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	The earliest documented account of The Fogle Family would be around 1769-1770. The Fogle
family and descendants remained in Longview-Johnsville for some time after that. Grave Stones of  Fogle family
members that are deceased cannot be found in the area. Listing of any businesses or land owner ships are
scarcely found in county records. I have found several references to the family name in letters and newspaper
clippings. Where are the Fogle ancestors that are memorialized at Longview Bridge? 

	I have a copy of an old newspaper clipping from The Eagle Democrat, given to me by Ann Vail
Richards, another Fogle descendant. There is no date or author just a piece of torn newspaper. Some of it reads, 

	“ .... French trappers and traders made there way from the red river at Monroe, Louisiana up the Ouachita
to Moro Bay  and on into places on the Saline River. The earliest record that we have is that Peter Fogle established 
a trading post  at Longview in 1790.  Fogle or his descendants must have remained there, for an account book of 
1839 which fell into the hands of this writer, contained Peter Fogle’s name and entries of sales to “Dr. Cabeen’s  
boy,” to members of the Franklin family and to several persons with French Names, such as “Entienne Le Brule.” 
There were also entries of articles purchased from these early settlers ....

	The account book that I have mentioned was brought to me by a little girl who found it in her 
grandmothers trunk. She was a descendant of Peter Fogle. The little seventh grader showed me some other 
interesting papers, among them a letter from a mother in Belleview, Illinois .... By 1858 the Herrings, Godfreys, 
Yorks, Craigs, Wilfengs, Ferrells and many others had established homes in the community ....
This is as much of the Johnsville story as I shall give you this week, shall finish it next week.

	I have found census records that have many Fogle names, Elizabeth Fogle was found on an 1850 census
record at age 47, where was she buried, perhaps at Fogles Landing a prominent place mentioned in a letter from 
W. T. Martin. This letter can be found at  Where is John Fogle buried at? 
I have a few pages of a book ( Name of book unknown), the section I have “Near the Banks of the River” by 
Marlin Hiatt Hudgens, page 82 reads:

	“Jack and Pete Fogle lived on the Saline river near Moore’s Mill, and Fog Fogle lived a mile west in the
late 1850’s. Capt Bob Withers keel boated in the Saline in 1850’s but by the 1860’s had a larger boat, The Nelson 
Morgan, which often docked at Longview. John Fogle died before 26 Oct 1858 when an inventory of his estate was
made. Administrator was Robert J. Withers.”  

	Where is Bat Fogle buried at?  Reference from the Community of Johnsville, section on the Fogle family reads:  

	“.... Another one of the Fogle brothers named Bat Fogle died at Henry S Rawls‘ in  1859. Jacks 
Island in the Ouachita was probably  named for Jacque Fogle or his father. Jacque, son of a French hunter, was 
born on an island in the Ouachita in 1818 .... “Jack told me  that he never lived in a house until he was a grown man.
His father was a roving hunter up and down the Saline and the Ouachita Rivers, fishing and hunting game ....“ 

	Could he of also been buried at Fogle’s Landing?

 	Another clipping from the Eagle Democrat, no date but it was headlined "Reflections" by Lois H. Newton reads 

	“From one of Mrs. Claude beards old country papers .... Longview was the only trading place in that
end of the county in 1856 when my father moved there. The voting precinct was at the house of old Mr. Jim York ....
The first saw mill in that part of the country was located on the Saline River at the Jack Fogle place. They also had a 
grist mill and a little store and did a flouring business. Jack Fogle also had a warehouse on the river .... Moore’s mill 
blew up in 1858 and Col John R Hampton and others bought a mill in New Orleans, had it shipped to Moore’s Mill 
landing and set it up about a half a mile north of Palestine church ....”

	Where are the final resting places of the Fogle ancestors memorialized  at the Longview bridge? Jacques “Jack”
Fogle should be buried in the area also. I will continue to assume they are buried at Fogle’s landing. Where is Fogle’s 
Landing? If anyone has any information about the burial of Fogle’s please contact me! 

Diana M Sellars Sullivan

phones  870-463-8886  or  870-952-0139   

Submitted to the Bradley County Biography pages by Diana M Sellars Sullivan

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