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Bradley County, Arkansas Books for Sale

Oakland Cemetery Book

Compiled and co-edited by Mary King Barrett and Peggy Q. Bowman, the
reprinted OAKLAND Cemetery Book with 1992 through 2009 Addendum.
(This book may not be reproduced or copied without expressed permission of the author.)

GET YOUR COPY NOW! - NEW 10-28-2013

Book costs $35.00 if you will pick it up in person.
To be mailed, add $5.60 for shipping and handling. Total $40.60
For more information contact Peggy Q. Bowman at;
phone (870) 226-5959 or to order a copy by mail: send a check or money order to:

Peggy Q. Bowman
1417 South Main
Warren, AR 71671-3734

Bradley County, Arkansas - Marriage Record Index

Taken from the Bradley County Courthouse Original Record Books
at Warren, Arkansas; transcribing of this index started in 1998 and was
completed in November 2009. This book includes the Index of 12,500
Marriages dated from February 18, 1840 through 1942. Missing data is as
shown in the original court record book. Data compiled by Peggy Q. Bowman.
(This book may not be reproduced or copied without expressed permission of the author.)


The price of this book is $42.00 (includes shipping and handling)
For more information contact Peggy Q. Bowman at;,
\or to order a copy by mail: send a check or money order for $42.00 to:

Peggy Q. Bowman
1417 South Main
Warren, AR 71671-3734

Bradley County Genealogical Society
Bradley County Cemetery Book, Volume I, 2002

Volume I contains the transcriptions of about half of the cemeteries in Bradley County.
SORRY! Volume II is sold out! (It contained the other half, except for Oakland Cemetery,
which is available for sale from Peggy Q. Bowman, above,
or Larry Howsen, below.)


The price of the Cemetery Book Volume I
is now $18.00 EACH which includes shipping and
handling. We have several copies of Volume I available.
There is no limit on the number you can order. The price
has dropped from $45.00! This is a Hard Cover book! WHAT A DEAL!

Mail your payment by check or money order made payable to
Bradley County Genealogical Society or BCGS to:

P.O.Box 837
Warren, AR. 71671-0837

Index for Obituaries Appearing in the Eagle Democrat, 1930-39

Includes CSA and Spanish American War veterans. Softbound. $12.50 (includes shipping)
You can order the above item from:

Mary Barrett
900 Woodlawn
Warren, AR 71671

Index for Obituaries Appearing in the Eagle Democrat, 1940-49

Includes victims of Jan. 3, 1949 tornado as well as servicemen killed in WWII.
Added are African-American men killed in WWII who were not listed in the
Eagle Democrat. Soft-bound. $14.00 (includes shipping)
You can order the above item from:

Mary Barrett
900 Woodlawn
Warren, AR 71671

Index for Obituaries Appearing in the Eagle Democrat, 1950-59

Includes obits of CSA, Spanish American War, WWI and WWII veterans.
Soft-bound. $15.00 (includes shipping)
You can order the above item from:

Mary Barrett
900 Woodlawn
Warren, AR 71671

Bradley County Cemetery Books including
picture CD of all the markers in the Cemetery

"So far I have 19 cemeteries done; that's over 8000 pictures. The cemetery books
start at $50 for the smallest cemetery so far, to $100 for Oakland Cemetery with
over 4000 pictures. This is the price BEFORE shipping and insurance are added.
I will do any Cemetery in Bradley county that people want done.
Email Larry for more information at

Larry Howsen
214 E. Central St.
Warren, Ark. 71671-3406

Three Bradley County Books by Ron Moseley

Three books relating to Bradley County
         are available for purchase.

"The Moseley Biography"
which covers a variety of stories and names
besides the Moseley/Mosley groups - $45

"The Life and Times of Parnell Springs"   
filled with stories and pictures - $45

"Ghosts of the Saline River"
which has over 200 pages and 
over two hundred pictures - $45 Contact Ron Moseley at 1-800-617-6205. All will be on display at the Pink Tomato Festival in June. You can read the Table of Contents of "Ghosts of the Saline River," see the book cover and read about Ron Moseley HERE.
Moseley Parnell Springs Book Cover

Afro-Americans in Bradley County, 1800–1930

     "Princella and MacArthur Davis have brought 
to the forefront a vivid and much needed pictorial 
cornucopia of Bradley County Black history.  
"Afro-Americans in Bradley County," 1800–1930 
is a first introduction work that spans much of 
the county and breaks new historical ground.

     The Davis’ book is fully indexed and contains 
370 pages of wonderful unpublished photographs.
The authors appear to have found the key to open
the door for other studies in Afro-American history.

