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Warren Newsbriefs
Extracted From The Arkansas Gazette

During the mid 1850s, the Arkansas Gazette began receiving news from Bradley County that was printed in the newspaper. Often the article was written by a person in the form of a letter or, later on, as newsworthy events from Warren. During the early period of the paper, the "Warren Waifs" were often seen in the daily edition. Later came the "News from Warren," and later these articles were entitled "Warren Newsbriefs."

William Francis Mack and W.S. Finch were the leading correspondents from the county until around 1900. They wrote of the weather, crops, deaths, marriages, sickness, current events. Often found were accounts of the rapid growth of Warren.

Sources of history for Bradley County are Goodspeed's History of Arkansas Counties, Gatewood's History and, of course, what is gleaned from courthouse records.

The Warren Newsbriefs give a different outlook on the county and its people. In the period that has been extracted, one hundred notices of deaths, forty marriages, and numerous newsworthy events can be found.

A glimpse of post-Civil War life is noted by the declaration of Martial Law by Gov. Powell Clayton. Letters from John M. Bradley are also included.

The county newspaper archives were lost in a fire, prior to 1930, and these newsbriefs fill a large void for Bradley County researchers.

-- Jann Woodard

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I. J. Adair
Kate Adair
A.A. Adams
Bessie Adams
Eva Adams
J.A. Adams
W.W. Adams
Adams & Reed
Joe Alford
Rufus Allison
J.P. Alliston
J.P. Anderson
Will Anderson
John Andrews
Mrs. John Andrews
D.J. Aswell
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Bessie Bailey
Bailey & Shirey
Col. Bailey
Dr. Henry Bailey
James M. Bailey
J.W. Bailey
Reenia Bailey
T.B. Bailey
M.C. Baker
Minnie Baker
W.J. Baker
David Balfour
D.H. Balfour
J.B. Barnett
Dr. J.R. Barnett
J.C. Barrow
W.T. Barry
Col. Barton
Elisha Baxter
J.T. Beard
Bill Beavers
John Beavers
W.L. Belin
John Bell
M.L. Bell
Rev. Biggs
J.L. Birch
Mr. Blair
W.H. Blankenship
Dr. A.N. Bond
Mr. Bond
Tom Bowen
Rev. Boyce
Barton Bradley
Eunice Bradley
Hugh Bradley
Hugh Bradley, Jr.
J.E. Bradley
John M. Bradley
Ollie Bradley
Mr. Brandon
J. Braswell
J.C. Bratton
John Calhoun Bratton
Bratton & Co.
Brooks & Colley
John Brooks
Joseph Brooks
Tina Brooks
W.B. Brooks
John Broughton
J.R. Broughton
Mrs. John Broughton
Duffie Brown
J.F.M. Brown
Rev. J.M. Brown
E.E. Bryant
George Burbridge
J.R.S. Burbridge
C.L. Burks
Hugh I Burlingame
Annie Burnett
Rosanna Burnett
Rev. Samuel N. Burns
Joe Burrows
H.F. Butler
William A. Byers
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Mr. Canfield
Jim Carey
Mr. Carnell
T.A. Carpenter
D.W. Carroll
Mr. Carroll
E.H. Carson
Miss Carter
Bob Catterson
S.S. Chambers
C.C. Childs
Mrs. R.M. Childs
Simon Chisholm
Emma Clark
John Clark
Clary & Howard
Julius Clary
Laura Clary
Henry Clay
John M. Clayton
Powell Clayton
D.W. Clements
James Clements
Fletcher Coker
T.A. Coker
Mr. Collins
Annie Conley
A.B. Coward
George Cox
Louis Craig
R.H. Craig
Lena Crane
Crazy Jack
Mr. Creed
Rev. Crenshaw
George J. Crump
E.B. Cryer
Neal Culbreath
W.F. Culbreath
E.D Culp
Henry Culp
U.G. Culp
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W.A. Daniel
C.C. Danley
F.M. Dansby
James Davis
Tony Davis
Seldon M. Davis
Mary Dawson
Irma Denson
Lucy Denson
Rev. N.C. Denson
