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Welcome to the Aruba GenWeb page! This island was discovered by Spain in 1499, but the Dutch easily took over in 1634 and Arubans have been a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, until 1986. On January 1, 1986 they seceded from Netherland Antilles, and became an autonomous nation. They originally planned this as a move towards independence, but in 1994 that plan was put aside. Independence may still come in the future. The official language is Dutch, though the Papiamento language is the popular native language. Papiamentu is made up of bits of Dutch, Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and some African and Indian languages. The island's economy is largely based on tourism, offshore banking, and oil refining.  For a more thorough history of this island, visit  Aruba: History and Culture

Aruba Cemeteries and National Historic Archives

Location of Catholic Cemeteries



Santa Cruz



San Nicolaas



Location of Protestant Cemeteries

(Most Protestant archived records are located in Oranjestad. Very extensive collection-however, they are sealed. You must ask the Reverend if he can do the lookup for you.)

Piedra Plat

San Nicolaas

There is also a cemetery from the Government.

National Historic Archives of Aruba

Steenweg 4 Oranjestad
Phone: (297)834880
Fax: (297)39275
Contact Person in charge of the Department: Mr. Henk Ooft
Records range: From about 1833 to 1974

(Many thanks to Diandra Alders for providing this information!)

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