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Afro-American Geneological and Historical Society, Inc.

Organizational Meetings

We meet the first Saturday of each month at 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 Noon at the Arkansas Studies Institute.

Arkansas Studies Institute
401 President Clinton Avenue
Little Rock, AR

(Meetings are subject to be rescheduled due to holidays and field-trip outings. There are no regular meetings in July or December. In December, a Kwanzaa/Christmas Brunch is held in lieu of the regular meeting.)


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Photo:  AAHGS Membership Meeting

Workshops and Field Trips

Workshops or field trips are scheduled every month. In addition, opportunities are often provided for access to research facilities as a group.

Every third Tuesday (except in July, October and December) the membership is invited to the Butler Center to conduct research. This provides an opportunity for novice researchers to learn from those with more experience and for members to share resources.

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Photo:  AAHGS Members look for resources at Butler Center

Annual State Conference

AAHGS-Arkansas hosts an annual conference in February of each year. Check back here again for information on the 2010 annual conference. To view information about previous conferences, visit the links below:

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Members attending 2004 Annual State Confeerence

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