Alabama Division Officers 2012-2014

Donna P. Clark
is the chief executive officer of the Alabama Division
and the Division’s spokesperson.

Vice President
Barbara McCamish
processes insignia orders and
Winnie Davis Medal applications.

Second Vice President
Martha Wilkinson
oversees scholarships and educational work
and is Education Committee Chairman.

Third Vice President
Judy Buchanan
serves as Division Director of the
Children of the Confederacy.

Recording Secretary
Linda Barton
records proceedings of Division meetings and
oversees preparation of the Division's Minutes Book.

Shirley H. Edberg
is the financial officer for
Alabama Division

Pat Killian
processes new member applications,
transfers and reinstatements.

Assistant Registrar
Martha Young
processes supplemental applications.

Tammie Evans
supervises historical work and processes
Jefferson Davis Medal applications.

Faye Gaston
conducts memorial services
for deceased members.

Recorder of Military Service Awards
Glendora James
processes applications and supervises
awarding of Military Service Awards

Corresponding Secretary
Linda Edwards
assists the Division President
with correspondence.

Linda Watson
advises the Alabama Division regarding compliance
with bylaws and parliamentary procedure. 

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