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Bradley County Family Histories

This list of names comes from the book Bradley County Family Histories. This book was published by the Eagle Democrat Publishing Company in 1993. We're sorry, but this book is sold out and there are currently no plans to reprint the book.

The list below is not an every-name index, but includes "heads of families" from the stories contributed by Eagle Democrat readers.

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Aaron M. Adams
Joe Anders
    (picture only)
J.W. Adams
Lewis R. Adams
Franklin L. Anderson
Joseph Andress

William John Baimbridge
Simmie and Lavena Baker
William James Baker
William Thomas and
   Cindarilla MacDaniel Baker
Nathan and Mary Barrett
Alvin Bartlett
Robert W. Baxter
Alex Beard
William Belin
William F. Belin
Jesse Blackman, Jr.
Robert Lee Blankinship
Benjamin H. Bowman
Raymond C. Bradford
Barkley M. Brooks
William A. Brooks
William E. Broughton

Robert Hill Carruth
George and Nannie Carter
Clifton Green Castleberry
Jessie Dirrel Castleberry
Big Joe Castleberry
Thomas Oscar Clanton
Joseph William Clingman
Philip Coker
Charles Clinton Colvin
G. B. Colvin
Samuel Colvin
Samuel Alexander Colvin
Scotta Cone
Fritz Copeland
   (picture only)
William Davis Corker
Joseph Cornish
Thomas Westford Cox
Merl Crow, M. D.

Robert Lee Davidson
Joseph S. Davis
Nicholas C. Denson
Lawrence H. Derby
Benjamin Doggett

Clint Eason
   (picture only)
John T. Ederington

John Feaster
James Lawrence Ferguson
Robert Ira Ferguson
Jonathan Ferrell
William Thomas Ferrell
Jack and Mary Fogle
Thomas Franklin
Thomas B. Franklin
Samuel B. Fullerton
Samuel Baker Fullerton, Jr.
Samuel Holmes Fullerton

John R. Gannaway
John Tildon Gardner
Thomas B. Gardner
Major Brown Garrison
P. E. Garrison
Jole J. Glover
Frederick Grice

David N. Hairston
John F. Hairston
John Hairston
Floyd L. Halley
Lee Hamaker
Alexander Hamilton Family
Jack Hamilton
John Hamilton
Wm. Alexander Hamilton
James J. Harding
William B. Harding
James T. Hargis
William C. Hargis
Curtis C. Harrod
Howard Harrol
Ira Harrod
Jacob E. Harrod
James Harrod
James B. Harrod
John Harrod
Jesse H. Harrod
Simmie E. Harrod
Otto D. Harrod
John L. Hartsell
Perry H. Herring
C.W. Hickman
Francis Hickman
Restore Hines
Carroll C. Hollensworth
Carl Hossil
Lillie Bell Pauley Howsen
Charles Hoyle
James M. Hughes
John T. Hunter
Joe B. Hurley

James A. Ivey

Jarrot Family
John W. Jarratt
George W. Jeffers
Noah Jeffers
Mike Jiosa
George W. Johnson
James Johnson
James P. Johnson
James Johnson
Thaddeus A. Johnson
Wilson Johnson
Joe Joiner
J. Walter Jones
William Manuel Jones
Al Joyner

Garrett H. King
John Koonce

Oscar C. Landers
James Lassiter
Jimmie William Ledbetter
Robert Ledbetter
James L. Leslie
Prosper Levillain
William Lewis
John M. Lipton
Daniel M. Loomis
Eddie Lovett
George Pierce Lowry
Mason B. Lowry
Glynn and Mary Lee Lyon
Shelby C. Lyon

George A. Mann
Clifford J. Mansfield
Hiram L. Marter
Aubert Martin
Charles N. Martin
James E. Martin
Thomas Massey
Daniel W. McClain
James and Mary E. McClain
Henry D. McDougald
McDiarmid Family
   (pictures only)
Ernest A. McFarland
John McFarland
Jordan H. McInnis
Samuel McKeown
McKinney family
Murray B. McLeod
Pinckney E. McMurry
James Franklin Meek
Theodore Morris
William Morris
Moseley History
Elijah Tidwell Moseley
Elijah Moseley

Richard H. Neely
Robert Lee Newton
Robert Lee Newton, Jr.
James F. Nixon

Roy O'Neal
Morgan O'Neill Family
Mickey O'Quinn
Sam Ormand
Owen Owens

Henry T. Parrott
John J. Peeples
Joseph W. Pennington
Matthew F. Pennington
Stephen Wayne Phillips
Robert B. Powell
Robert S. Powell
Willie R. Powell
DuVal and Nannette Purkins

Caswell K. Quimby
Claude Mack Quimby
Columbus Quimby
John T. Quimby

Anthoni Ragar
James R. Ragar
James M. Raper
Joe L. Reaves
Senator Lee Reaves
William Reaves
John Westly Reddin
Kenneth L. Reep
William J. Reep
Jonas Reep
Andrew J. Richards
Frank Richardson
Dr. Nick Roark
David Roddey
Jeremiah Rowell
Poad Russell

Johan B. Seay
Francis Sharp
Thomas J. Sharp
Dr. David Shepperson
Andy W. Singer
Jefferson F. Singer
Jefferson Singer
Thomas Singer
Alva Sled
E.D. Sled
Ed Sled
Etheldred D. Sled
John E. Sled
John W. Sled
William E. Sled
Sindy Fogle Sled
Abraham Stough
Asa A. Smith
Steve Snyder
Oscar O. Sparks
Lon B. Stell
Max-Welton Stell
Jasper Stewart
William Sturgis

C.L. Tarleton
Delia Belle Temple
James T. Temple
John Temple
John H. Temple
Lindsey Temple
Stanmore B. Temple
William R. Temple
William H. Thompson
James Thomson
John A. Thornton
W.V. Tucker
   (picture only)

George Thomas Vickers
   (picture only)
Victor Van Arsdel

Noma Watkins
Daniel Webster Watson
Thomas W. White
William P. White
Wiggins Family
John Willis Wilkinson
Patrick H. Wilkinson
William J. Wilkinson
Charley P. Williams
Joseph E. Williams
James Williams
William T. Wilson
Wayne F. Wisener
John C. Wood
William Carter Wood
Betty Carter Woodward
Silas Lee Woodard
Rufus E. Woodward
Julius Wright

James York

We are very grateful to Jann Woodard for extracting and typing all these names from the Bradley County Family Histories book.

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