Rev. Douglass
D.O. Duffin
J.T. Drummonds
Charrlie Drummonds
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Col. Ederington
Henry Ederington
J.G. Ederington
J.T. Ederington
Maude Ederington
R.C. Ederington
S.C. Ederington
Mrs. S.C. Ederington
W.J. Ederington
Rebecca Edwards
Rev. A.L. Evans
J.H. Evans
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James Fagan
Mr. Faulkner
W.B. Fike
Mr. Files
Millard Fillmore
E.H. Finch
Joe Finch
W.S. Finch
Mr. Fletcher
John Floyd
R.F. Foster
J. Frazer
John Frazer
Jerry Frazer
Tom Frazer
Rev. Freeman
John French
Jesse Frisby
Mr. Fuller
R.C. Fuller
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Abner Gaines
Albert Goines
James Goines
Gannaway & Davis
Gannaway & Sutton
C.C. Gannaway
C.E. Gannaway
E.C. Gannaway
J.R. Gannaway
John Gannaway
Mr. Gannaway
Mrs. C.C. Gannaway
Nina Gannaway
Ruth Gannaway
Silas Gannaway
Ben Gardner
B.F. Gardner
Jeff Gardner
M.L. Gardner
Mrs. Gardner
Solomon Gardner
A.H. Garland
Wilford Garner
E.H. Garrison
Eula Garrison
Eva Garrison
Henry Garrison
Howard Garrison
M.E. Garrison
M.B. Garrison
Mrs. M.B. Garrison
P.G. Garrison
Ralph Garrison
W.A. Garrison
W.H. Garrison
Mrs. H.H. German
Gill & Hankins
J.W. Gill
M.T. Gill
T.M. Gill
Louis Gilmore
John Givens
Annie Glasgow
Glasgow & Roddey
Glasgow & Temple
Molly Godfrey
Mollie Goodwin
T.M. Goodwin
Will Goodwin
W.S. Goodwin
G.W. Goolsby
Henry Gorman
Joseph Gorman
Sandy Gorman
John Goss
Josiah Gould
W.P. Grace
U.S. Grant
Mrs. Joe Gregory
Mrs. Grose
William Grose
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Gov. Hadley
J.F. Hairston
R.L. Hairston
H. Clay Hale
Lee Haley
Willis Haley
Miss Hall
Mrs. Hall
J.P. Hall
J.W. Hall
C.D. Hamaker
William Hamilton
Pat Hammonds
J.E. Hampton
J.M. Hampton
John R. Hampton
C.N. Hankins
C.W. Hankins
Harry Hankins
Elizabeth Harding
R.H. Harding
S.B. Harding
W.H. Harding
Lee S. Harmon
Milton Harmon
Col. Harper
Mr. Harrison
Wm. Henry Harrison
G.N. Hart
Mr. Hastings
John Havis
Col. Hawkins
M.L. Hawkins
Mr. Hawkins
Byrd Henderson
Mr. Hendricks
C.C. Herring
J.B. Herring
Robert Herring
James Hewitt
F.M. Hickman
Judge W.J. Hickman
Mr. Hickman
Charles Holloway
Carl Hollis
Mrs. Hollis
W.T. Hollis
Mrs. Holmes
Marshall Houk
M.D. Houk
Rev. Howard
S.L. Howard
C.L. Hoyle
C.L. Huddleston
T.P. Huddleston
W.H. Hudson
Mr. Hughes
W.W. Hughey
Mr. Hull
Ebbie Hunter
George Hurd
J.B. Hurley
J.F. Hurley
L.F. Hurley
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Glenn Ivey
Luke Ivey
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F.L. Jackson
James A. Jackson
J.B. Jeffers
Col. Johnson
Mr. Johnson
Ed Jolly
James Jolly
A.C. Jones
Abe C. Jones, Jr.
Dan Jones
D.W. Jones
J.K. Jones
Leah Jones
Met L. Jones
S.M. Jones
Mr. Jones
Mr. Jordon
M.J.H. Joyce
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Mrs. Keith
M.K. Kemp
Mrs. Kemp
W.A. Kemp
Kemp Hotel
M. Shelby Kennard
James Kennedy
Mrs. B.F. King
Elias King
Henry Kirkpatrick
J.B. Koonce
Nick Koonce
R.N. Koonce
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Mr. Lane
Ben Langston
B.F. Langston
Mrs. B.F. Langston
Lula Langston
Mr. Langston
G.W. Latta
Green Lawson
Mr. Lawson
Rev. Lawson
Mr. Lee
Sheriff Lee
C.H. Lephiew
Dan Long
Lowry & Taylor
Mason B. Lowry
J.W. Lyon
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A. McClendon
Rev. McClintock
John McCloy
Lucille McCullough
Q.D. McFadden
John McFarland
Merriwether McGhee
Rev. McKinnon
Norman McLeod
Mr. McLeod
Walter McLeod
E.L. McMurtrey

