1900 Bradley County Arkansas Census Index (Partial)

I am indexing the 1900 Bradley County, AR. Census. So far, I have 
alphabetized Moro Township, Clay Township and Eagle Township. I will 
be glad to look up any of the families for you.

Dena Calvert Jordan <DenaPsalms100@aol.com>


1900 Bradley County Arkansas Census
Supervisors District 6, Enumeration District 17
John R. Wilson, Enumerator
Microfilm T623-51
Name-Stamped Pg. Number
This list includes head of household and persons 
living in the household with a different last name


Alexander, Jessee M.  255A
Atkins, James M  259A
Atkins, Lucius  259A

Boyette, Rilla A.  255A
Bronch, Oda  256A
Brumley, John  254A
Burke, Mrs. Mary  258A

Carter, Joseph  258B
Carter, William C.  255A
Cathey, Andrew J.  255A
Cook, Sam'l W.J.  256A
Crawford, Ben  255A
Crawford, John  255B
Crawford, Wm. H.  255B

Dearman, John F.  258A
Dearman, Mrs. May  256A
Dearman, Nancy E.  253A
Dennis, Mrs. Martha  257B
Douglass, James A.  255A
Douglass, James H.  255A

Elas, Henry  257B
Erwin, Isaac A.  255A
Erwin, James (?) H.  253A
Erwin, John N.  254A
Erwin, Joseph M.  254A

Gandy, Lewis  258B (Black)
Gardner, Ben 255A
Gardner, Thomas B.  253B
Garrison, Alfred  254A
Garrison, Birtie E.  253A
Grice, Fannie  253A

Hankins, James M.  257A

Irwin, John  253B

Johnson, George H.  257B
Johnson, W.T.  254A
Lavender, W.F. 254A

Lum, James H.  258A
Lyon, Mrs. Mary  256A

McCann, Henderson,  254A
McLeod, Robert C.  253A
Mobley, James M.  254A
Morgan, Sam'l W.  253A
Mosley, Charley M.  254A
Murry, Thomas  254A

Nester (?), George B.  256A
Newman, Robert L.  259A
Nichols, Henry  253A
Nichols, John I.  256A
Norman, Robert L.  259A

Owens, Wm.  257B

Parks, Mrs. Fannie  258A
Parish, Sam'l B.  255B
Pearce, Calvin  253A
Pearce, Willie  253B
Petha, Dickson  258A
Petha, Reaulah  258A

Randolph, John J.  257A
Randolph, Willie  257B
Reaves, John W.  253A
Reddick (?), John W.  257A
Ruth, Matthew H. 258A

Simmons, George  254A
Simms, James A.  254A
Splawn, J.D.(?)  253A

Taylor, Jesse B.  255A
Tucker, William  253A

Vaughn, Davis D.  258B
Vinnings (?), Frank A.  256B

Wagner, John C.  254A
Wagnor, Thomas  255B
Wear, Hamilton F.  256A
Wear, Newton C.  256A
Weeks, Sam'l J.  257B
Weeks, Sam'l L.  257B
Weeks, William 257B
Wolf, Aquilia G.  257A
Wolf, Hilliard V.  257A
Wolf, James H.  256B
Wood, Irving  258A (Black)
Wood, Nard  258A (Black)
Willford, Sam'l T.  256A
Williams, Artes  258A
Williams, Chas P.  254A
Williams, Pearl  258A
Wilson, William  253A


1900 Bradley County Arkansas Census
Supervisors District 6, Enumeration District 17
John R. Wilson, Enumerator
Microfilm T623-51
Name-Stamped Pg. Number
This list includes head of household and persons 
living in the household with a different last name


Aacock, Burl  262B
Abernathy, Sturt G. 264B
Ainsworth, Carie  266A
Ainsworth, Orrie B.  266A
Allen, Mrs. Ella E.  263B
Allison, David  264A  (black)

Baker, Alfred,  268B  (black)
Baker, Mary A.  272A  (black)
Baker, Mary  261B
Baker, Mrs. Maria E.  265B
Banders, Sallie  272A  (black)
Banzle, Frank B.  263B  (black)
Belin, Charlie  263A  (black)
Belin, Easter  264B  (black)
Belin, Exine  269A  (black)
Belin, John  270A (black)
Belin, John  269B  (black)
Belin, John L.  260B
Belin, Major  269B  (black)
Belin, Mike  268A  (black)
Belin, Minnie  269A  (black)
Belin, William H.  267A
Black, Mrs. Georgia C.  267A
Bonds, Nathan H.  262B
Boswell, Frank  267A  (black)
Boswell, George E.  269A  (black)
Boswell, James M.  269A  (black)
Boswell, Philis  264B  (black)
Brady, Mrs. Mary C.  263B
Bragg, Rena  269A  (Black)
Brumley, William J  262B
Byrd, James F.  261B

