Bradley County, Arkansas Family Bibles

Family Bible of Benjamin Wesley Hudson

submitted by George M. Akins

"This is the Family Bible of my great-great-grandfather, Benjamin Wesley Hudson. He was married 4 times, the last two wives being sisters. The Bible has the information on the 4 wives and their children. I am descended from Hannah Roseanna (Evans) Hudson, his 4th wife. They lived in Bradley County, Arkansas."


Bible Record of: Benjamin Wesley Hudson and Elisabeth (--?--), Benjamin Wesley Hudson and Louisa J. (--?--), Benjamin Wesley and Mary A. Evans and Benjamin Wesley Hudson and Hannah Roseanna Evans Births: Benjamin W. Hudson was born the 7 of April 1826 Elizabeth J. Hudson was bornd the 8 of November 1825 William W. Hudson was bornd the 22 of June 1846 Haden R. Hudson was born the 28 of January 1848 LJ Hudson was born the 8th of March 1827 Ann E. Hudson was born November 5th 1851 Mary A. Hudson was bornd Feb 7, 1838 Florence Hudson was bornd January the 1st 1859 Thomas Hudson was bornd Febr the 12th 1860 Mary A. Hudson was bornd Oct 1st 1862 Benny Hudson was bornd November 3, 1865 Aby Hudson bornd November the 3, 1866 Travis Hudson bornd July the 8th 1868 Alleggena Hudson bornd November 26, 1869 Birtha Hudson borned April 16,1871 Lorahamah Hudson bornd Sept. 22, 1873 Faris Hudson bornd December 5th 1875 Roy Hudson bornd December 8, 1877 Eva Hudson bornd the 26th January 1880 Marriages: B. W. and E. J. Hudson marid the 22 of June, 1845 B. W. and L. J. Hudson was married on the 21 or 27 of December 1850 B. W. and M. A. Hudson was married December 31, 1857 B. W. and Hudson married March 12th 1866 Deaths: Elisabeth J. Hudson died May 26th 1850 Ann E. Hudson died April the 28th 1853 Travis Hudson died Oct the 15th 1869 ______________________________________________ Benjamin Wesley Hudson Family Bible; 1825 - 1880; Bible publ 1844, New York American Bible Society; in possession of Peggie Boettger, Little Rock, AR, granddaughter of Eva Hudson Huitt. NOTE: Viewed and photocopied 20 May 1990 in Little Rock by George M. Akins. Submitted by: George M. Akins 2721 Hurricane Lake Road Benton, AR 72015-8531 (501) 847-6233


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