Bradley County, Arkansas Family Bibles

Family Bible of William T. Clements and Martha Langston

Graciously submitted by Margarett Hollinsworth.

Book - Mississippi Cemetery and Bible Records
Volume 17 page 103 and 104
Original owner - William T. and Martha Langston Clements
Address - Ingalls, Bradley County, Arkansas
Present owner - Mrs. Lucille Woodward Clanton
Address - Jackson, MS 
Bible published by - Henry S. Goodspeed and Co.
Address _ 173 Greenwich ST., New York, N. Y.
Date published 1877 edition
Copied from the original Bible and submitted by - Mrs. Willene Johnston
Address - Jackson, Mississippi
Date copied - May 1978
     NOTE: This Bible is in fairly good condition. William T. was the son of
     Payton Clements of Greene Co., GA. Payton's death is recorded in this Bible. 
     On the back inside cover, in his handwriting, is the name "Eld. W. T. Clements, 
     Ingalls, Arkansas, Bradley County." The following note also appears - "This 
     Bible is to be given to the great grand-daughter of W. T. Clements - Mrs. Bill
     Bobo (Martha Clanton). Signed - Mrs. T. D. Clanton, Martha's Aunt and 
     grand-daughter of W. T. Clements."

     Dr. William O. and Martha Clanton Bobo and their four sons reside in Jackson, Mississippi.

		This certifies that the rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated
		between W. T. Clements of Bradley Co., Ark., and M. P. A.
		Langston of Bradley Co., Ark. On the 21 dat of Jan. 1866
		at A. Langstons by Eld. U. H. Parker, a Baptist Minister. 
		Witness: T. H. Montgomery, J. A. Thornton.

		W. T. Clements and Mary C. Mercer was married Jan. 26,1848
		W. T. Clements and E. E. Maloy was married July 4, 1858
		W. T. Clements married M. P. A. Langston Jan. 21, 1866
		L. M. Dickey and S. J. Clements was married Jan. 24, 1867
		L. L. Clements and L. J. Langston was married Dec. 13, 1874
		R. A. Clements and M. E. Langston was married Dec. 16, 1875
		T. F. Clements and E. P. Byrd was married Feb. the 3, 1876
		J. H. Pirtle and M. E. Clements was married May 30, 1877
		William E. Clements and Lottie T. Brooks was married Dec. 23, 1886
		Martin P. Caraway and Emma Jane Clements was married Dec. the 11th, 1889
		Isaac S. Dunaway and Anna Laura Clements was married Dec. the 25th, 1892
		Samuel T. Johnson and Lucy Clements was married Nov. the 16, 1894
		D. W. Clements and Emma Denson was married June the 6, 1901
		Rufus Woodward and Cora Clements was married Oct. the 12, 1905

		William T. Clements was born Nov. 18, 1828
		Mary C. Mercer was born June 24, 1827
		E. E. Maloy was born May 11, 1833
		M. P. A. Langston was born Sep. 16, 1845
		S. J. Clements was born Jan. 12, 1849
		T. F. Clements was born Oct 29, 1850
		R. A. and L. L. Clements was born Nov. 25, 1852
		S. E. Clements was born June the 7, 1856
		M. E. Clements was born Aug. 2, 1859
		W. E. Clements was born June 12, 1861
		George P. Clements was born June 22, 1864
		Daniel W. Clements was born Apr. 14, 1867
		James A. Clements was born Aug the 24, 1869
		Emma Jane Clements was born Apr the 29, 1871
		Anna Laura Clements was born Nov 14, 1873
		Lucy Almeda Clements was born Sept 25, 1875
		Martha Ann Clements was born Feb 11, 1877
		Lillie Florence Clements was born Jan the 9, 1882
		Cora Ellen Clements was born Jan the 22, 1886

		Payton Clements died Jan. 1851
		Mary C. Clements died Dec. 31, 1854
		Elizabeth E. Clements died Feb. the 13, 1865
		Sarah Ella Clements died Aug 27, 1872
		Martha Ann Clements died July 16, 1880
		James A. Clements died July 11, 1891
		Lillie Florence Clements died Apr the 11, 1904, age 22
		Mrs. M. P. A. (Martha) Clements died Oct the 28, 1907
		George P. Clements died Oct the 3, 1908
		W. T. Clements died April 16, 1917, age 87
		Mrs. Anna Clements Dunaway died Jan 30, 1942, age 69
		Daniel W. Clements died Oct 2, 1948, age 81
		Lucy Clements Johnson died Jan. 14, 1950, age 75
		Emma Clements Caraway died May 25th, 1956, age 85 years and one month
		Cora Ellen Clements Woodward died July 11, 1957, age 71

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