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Birthdays of Claudia Vickers - Newspaper Articles

92nd Birthday of Claudia Vickers - Newspaper Article

Claudia Vickers is 92 - Newspaper Article

"Mrs. Claudia Vickers, 92, of Pine Lodge was guest of Kentucky Fried Chicken for a birthday luncheon Monday. Mrs. Vickers is pictured with her birthday cake.
She was accompanied by Mrs. Hugh Mann, her daughter; two sisters, Mrs. Ola Thomas and Mrs. Gordie Hargis; Mrs Evelyn Darnell of Pine Lodge; and Mrs. Noel Harding."

99th Birthday of Claudia Vickers - Newspaper Article

Claudia Vickers is
99; honored recently
at Pine Lodge

  "Mrs. Claudia Vickers celebra-
ted her 99th birthday recently at
Pine Lodge.
  Among those attending were
her sons, Harold and Arnold
Vickers and their wives, Flora
and Jean, of Pensacola, Florida.
  Also there were her sisters,
Ola Thomas of Pine Bluff and
Gordie Hargis, Warren.
  Clyde Mann, her daughter, of
Johnsville was there, as were the
Rev. Wayman Mann, Mrs.
Mann, and Brent Mann of
  Additionally, those present
were Erma Wolfe of Pine Bluff,
Eva Dennard of Pine Bluff, Mag-
gie, Dina and Vicki of Houston,
Lonza Vickers of Hermitage,
Jerry and Lori Outlaw, Linda
  Mrs. Vickers received a money
tree with $99 dollar bills.
  Five generations were present."

100th Birthday of Claudia Vickers - Newspaper Article

Mrs. Claudia Vickers Celebrates her 100th birthday - Newspaper Article

    "Claudia Vickers celebrated her 100th birthday on October 24th at
Pine Lodge Nursing Home in Warren.
    She was born on October 22, 1887.
    Celebrating with her was her daughter, Clyde Mann of Johnsville;
2 sons, Harold and Arnold Vickers and their wives, Flora
and Jean, all of Pensacola, Fla.; 2 sisters, Ola Thomas af Pine
Bluff and Gordia Hargis of Warren; several grandchildren and
great grandchildren, Guy, Linda and Mitch of Florida; Wayman,
Lawana, Brent of Hermitage;"
Lyman, Linda, Lisa, Jessica, Jerry, Lori of Johnsville; Maggie
Dina, Philip, Sheri and Amber of Houston, Tex.; Marcus,
Linda and children, Several cou sins, nieces, nephews and friends.

    Refreshments included a huge cake and punch which all enjoyed.
We thank everyone that took part in making this a success
and thanks for the gifts, cards and flowers. Claudia was very
glad to have several in the home celebrate with her. This was a
joyous occasion for all."

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