     I wholly recommend this book and encourage
all Afro-Americans in Bradley County to use this 
work as an example for compiling other sources
of history from within their community."
Jann Woodard
Benton, AR
30 Nov 2008

To order the book, please contact 
Princella Davis at
Afro-Americans Bradley County, Arkansas 1800-1930


Larry Larance grew up in Warren (WHS class of '55-'56) and has written a memoir of those days. Published by Windchimes Press in 1999, it is an interesting look at growing up in Warren in the 1940's and 50's with the "Mayberry R. F. D." sensibility of the times. A very interesting and enjoyable book! The following names are mentioned in MISS MYRTLE'S BOY (I think I got them all!) :

         Fred "Freddie" Colvin Larance            Myrtle Lore Rhodes Larance            Karen K. Larance Wisener         Thomas "Tommy" R. Larance
         Charles Larry Larance                         Beth Larance                                      Leigh Ann Larance Kelley          Richard "Rich" Larance
         Thomas "Tom" Allen Larance            Grandmother Jean Jean                      Eula Rhodes                                Flora Rhodes
         Charles "Charlie" Elbert Rhodes         William "Bill" Mercer Rhodes           Rebecca Rhodes                          Artie Hull Rhodes
                                                                      Lou Jenie Ann Hanks Rhodes          Aycock family 

Royce Adair                          Wayne Adcock                        The Baggetts                                        Martha Blackwell                   Ritchie Blankenship
Patsy Bridges                        David "Pee Wee" Brooks        Carroll "Booger" Brown                       Garland Bryant                      Watt Childs
Principal James Clark            Caroline Clayton                     Michael "Mike" Clayton                      Rev J. Ralph Clayton            Jack Clower
Dr. Merl Crow                       Ronnie Curry                          Gerald "Scrog" Davidson                     Lawrence Derby                    Mrs. Sam Dixon
John Bayliss Ederington        Louis Wlson Ederington          Mrs. Mary Catherine Ederington        Jean Frisby                            Mac Galaway
Roy Galaway                        "Dutch" Gravenmier                Graham Hampton                                 Pearl Hampton                      Harris family 
Mr. Harrod                            Ann Hedrick                            James Thomas Henry                           Noel Henry                           Perry Herring
Judy Hollensworth                Barbara Lynn Hughes             Ted Hurley                                            Irene (black)                          Bobby Wayne Johnson
Leonard Johnson                    Loran Johnson                        Otto Johnson                                        Jonas Jones (black)               Mr. Tandy Key
Joe Knickerbocker                 Mrs. Jessie Krug                     Tad Krug                                               Dale Leonard                         Barbara Lephiew
Mrs. Katherine Lephiew       Johnny Lipton                         John Little                                            Clifford J. Mansfield             Curry Martin
Ernie Martin                          Mary Lou Martin                    Ned McFarland                                    Hugh McInnis                        Mr. J. D. McMurry
James Moore                         Jess Moseley                           Stella Neal                                             Everett Neely                        Jimmy Neely
Marvin O'Neal                       Beverly Outlaw                       W. T. Outlaw                                       Marshall Parker                     Red Parker
James Plair                             Dale Pope                                Donald Ragar                                        Ray Roberts                          Mrs. Rowell
Ray Rowell                            Jimmy Russell                         Gerard Sangster                                    Helen Sangster                       Rufus Saunders
Larry Self                               Mrs. Self                                  Coach Travis Smalling                         Principal W. T. Smalling        Barnard Smith 
Officer Smith                          Mr. J. E. Steward                    Gale Stuart                                           John Buck Swan                    Charles Tadlock
Kay Max Taylor                    Lester Temple                         Louis Thompson                                 Kenneth Threlkeld                 Clyde Tracy
Bruce Walker                         Amos Warren                          Ray Wheeler                                         Francis Wheeler                     Coach Bill Woodiel

Miss Myrtle's Boy Cover


"my newest book of southern short stories with
settings mainly in small Ark. towns." ~~Larry Larance

Email Larry for more information at
You can also buy these books at
by clicking the links below the images.

A Better Looking Corpse Cover


Into The Mouth of The Cannon: A Historical Biography of the
18th Arkansas Infantry and the Civil War in the Western Theater
from 1861 to 1863
by Robert Edward Reynolds

This is a historically accurate researched history of the 18th Arkansas Infantry
and the role several families from Bradley County played in the Western Theatre
during the Civil War. There is a lot a history about Bradley, Saline and Drew counties
documented in the book. The book has biographies of Hartwell S Reynolds, his father Henry
Reynolds, his wife Elizabeth Reynolds, of Bradley County.

You can email Robert at or for $16.60 paperback, you can ORDER HERE
Visit Robert Reynold's Family Genealogy Website

Old Times Not Forgotten: A History of Drew County, AR

$19.50 + $2.50 mailing, by Rebecca DeArmond-Huskey, 450 pages,
hardbound, many families connected to Bradley County.
You can order the above item from:

Rebecca DeArmond-Huskey
Route Box 135
Wilmar, AR 71675

Special thanks to Bill Sharp for typing and providing some of this information.

If you have published a book of interest to Bradley County genealogists,
we would love to list it here.
Please e-mail Barbara Logan at if you know of other
Bradley County books available for purchase.

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