Welcome to the Curaçao GenWeb page! The official language is Dutch, although English is also spoken. However, the locals speak Papiamentu, which is a blend of many different languages from Portuguese to African dialects. Tourism is quite popular, as this is a "free port" with no taxes. For a more accurate history of this island, click here.

A Few Curaçao Cemeteries

Catholic--the Most Important Ones for Genealogical Purposes

Groot Kwartier, in Arowakenweg

Janwe, in Caracasbaaiweg

Otrabanda, in Roodeweg (is probably the oldest)

Santa Rosa, in Sta. Rosaweg

Sta. Maria, in Winston Churchillweg

Jandoret, in Weg near Bullenbaai



St. Willibrordus

(the last four are villages outside of Willemstad)


Berg Altena, in Oranjestraat

Otrabanda, in Roodeweg


Beth Haim, in Schottegatweg

Berg Altena (still in use)

Without Denomination

Bottelier (most recent)

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