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The 1860 Mortality Schedule for Walker County

(Submitted by Willie Barton)

BAKER, Margaret                    Mar            scarlet fever
BARTON, Elijah                     Feb            Paynes 
BENTON, Jesse                      Dec            typhoid fever
BLANTON, Robert                    May            unknown
BUTT, infant                       May            unknown
CLARK, William                     Mar            unknown
CLIFTON, James A.                  Feb            unknown
CLIFTON, Martin                    Sep            unknown
COAL, Sarah                        Oct            dropsy
CONAWAY, Suffonia                  Dec            unknown
CONWAY, infant female              Feb            unknown
DAVISON, Arcena                    Mar            pneumonia
DAVISON, John B.                   Mar            pneumonia
DILL, William                      May            typhoid fever
GARNER, Sofa                       Apr            childbirth
GARRISON, David                    Aug            stabbed
GUTTERY, Mary C.                   Apr            unknown
HENSON, infant                     Jan            unknown
HOLT, John                         Apr            dropsy    
HUNDIN, Newton R.                  May            remitted fever
JACKSON, Mary E.                   Oct            unknown
JAMES, Mary                        Sep            dropsy
JAMES, William                     Jul            intermitted fever
JOHNCY, Mary C.A.                  Jun            flux
JONES, John W.                     May            Bowel 
JORLAN, Charlotte                  Dec            unknown
KARRH, Dorcus                      Mar            typhoid fever
KELLY, Henry W.                    Dec            scarlet fever
KEY, Eliza J.                      Jun            consumption
KEY, Ruthy                         Oct            Bold Hives
KNIGHT, Martha                     Dec            pneumonia
LANDERS, Sarah                     Nov            rheumatism
LEETH, Araminta                    Sep            Congest. fever
LEVINGER, Eliza                    Feb            Scarlet fever
LINLEY, Elizabeth                  Nov            consumption
MASON, Mary                        Jul            unknown
MILSTEAD, Green B.                 Apr            typhoid fever
MINER, Nancy H.                    Jan            croup
MOORE, Samuel                      May            wagon accident
MORPHEW, Mary E.                   Sep            unknown
MULLENS, Rebecca P.                Jan            croup
MYERS, infant                      Oct            whooping cough
MYERS, William                     Oct            fever
O'REAR, Francis M.                 Apr            unknown
PALMORE, William J.                Dec            kicked by mule
PEEPLES, Louisa J.                 Oct            croup
PRATER, Collane                    Apr            unknown
PRICE, Margaret A.                 Dec            burned
PRICE, Thomas                      Apr            Bowel
PRICE, William                     Sep            Fever
RICE, Lousa                        Sep            croup
ROBINS, Nathaniel                  May            croup
RUTLEDGE, Joseph                   Aug            unknown
SANDLIN, Francis M.                May            Putred throat
SHEPHERD, Nancy R.                 Apr            unknown
SHORT, Elizabeth                   May            brain inflam.
STEWARD, William R.                Jul            flux
SWINDLE, Sunissa E.                May            unknown
WALLIS, Johnathan                  Dec            dropsy
WARD, Vicy J.                      Nov            pneumonia
WIGGINS, Jeremiah                  Apr            typhoid fever
WILLIAMS, Nancy E.                 Mar            typhoid pneum.
WILSON, Mary                       Dec            unknown
WILSON, Sarah F.                   Jul            fever