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  From the Alabama Division President, Linda Edwards

July 2015


I know most of you are very concerned with all that has happened during the past two weeks, I am also very, very concerned about the hate and total lack of respect for all things Confederate. We all know that the President General is the only one who can speak for our organization, but you certainly can voice your opinion and views as a tax-paying citizen. I just want you to be very careful about what you say. I know that when I get upset, I tend to say exactly what I am thinking, and sometimes it is way too blunt and hurtful. Just think before you say anything and be the southern ladies that I know you all to be. Vote in the polls; write the Governor; your representatives; senators; local officials and flag your flags with pride. We certainly have nothing to be ashamed of, we will continue to honor our heritage and ancestors. I have received several phone calls from ladies wanting to join our organization since this has happened, they have all said they wanted their southern soldiers remembered.

Everyone is concerned about our beautiful monuments all over the state. If any monument that our Division or any Chapter erected is defaced, or if you know of any official act being taken about any of our monuments, please let me know immediately. There are laws regarding what can and can't be done in regards to monuments and we must protect them.

We must keep doing our usual business during these times. I know we are in "uncharted waters," but the Division and Chapter work must keep going. If we don't, then the forces against us win. Please remember all the women who came before us. They were able to accomplish much with very little; let's use them for our inspiration.

Yours in UDC,
Linda Edwards
Alabama Division President

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