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Poole Descendants

				Descendants of William Poole and Elizabeth Watson

1. William "The Joyner" Poole, Sr. born about 1703 in Prince George County, VA. 
    		He died before November 1777 in Mecklenburg County, VA (Will Book I, page 289)
    +Elizabeth Watson
	2. Walter "Cooper" Poole, R S born 1745 in Brunswick County, VA-Died abt.1833
	    +Lucy  children unknown
	    +Priscilla married before January 1801 in Fairfield County, SC
    		Silas Poole born 1794 in Fairfield County, SC
    	            3. Hardy Keele Pool  born Oct.25, 1802 in Fairfield County, SC
   		Robert T. Poole    born  1803 in Fairfield County, SC
   		Morning Poole    born 1804 in Fairfield County, SC
    		Priscilla Poole     born 1810 in Fairfield County, SC 

				Descendants of Hardy Keele Pool and three wives

3.  Hardy Keele Pool  born Oct.25, 1802 in Fairfield County, SC
     +Charlotte Vaughn married Oct. 31, 1824  died about 1831 Newton County, GA
	4. Harrison Keele Poole  C.S.A. born abt. 1824 Newton County, GA
	    Frederick Poole born about 1826 in Newton County, GA		
		   died January 29,1859  He never married
	    Private William Tappley "Will" Pool - C.S.A. born  9-08-1828 
			                   died 2-10-1903
	    Private Hardy "Frost" Garrison Pool  C.S.A.
     +Sarah "Sally" Davis Phillips (born June 7, 1815) in Stone Mountain, 
	                    DeKalb County, GA- She died February 12, 1863 in Arkansas
	    Mary Ann Elizabeth Poole born July 21, 1833
	    Louisa Jane "Lucy Jane" Poole born Feb. 7, 1836
	    Thomas Peter Poole born March 2, 1838
	    Frances Ann Rebecca Poole born Dec. 18, 1840
     +Nancy "Polly" Cole Craven  born May 3, 1836 died May 4, 1915
	    Julia Catherine "Kate" Poole born on Nov. 29, 1865
	    Ellen Jane Poole born Oct. 10, 1868
	    Walter Scott Poole born April 27, 1871

				Descendants of Harrison Keele Poole and Martha Caroline Adams

4. Harrison Keele Poole  born about 1824 in Newton County, GA.
    +Martha Caroline Adams  born Aug. 1834 died about 1916 in AR		
	    Susan Poole born Dec 1849	died young				
	    Yancey Poole born about 1850 died young				
	    Martha Elizabeth Poole forn about 1852 died young
	    Dona Charlotte Poole born July 9, 1854
	5. Hardy Keele Poole born on Aug 16, 1856
	    Ellen Poole born about 1858

				Descendants of Hardy Keele Poole and Jenetta Bratton
5. Hardy Keele Poole born on Aug 16, 1856  Died May 22, 1948
    +Jenetta Bratton born 1859 married Nov.11,1875 in Warren, AR
		    Minnie Lee Poole born Dec. 15, 1879  in AR			
		6. Fred L. Poole born August 12,1882 died June 10,1918
		    +Sarah Theodocie Langston 

Fred L. Poole married Sarah Theodocia Langston Dec. 25,1902. 
She was born 4-21-1881 and died 5-13-1949 she is buried in Gravel Ridge Cemetery in 
Bradley County, Arkansas.

Fred L. Poole and Sarah "Docie" Poole had the following children:
	    Helen Poole  was born Oct. 21,1903  died April 21, 1906
	    Lillie Odel Poole was born Feb 11, 1905 died June 6, 1971 in Crossett, Ashley County, 
	    Otha Lewis Poole was born Oct 12, 1907 died April 26, 1982 in Warren, Bradley 
	    Frances Genetta Poole was born on March 9, 1909 and died June 6, 1967
	    Clarence Albert Poole was born March 11, 1913 died July 13, 1976 in Crossett, 
	                        Ashley County, AR He married Lola Mae Vines on June 20, 1936 in
		        Bradley County, AR. They had 8 children.
	7. Hardie E. Poole was born September 23,1916 at 7:00am in Little Rock, Pulaski 
	                       County, AR. His name was spelled "Hardy Estes Poole" on the birth certificate. He 
	                       married Mildred Louise Gorman on August 2, 1941 by S. H. Vaughn recorded in 
	                       Bradley County by Clarence Parnell in Book R page 429 filed on the 4th day of Aug. 
	                       1941.  They had one son and one daughter (living). He joined the Army on Oct. 2, 1942 
	                       died on November 6, 1944 in WWII on Leyte Island,  Philippine Islands and was buried 
	                       there and later his body was moved to Fort McKinley U.S. Military Cemetery in 
	                       Manila, Philippine Island with full Military Honors..
	    Gladies (Gladys) Poole was born March 14, 1918. She died March 3, 1952. 
		          She was an invalid and never married

				Descendants of Hardy Keele Poole and Martha Mae "Mattie" Hall

5.  Hardy Keele Poole married second Martha Mae "Mattie" Hall on December 11, 1889 in Warren, AR.
Martha Mae"Mattie" Hall was born  1871 in AR and died 1955. They are buried in Oakland Cemetery
in Warren, Bradley County, Arkansas

Hardy Keele Poole and Martha Mae "Mattie" Hall had the following children:

	Iva Poole was born 1890. She married John Adams. Their sons: Grady, Kenneth, Wilton 
	Grover Cleveland Poole was born on Nov.10, 1892 and died July 10, 1979 .
		He married Freda Camille calvert born 7-09-1896 and died 5-24-1980. They had three sons. 
		Grover & Freda are buried in Oakland Cemetery in Warren, Bradley County, Arkansas.
	Dan Poole was born 1895 and died 1936.
	Edna Olive Poole was born 1896 and died 1928. 
	Harrison Toler Poole was born 1897.
	Noble Garland Poole was born on December 7, 1898.
	Julius Poole was born March 1900. 
		In the 1930 Census - Julius is enumerated in the household with his father and mother.
	Susie Ann Poole was born 1901.
	Vera Poole  was born 1904  and died 1924.
	Beulah Poole was born on March 28, 1905.
	Rosa Marie Poole was born 1906.

Submitted to the Bradley County Biography pages by Nora Poole Johnson

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