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Some Items Found in the Scrapbook of Gordie York Hargis

Handwritten notes:

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JR  #32 William Allen Hargis  July 6, 1884
                              Aug 16, 1894   10 yrs

Columbus Hargis               Aug 11, 1886

Lonnis Hargis                 Nov 24, 1888
                              Aug 30, 1894    6 yrs

Henry Hargis                  Oct 15, 1891

Sally Jane Hargis             May 14, 1893

#45 Lilly Dale Hargis         Feb 24, 1897

Emma McDaniel Hargis          Sep 1, 1901   Death

Handwritten notes: First mariage of William Andrew Hargis Bettie Hargis - Mar. 1, 1886 William Allen Hargis July 6, 1884 - Aug 16, 1894 Lonnie Hargis Nov. 24, 1888 - Aug. 30, 1894

Handwritten notes: I was told that one or more brothers of James York moved on to Texas & Oklahoma. The sons son, settled in Ark. and Bradley Co. 2 of the girls did - that I know about - Gordie Hargis - Great grand daughter of James & Jane York. -- > James & Jane York - 6 daughters & 2 sons | Nelson B. York & Terrill York -- > Both buried on Old Elliot Hill below Johnsville Ark. Bradley Co. Eagle Township -

Handwritten notes: Henry Carey Franklin - Sep. 7, 1902 Jonnie Warren Franklin - Jan. 4, 1909 (By mariage) Flossie Clair Franklin - July 26, 1911 Jessie James Franklin - Dec. 29, 1944
(Copy of Book Page) BRADLEY COUNTY    777

        "Nelson B. York, a prominent old resident of
the county, residing near Johnsville, Ark., was born
in Lincoln County, Ga., December 12, 1811, being
a son of James and Jane (Florence) York, both of whom
were born in Georgia, and died in Bradley County, Ark.,
in 1865 and 1864, respectively, whither they had come
in 1849. They were the parents of six daughters and
two sons. Nelson B. York was reared and educated
in the State and county of his birth, receiving the 
advantages of the common schools, but in December
1844, was married in the State of Mississippi, to 
Miss L. J. Watson, a Kentuckian, born in 1825, and 
to them a family of nine children were born, four of 
whom are living: Lownds E., Charles C. (who began
merchandising in Johnsville in 1886, and carries a
stock of goods valued at $1,500; he is a young man,
possessing excellent business qualificatrions, and is
married), L. J. (wife of F. L. Jackson), and Eu-
genie (wife of Samuel W. Godfrey). Mr. York 
has been one of the " sturdy sons of the soil "
throughout life, and by the sweat of his brow has
attained his present valuable property, and is now
the owner of 1,400 acres of timber land, and has
fifty acres cleared and under cultivation. He and
wife are honored residents of Bradley County, and
have long been members of the Baptist Church.
Although seventy-nine years of age, he is yet hale
and hearty, his memory especially ahowing no in-
dications of the ravages of time. He has always
been a Democrat in politics, and his first presi-
dential wote was cast for Van Buren, in 1832."

(Biographial and Historical Memoirs of Southern 
Arkansas: A Condensed History of the State, a number 
of Biographies of its Distinguished Citizens, a brief 
Descriptive History of each of the Counties mentioned, 
and numerous Biographical Sketches of the Citizens of
each County. Chicago, Nashville and St. Louis:  
The Goodspeed Publishing Co., 1890)

Ingalls High School - Gordie Francis York - Class of '30 Diploma cover

Ingalls High School Class of '30 Diploma cover
Gordie Francis York

Arkansas Vocational-Technical School, Practical Nurse Diploma, Gordie Francis Hargis, 1963

Arkansas Vocational-Technical School, Practical Nurse Diploma, Gordie Francis Hargis, 1963

Lye Soap Recipe

"Let's Make some Lye Soap" by Sallie Ham recipe

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