W.F. Mack
Will Mack
Rev. Maderis
John H. Marks
Tom Marks
Dr. A.L. Marr
John Marr
Mary Marry
Martin & Co.
Martin & Goodwin
Martin & Russell
Al W. Martin
B.W. Martin
Cattie Martin
Dr. Charley Martin
G.H. Martin
H.C. Martin
H.G. Martin
Ida Martin
J.E. Martin
J.N. Martin
June Martin
Dr. John N. Martin
Kimble Martin
Mary Martin
Minnie Martin
Rollin Martin
W.A. Martin
Meek & Jolly
Meek & Powers
James E. Meek
Jesse Meek
J.J. Meek
J.R.S. Meek
Nannie Meek
Mrs. S.B. Meek
S.B. Meek
Sue Meek
James Merritt
Jack Miller
Mr. Miller
William M. Miller
Arthur Moffett
William Mollett
Mr. Monroe
Dr. M.S. Moore
Miss Morris
William Morris
Judge Morse
Met L. Moseley
Rev. H.A. Munn
Mrs. H.A. Munn
Robert Murphy
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David Neal
Katie Neal
Tom Neal
Mr. Neely
R.C. Newton
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W.I. Oliver
Alvin O'Neal
Ida O'Neal
J.A. O'Neal
Mary J. O'Neal
Misses O'Neal
Mr. Orr
Bob Orton
Tom Orton
Mr. O'Shields
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Etta Pace
Judge W.C. Pace
E.R. Packard
J.E. Page
J.H. Page
Mr. Page
S.B. Parham
Parker & Kinard
Parker & Waters
Ada Parker
Frank M. Parker
Gussie Parker
Mr. Parker
R.S. Parker
"Tea" Parker
Benjamin Parnell
Mrs. Parnell
Charles Parrott
Mr. Paschal
Louis Patton
J.W. Pennington
Hampton Pierce
Joseph W. Pierce
J.M. Pierce
Julia Pierce
James Pinkston
Rev. J.M. Pinnell
Sid Pippen
James Pirtle
Rev. T.J. Pirtle
Mattie Pitts
Rev. Pointer
Mrs. Pollard
Charles Poole
Hardy K. Poole
S.L. Pope
E.A. Powell
John Powell
Tom Powell
R.F. Powers
John G. Price
T.J. "Jeff" Price
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Mr. Quimby
Quinney Bros.
J.R. Quinney
W.R. Quinney
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Tony Ragar
H.B. Rawls
J.H. Reed
J.L. Reaves
Reynolds & Meek
Gen. D.H. Reynolds
Mrs. G.M. Reynolds
Col Rice
Gen. Rice
J.R. Rice
Joseph Ritchey
Mayor Ritchey
Mr. Ritchey
Mrs. Ritchey
Urel Ritchey
J. Ritchie
J.F. Ritchie
T.J. Ritchie
Anfield Robertson
Myrtle Robinson
P.J. Robinson
E. Lee Roddy
Alford Rogers
H.B. Russell
M.H. Ruth
J.G. Ryan
S.C. Ryan
T.E. Ryan
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G.S. Sanders
Rev. J.R. Sanders
W.J. Savage
J.C. Scobey
J.H. Scobey
J.W.D. Scobey
Marshal Scobey
Mr. Scobey
Winfield Scott
Lieut. Scott
J.W. Scott
Rev. Scott
J.H. Shinn
Shirey & Butler
G. Shirey
J.A. Shirey
Pink Shirey
Prof. Showalter
E.E. Simmons
R.E. Sims
J.A. Simpson
Susan Singer
Will Singer
Charles Slaughter
Col. Slemons
Dickson Sloan
Hamp Smith
J.J. Smith
R.G. Smith
R.S. Smith
T.F. Sorrells
James Stensil
G. Stephens
Mrs. Stephens
Capt. Henry St. John
Thomas St. John
P.B. St. John
A.R. Sumner
John H. Surratt
D.W. Sutton
Dr. Charles Swain
Dr. W.T. Swift
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Nicholas Talifero
Zachary Taylor
Joe Temple
T.F. Temple
P.H. Thomas
Will Thomas
H.F. Thomason
Leroy Thompson
Mr. Thompson
Mrs. J.C. Thompson
W.T. Thompson
Col. Bob Thornton
Samuel J. Tilden
Jessie Tolley
W.F. Trebble
Dixon Trotter
Walter Trussell
A.A. Turner
A.R. Turner
D.M. Turner
Dolph Turner
Henley Turner
H.L. Turner
H.S. Turner
Leonard Turner
Marvin Turner
M.E. Turner
Renna Turner
S.H. Turner
Rev. Turrentine
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John Vanamore
H.B. Van Valkenburg
Henry Van Valkenburg
Robert Van Valkenburg
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J.E. Walker
Paul Wall
Z.H. Wall
R.C. Waller
Lila Ward
Robert L. Wardlaw
T.D. Wardlaw
Levi Ware
B.W.M. Warren
J.H. Waters
George C. Watkins
James A. Watkins
Dr. John A. Watkins
Willie Watkins
Watson & Clary
Harry Watson
J.B. Watson
Lemma Watson
Ted Watson
W.R. Watson
B.C. Webb
Edith Webb
Harry Webb
Rev. Weir
Bessie Wells
H.W. Wells
Lummie Wells
Mr. Wells
M.T. Wells
Rev. Whaley
J.N. Wheeler
Mrs. A.C. Wheeler
S.W. Wheeler
W.H. Wheeler
S.W. Wheless
W.B. Wheless
Col. King White
Judge Thomas B. White
Miss White
Rev. Pleas White
J.E. Whitehead
Esther Whiteside
Flora Whiteside
I.T. Whiteside
John Whiteside
Nelly Whiteside
J.A. Whittington
Will Whittington
John Whytock
A.C. Wilfong
D.E. Wilfong
Miss Wilfong
John A. Williams
Rev. Williams
Wilson & Hurley
E.M. Wilson
E.N. Wilson
M.C. Wilson
Mrs. Wilson
x Gus Witherington
A.L. Witherington
C.D. