of the accomplishments of this past year will be given at our Division Convention in a few weeks. This history will be documented in the Alabama Division Yearbook and Minutes which will be available for your future reference.

Another door is being opened presenting new opportunities and new privileges of service. Newly elected chapter officers have pledged themselves to accept the responsibility of their offices and to work for the betterment of the chapter. New Division officers will soon be elected and they too will work for the betterment of the Division. These officers do not work for recognition and glory but to constantly improve our great Organization, the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Members, please remember in our installation ritual that we are admonished to “cooperate with our officers for much of their success depends on the members.”

Yesterday is past, tomorrow is a dream but today is your present, a gift of unlimited opportunity and promise of service. Joan I. Welsh told us: “opportunities are never lost- someone else takes those you missed.” If you fail to tell someone about the UDC, that person may find an opportunity to serve in some other organization and could be a loss to the UDC. Please remember to take pride in our Organization and our heritage and speak openly about both.

As our Division Convention draws near let us come in a spirit of cooperation, friendship and love for each other and for our great Organization. Let us conduct our business in a ladylike manner that would make our ancestors proud. Keep in mind that we should act for the future of the UDC to build it up and do what is best for our Organization.

As my term of office nears an end I have very mixed emotions. It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve you, the members, of this great Alabama Division of the UDC and to represent the great state of Alabama. I have enjoyed the work and I have especially enjoyed attending your functions and meeting members. I have learned how much I did not know about the UDC and how much I still have to learn. As I have served, I have gained more pride in my Confederate heritage and in our Organization, and the ladies who have given much to build our Organization and preserve our Confederate heritage.

As we begin a new year, please make “improvement” your goal; improvement of your Chapter, District, Division and the General Organization. I recently saw a sign that read, “Improvement begins with I.”

I hope that I have given you inspiration and encouragement to go forward with pride and determination to continue to honor your Confederate heritage through the UDC. I look forward to seeing each of you in Montgomery in September.

In UDC love,

Donna Clark, President
Alabama Division UDC

Remember our 26th Alabama Infantry Flag Conservation Project. You can Adopt-A-Soldier of your choosing and Pack-A-Backpack. Go to the Alabama Division website, then Projects, for details on how you can help preserve our heritage.

Also, under Projects, you will find details on “Vanishing Confederate Alabama.” Your assistance is needed with this project.

119th Annual AL Division Convention: September 18-20, 2014; Embassy Suites Hotel Montgomery.
For information concerning reservations, please go to the Alabama Division website, then Division Convention.



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