Callaway, Elizabeth  271A
Carter, John A.  262B
Carter, Oscar,  262B
Cathey, Calvin  261B
Castleberry, Margaret  271A
Childs, Adeline  267A  (black)
Childs, Avit  269A   (black)
Childs, Ben  265B  (black)
Childs, Christopher  267A  (black)
Childs, Don C.  270A
Childs, Dora  270A  (black)
Childs, Ellen  263A  (black)
Childs, Emma  272A  (black)
Childs, George W.  270A  (black)
Childs, Henry E.  270A 
Childs, Jack  269A  (black)
Childs, Jane  268A  (black)
Childs, Jennie  270A  (black)
Childs, John  268A  (black)
Childs, Martha  265B  (black)
Childs, Mary J.  264B  (black)
Childs, Matilda  268A  (black)
Childs, Mattie J.  269A
Childs, Puss  272A  (black)
Childs, Robert  268A  (black)
Childs, Sam'l S.  270A  (black)
Childs, Willie L  269A
Childs, Zena  268B  (black)
Clayborne, Norris  263B  (black)
Collins, Andy  27(?)  (oops, missed that last number, but will look it up)
Collins, Julius A.  264B  (black)
Collins, Randle  264B  (black)
Cooper, Seban A.  264B
Cooper, William R.  265B
Copeland, Fritz 261A
Copeland, Henry J. 260B
Creed (?), Nancy 271A
Croft, Sam'l F.  260B
Crosby, Gerogia A.  271A  (black)
Curry, George C.  259B
Curry, Riley F.  260B

Dailey, Lottie  272B
Dailey, Henry M.  271A
Danile, George  263B  (black)
Davis, Celia  270B  (black)
Davis, Ella 270B  (black)
Davis, George W.  270B (black)
Davis, Jettice  270A  (black)
Davis, Jackson  270A  (black)
Davis, James R.  260A
Davis, John F.  270A  (black)
Davis, Luck  270A  (black)
Davis, Oliver  270A  (black)
Davis, Ollie  270A  (black)
Davis, Wesley  270A  (black)
Denson, Dock F.  260B  (black)

Ederington, James L.  268A
Ederington, John 262A
Edwards, David H.  265B
Evans, John  265B
Evans, Martha E.  272B
Evans, Walter C.  266A

Falls, Myrta  272A  (black)
Falls, Sallie  270B  (black)
Faustea (?), Luke  268A  (black)
Ferguson, William  267B  (black)
Fike, Henry  267A  (black)
Fike, Lou  267B
Fike, William B.  268A
Forester, William F.  271A

Gannaway, Addie  269A  (black)
Gannaway, Tennie  270A  (black)
Gates, David  262A
Gavan (???)  261B
Note:  I can't make out the first name, but the lady under him is Laura E.
Green, Easter  272A  (black)
Green, Mike  272A  (black)
Green, Watt  272A  (black)
Green, Willie  272A  (black)
Groson, Joseph  268A

Hall, Frank  269B (Black)
Hall, George W.  271A
Hall, James  271A
Hall, James M.  271A
Hall, Joseph P.  271A
Hall, Lummie  264B (Black)
Hamilton, Cora  264A (Black)
Hamilton, Munn C.  266A (Black)
Hampton, David  264A (Black)
Hampton, Ed  266A  (Black)
Hampton, Wade  269A  (Black)
Harmon, Edgar  272A  (Black)
Harmon, Josephine  272A  (Black)
Harmon, Nancy  272A  (Black)
Harcrow, George W.  266A
Henry, Rebice  264B
Herring, Jacob P.  265B
Hicks, John,  261B
Hines, Harvey G.  271B  (Black)
Hines, James L.  261B
Hines, Nathaniel  272A
Hollingsworth, Thos W.  266A
Hooks, George F.  262B
House, Sam'l  270A  (Black)
Hudson, (Mrs.) Mary  259B
Hunter, Newton J.  259B

Johnson, Eliza  262B  (Black)
Johnson, Jacob W.  261B
Johnson, Jake  268A
Johnson, James C.  267A  (Black)
Johnson, Jeff  264B  (Black)
Johnson, John H.  264B  (Black)
Johnson, Laura  267B  (Black)
Johnson, Jacob W.  261B
Johnson, Warner  266A  (Black)

Keyser, Sam'l L.  260B
King, Aljah  267A  (Black)
Amanda R.  269A
King, Hart  269A  (Black)

Lee, Jack A.  267A
Lee, Martha A.  272A
Loomis, Elias  261B
Loomis, George  259B

McDaniel, Archy  265A
McFarland, Columbus  260B
McFarland, James H.  260B
McFarland (Mrs.) Jane  260B
McFarland, Lela  261A
McKenzie, James M  271A
McKenzie, John F.  271A
McLeod, David W.  262B
McLeod, John D. 264B
McLeod (Mrs.) Lovie C. 269A
McMurry, Pickney E.  261B

