From the Alabama Division President, Linda Edwards

January 2015

Dear Alabama Daughters,

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and will have a joyous New Year. I enjoyed attending parties given by Chapters and look forward to seeing all of you during the new year at Winter Board, the nine District Meetings and at various Chapter meetings throughout the year.

It has come to my attention, as well as that of General's, that some Chapters and individuals are being encouraged to boycott Division activities. These activities include attending the meetings mentioned above, purchasing insignia, submitting applications and supplementals, and contributing to the flag fund. Who is this hurting? It is only the members of those Chapters who foolishly follow this edict and thus miss out on the fellowship and information shared at these meetings. Choosing to not participate in activities during any President's term of office harms those who selfishly make or who are led into these decisions. It also harms the UDC as a whole, the Division and our ancestors' memories. A Division President is the servant and administrator of the Division and all accomplishments during her term are done for the benefit of the organization. The office of Division President is not for self glory.

There is no place in the UDC or the Division for words such as revenge, enemy, jealousy, boycott, destroy. The place for individual animosity is not on the Alabama UDC forum or in the public domain. I am proud that our webmaster does not censor our remarks, but ladies, you can censor yourselves. We need to present a UNITED front to the world and it does us no good to publicize our infighting for all the world to see. We need to present a sisterly bond, especially to new members who are disgusted when they see the outright malice and veiled innuendos and criticisms aimed at other members on our own forum. Unfortunately, at least one new member recently asked to be removed from the list and there are many who did this long ago for the same reason. I encourage any member with concerns or comments to contact me personally either by email at linda56edwards@yahoo.com or call me at 256-466-5396. I am extremely approachable.,

Each member has a part to play in unifying our Division. When she does not fulfill her obligations as stated in the Bylaws, or criticizes another member on the Alabama UDC forum or in any other manner, it destroys the harmony and hampers the good work of our organization. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, do not be that weak link, put aside negative feeling and work for the good of the organization.

I would like to close with an appropriate prayer by Mrs. William Wells, President General 1998-2000:
"Almighty God, we thank Thee for our Confederate heritage and for the friendships and fellowship we enjoy in the Organization because of that heritage we share. Let us not forget that we are joined as a group to defend and protect the facts of this heritage and to transmit the truth to future generations.
Let us remember that today we are here for harmony and not for discord. We are here to practice patience and forgiveness. Lead us in understanding and help us see the best in each other. Remind us that we are united in a common cause. Remind us to ask ourselves what Thou would want us to do. Direct us in this meeting that our actions, our words and our decisions may all be acceptable to Thee. Amen."

In UDC love,

Linda Edwards
Alabama Division President

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