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 2016 Convention Call




From the Alabama Division President, Linda Edwards

     July 2016

I know many of you are busy with UDC reports, I have received many Presidents Reports, and I am just amazed at all the good works so many of our Chapters are doing.  I look forward to receiving the balance of the reports during the month of July.
The convention is coming along nicely, I hope you are all making plans to attend.  President General Pam Trammell will join us, and I know many of you would like to meet her, and will enjoy hearing what is happening on the General level.  The convention call will be mailed later this month, it will include a sheet with some suggestions of sites to visit in Decatur if you arrive early on Thursday, September 15th.

Please remember to submit any new Division Pin designs you have to our Division Pin Chair, Sherry Clayton.  If you have any questions or need a copy of the requirements for the pin, please contact Sherry or myself.  The Division pin matter was discussed at length during Winter Board, District meetings, on the Al UDC Forum and several Chapter meetings. As it has been stated since January, the "die" for the pin cannot be located.  Last week there was much discussion on the forum by an ex Division President about this "die" and much misinformation was written.  As many of you know, technology has come an extremely long way in the past five years.  Dies are not used any longer by most jewelers, most all designs are done on computers (much like how our Division charms were made), so if the missing "die" is located, it would probably be of no use in the making of more pins.  There are certain vendors that have to be used to make the pins we wear on our ribbon; these vendors are approved by General.  When doing business, it is customary  to get two or three quotes when ordering an item that cost over $500.00.  But, you also need to factor in the quality, availability, and the reputation of the vendor before  placing an order.  I can assure you that the Division Executive Committee is quite capable of making the correct decision on the vendor once the pin is voted on at convention.  What concerns me is why an ex Division President would not contact Sherry Clayton or myself with her concerns about this "die".  The Division President does not have time to contact every member asking them what they know and don't know, it's just not feasible   It has been my experience with the majority of the Alabama Division ex Presidents, that if they know something, or have a suggestion, they will call or email me (if you call me and do not leave a message, I probably will not call you back unless I recognize your phone number).  I did not seek the office of Division President to have a "power struggle" with an ex Division President.  Our very existence as an organization is being attacked every day; our monuments, statues, flags, and heritage are what we should be focused on, not petty remarks and comments about each other. 99% of our Division works together to do good works for our Confederate heritage, but we have that 1% who try to keep hate and turmoil stirred up within the Division.
There has been much death and illness in our Division these past few weeks. Please pray for the families and pray for our sick members.  Also, please pray for the loving hand of God to touch our ladies to fill their hearts with love for each other.
As always, if you have any comments or concerns please call or email me privately.  Please keep safe over our 4th of July holiday!
In UDC love,
Linda Edwards
Alabama Division President

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