Mack, Wesley  267B
Marlan (?) James C. 264B
Maroney, William H. 268A
Marshall, Pink  264B  (black)
Marks, Ellis  262A  (black)
Marks, Silas  268A  (black)
Mathis, John  264B
Mitchell, Moses H.  262B
Momon, Ben F.  267B  (black)
Momon, Billie  269A  (black)
Momon, Dillard  264B  (black)
Momon, Ella  264B  (black)
Momon, George 267B  (black)
Momon, Laura  265B  (black)
Momon, Minnie  268A  (black)
Momon, Morris  267B  (black)
Morgan, (Mrs.) Margaret  259B
Morgan, Theo H.  259B
Morgan, Wm. A.  259B
Morris, Lewis  261B

Neal, (Mrs.) Mattie  264A
Nichols, Charley G.  260B
Nichols, Wm. J.  260B
Nowlin, Nancy  264B  (black)

Oliver, John S.  271A

Parks, John L. 266A
Pearce, William  259B
Phillips, Cora  262B  (black)
Phillips, Rufus  271A  (black)
Phillips, Van  270A  (black)

Reaves, Elbert E.  259B
Reaves, Henry J.  259B
Rice, James R.  260B
Rice, George A.  259B
Roberts, Ben L.  265B
Rowland, Pink A.  266A
Rum (?), Albert  267A
Rutledge, Ann  271A  (black)

Simms, Moses  268B  (black)
Smith, Asa A.  263B
Smith, John L.  269A
Snidley, William R.  262B
Strong, Bettie  267A  (black)
Strong, Henry D.  270A  (black)
Strong, Hollis J.  269B  (black)

Tatum, Calvin  265B  (black)
Tatum, Henry  266A  (black)
Tatum, Harry  267A  (black)
Tatum, Mary  266B  (black)
Tatum, Oliver  263B  (black)
Taylor, James L.  259B
Taylor, Robert S.  261B
Tidwell, Clary  272A  (black)
Tidwell, Sterling  263B  (black)
Tillman, Mattie  265B
Tomes, William F.  262A
Tucker, Lilly  259B
Turner, Andy  262B  (black)
Turner, George F.  266A
Turner, Jeff  263A  (black)
Turner, John  263B  (black)
Turner, Lewis  266A  (black)

Vea--y, viola  270A  (black)

Well, Zach  267B
Wallace, Anderson  265B  (black)
Watson, James H.  262B
Weeks, George  267A  (black)
Whittington, George W.  262A
Whittington, James A.  262A
Wilfong, Daniel G.  266A
Wilson, Amos  263B  (black)
Wilson, Carl  264A  (black)
Wilson, George L.  266A
Wilson, Lucinda  269B  (black)
Wise, (Mrs.) Mary E.  266A
Wise, Benjamine C.  264B
Wolf, Hillard  259B

York, Mary  267A  (black)


1900 Bradley County Arkansas Census
Supervisors District 5, Enumeration District 18
Allen V. Johnson,  Enumerator
Microfilm T623-51
Name-Stamped Pg. Number
This list includes head of household and persons 
living in the household with a different last name


Anderson, Jim  273B
Atwill, William  275B

Brantley, Robert  273B
Burefield, Duck  274A

Callaway, Joseph F.  273B
Camron, Richard  275A
Carker, William  275A
Clanton, John T.  273B
Clanton, Johanis (?)  274A
Clanton, Miles (?)  273B
Clanton, Susan  273B
Clark, Mary F.  275A

Featherton, Jesse  274A (black)

Godfry, Columbia  274B
Godfry, Joseph J.  275A
Godfry, Oliver  274B
Godfry, Samuel W.  275A

Hamilton, Ellen  274B
Hamilton, George  274B
Hampton, Andrew  275A
Hampton, Henry  275A
Hamlet, Joseph  274B
Hargis, James F.  275A
Hickman, William  274A
Holcombe, James R.  275A

Johnson, Emma  274B
Johnson, William  274A (dwelling 20-20)
Johnson, William 274A  (dwelling 24-24)

Langford, Amid  274A (black)
Langford, Jesse  274A (black)
Langford, Stephen  274A  (black)
Langston, Daniel  273B

Miles, Cornelius  274B

Orr, Brad  273B
Outlaw, James B.  274B
Ozment, Atwill (?)  274A

Rabon, George  274B
Reynolds, Thomas  274B
Richards, John F.  273B

Sharp, Harris L.  273B
Shipley (?), James  274A
Slickston, Ellis  274B
Smith, John  274A
Smith, Ranson S.  275A
Stanfield, Inika (?)  275A

York, Bettie  275A
York, Tearl  273B

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