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Afro-American Geneological and Historical Society, Inc.

Annual Youth Historical Essay Competition

CMC Historical Scholarship - Charlie & Muriel Carrington

Goal: Promote self-confidence in youths through education and research by providing opportunities to deserving youths who have an interest in history. Understanding history allows us to support our communities and improve our society.


One of our goals is to spread the desire to our youths for them to "know their history". History is just like farming, seeds must be planted in order for a crop to grow. Our history must be preserved in our children and youths or it will face extinction.

We are offering a deserving youth within the state of Arkansas with a proven interest in history the opportunity to attend the AAHGS National Convention in Washington, DC, October of 2006 . Convention registration fees (includes meals) for the youth will be paid. However, incidentals are not included. The youth should be accompanied by their parent or other responsible adult (chaperone) if the youth is between 13 and 16 years of age. The youth will be fully chaperoned at all times, regardless of age by an adult member of AAHGS. If this is not sufficient, then a parent or accompanying adult is responsible for all of their expenses in attending the conference with the youth. The parent(s) of the winner must sign a consent form. Additional information regarding the trip will be available after the winner is announced.

Requirements for competition:
  • Youths ages 13 - 17 are eligible to participate.
  • One out of four essay choices must be presented by each participant.
  • Essays must be legible (preferably typewritten). Each essay must be between 400 and 600 words. Typewritten essays must be 11 or 12 point font with one inch margins on each side. Each essay must have an identifying title, participants name, address, phone number, represented organization if applicable and birth date on it.
  • All essays are due by August 30, 2006. Winner will be announced by September 15, 2006. For more information please contact Tamela Tenpenny-Lewis @ 501-425-5578 or Please put Youth Essay Contest in subject line.
Competition Essay Questions - Submit 1 of 4:
  1. What family member has most influenced your life? Who? How? Why?
  2. Name a historically, significant person whose life you would like to emulate? Who? How? Why?
  3. Which invention do you view as the most important one that touches our everyday lives?
  4. What would you like to invent to make an impact on the world? Explain clearly and precisely. Give specifics.

Additional information:

  • The essay will be worth 100 points.
  • Each essay will be weighted according to content and grammar.
  • The participant who receives the closest to 100 points will be selected as the winner.
  • Second place will receive $50 and third place will receive $25.
  • A 3-panel team composed of AAHGS members will review and judge all essay packets.
  • AAHGS will showcase the essays (series format) in the bi-monthly newsletter. Winner and parent (if under the age of 16) are required to attend the October 2006 meeting of AAHGS.
  • Registration deadline for accompanying parent/adult is September 15, 2006.

Copyright 2004, 2005, 2006 AAHGS Arkansas Chapter