Sint Maarten

Welcome to the Sint Maarten GenWeb page. This island is partly a Dutch territory and partly French (Saint Martin side). The local legend associated with how the boundaries were established is quite amusing! Legend tells of how a Frenchman and a Dutchman, who had been drinking, stood back to back, then walked in opposite directions around the shoreline of the island, drawing the boundaries of their claims to the island! Because the Dutchman was drinking a stronger drink, he walked less and consequently, established less territory for his country. If you visit this island, you will probably not be aware of the fact that you have entered another country, as the boundaries are not easily discernible. This shared dominion has been in place since 1648, a fact that does not seem to disturb the natives. Of course, in addition to Dutch and English languages spoken, French is also spoken. For a very thorough history of this colorful island, visit this webpage..

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