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Afro-American Geneological and Historical Society, Inc.

African American Funeral Homes

"The Final Emancipation"

This project is supported in part by a grant from the Arkansas Humanities Council and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

“The Final Emancipation” was designed to expand the knowledge and resources for researchers of African-American history and provide a segment of African-American history not yet published. The plan of the committee was to copy death records and/or obituaries, directly from the participating funeral home, create a database system for retrieving information more conducive to today’s technology and courtesy of the Arkansas History Commission, have the records microfilmed. The data has been compiled into three volumes that contain death record information of African-Americans assisted in their final transition by Dubisson Undertakers & Co.

An Index, in book form and CD-Rom containing Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Burial Date and Place of Burial is available for purchase. Complete record information will be available at the Arkansas History Commission Microfilm Department; AAHGS-Arkansas Archives and/or Dubisson Funeral Home. Time frame of death records: 1925 - 1985.

Sponsor Group: Afro-American Historical & Genealogical Society, Arkansas Chapter
Project Director: Tamela Tenpenny-Lewis
Principal Researchers: Ruth Octavia Hill & Evelyn Tenpenny
Project Scholars: Russell P. Baker, Dr. Wilbert Gaines, Darryl M. Miller & Dr. C. Calvin Smith
Project Participants: Carla Coleman, Michelle Hood and Sharon Phillips
Data Compilers for vol. 3: Stefania Booth, Carla Coleman, Yolonda Hines, Michelle Hood, Tamela Tenpenny-Lewis, Sharon Phillips, Lavonda Stubbs, Liz Swinton and Michelle Thrash
Arkansas History Commission Microfilm Department: Archival Micro photographers, Ronnie Watts, Ruth Hall, Emma Johnson and Jeff Lewellen
Dubisson Staff: President-Darryl M. Miller; Executive Assistant-Cathy Loring; Secretary-Rose Craig

Dubisson Funeral Home - History

Daniel Joy Dubisson, born in Franklin, Tennessee in 1872, migrated to Little Rock at an early age, and after trying several jobs, decided that success lay in the business world.

He and Ferd Goodrich organized Dubisson and Goodrich in 1916. The business was located at that time on Louisiana Street, between 4th and 5th Streets. When that building burned, the Company moved to Spring Street, then to 628 West 8th Street.

Dubisson and Goodrich steadily grew until the death of Mr. Goodrich in 1924, after which Dubisson Company became an important factor in the business life of Little Rock.

Two more moves - 814 West 9th Street, and in 1928 to 905 Gaines Street, where Dubisson Company remained until April 1967.

The business having existed as a partnership, and a privately owned operation, was incorported in January 1932, and the Insurance Company was added at this time under the leadership of Mrs. Lula S. Dubisson. Later this became Dubisson Burial Association.

Daniel Dubisson was married to Clara Stacker for 28 years, and upon her death to Mrs. Lula Bryant of Forrest City, for 18 years. Both women made valuable contributions to the success of his business and social activities.

Geraldine Dubisson Lee, daughter of Dan and Clara Dubisson, upon the death of her Father in 1952 became President of Dubisson Company.

After moving from 905 Gaines, the company built its present location, 1851 Marshall.

In the Spring of 1986, Dubisson Funeral Home was acquired by the Miller Company of Monroe, Louisiana, Joseph H. Miller being the President and Owner.

In 1987, Mr. Miller’s son, Darryl, assumed the helm and remains the President and leader of Dubisson Funeral Home.

Dubisson Funeral Home is proud to remain a black owned and operated company as it has from its inception. “Dedicated to dignity for decades” remains the tradition.

The Dubisson Company is licensed by the State of Arkansas, the Arkansas State Burial Association and is a member of the Better Business Bureau.


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