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  From the Alabama Division President, Linda Edwards

August 2015


I received in the mail on July 31st, a letter written by Lynda Lowery, Director of Letitia Ross District, she had written this letter to the Chapter Presidents of her District and an anonymous person mailed it to me.  In this letter she states that she and Haley Cole, Tuskegee Chapter President,  have been trying to firm up a date for the District meeting since July 6th and I would not answer the emails they had sent.  The true facts are, I received an email from Lynda Lowery on July 6, asking for one date only (I had requested that the District Directors give me three dates, which all who replied back did except her), I did not answer this email since I had not had time to hear back from any other Director, plus Lynda did not follow the instructions.  I then received an email from Haley on July 17th asking if I had set the dates yet for the District, I replied back to Haley within 2 hours that I would post the dates on August 1st.  I received yet another email from Lynda on July 20th wanting her date. I thought I answered her with the same reply I gave Haley, only discovering today I had not hit the send button and the answer is still in my drafts box waiting to be sent.  Lynda knew that Haley had written to me about the date as she makes reference to it in the letter she sent to the District Chapter Presidents, point being if she knew of the letter, she knew the answer, I do not believe Haley would withhold this information.  I have a copy of the email I sent Haley and will be glad to forward it to anyone who requests it. So why did Lynda tell the District Chapter Presidents that I wouldn't answer their emails? I can't answer that question, I can't understand why an ex Division President would be trying to cause problems in the Division especially now when we are fighting for our very existence.  You are all well aware of the movement to rid our country of any thing Confederate, now is the time to put aside these childish, petty, senseless actions and work as a team, not for one's personal agenda.

District Meeting Dates for 2016
January 30         Nathan Bedford Forrest District
February 6         Jefferson Guards District
February 13       General John H. Forney District
February 20       Bankhead District
February 27       General Henry D. Clayton
March 12           Letitia Ross District  (this is the date that was requested)
March 19           Joe Wheeler District
March 26           Jefferson Davis District
April 2                Mobile Bay District
I am sorry it has come to the point that I had to air some "dirty laundry" on this forum, I will take any personal attack anyone wants to throw, but I will not tolerate lies.
On a different note, I have heard from many of you who plan to be in Montgomery on Monday, I think between us, the SCV and other interested parties, we will show some strength.  I received a letter from Senator Orr and he is in total support of the bill and assured me he will do everything he can to get it passed.
The convention plans are moving along nicely, remember to get your registration and hotel room reservations in soon.  I have been assured by Pamela Wright that the 6 "catch up" charms will be here by convention.  Remember to bring something for the Silent Auction, the items I have seen that have already been donated are all very nice.
I have received most of the President's Narrative from the Chapters, I have enjoyed reading them all. It amazing what some of the Chapters in our Division accomplish. Please, keep up the good work!

Linda Edwards
Alabama Division President

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