Headstone Symbols found in some
Bradley County, Arkansas Cemeteries

Seal of the "Mosaic Templars of America"

"The Mosaic Templars of America (MTA), a black fraternal organization, arose in Little Rock in 1892 and
spread to more than half of the United States and a number of other countries, providing its members with
various services but also serving the needs of the black population in general by encouraging self-help measures."

Headstone symbol - Mosaic Templars of America

Symbol of the "Supreme Royal Circle of Friends of the World"

"The Supreme Royal Circle of Friends of the World was founded in 1909 in Forest City Arkansas by
Dr. Richard A. Williams. This fraternal organization for black men had as its primary goal promoting the
moral, physical, intellectual, and material welfare of its members ... in rural black cemeteries loyalty to the
Royal Circle of Friends was indicated by the distinctive headstones that displayed the organization's symbol
of the majestic lion and letters RCF."

Headstone symbol - Supreme Royal Circle of Friends

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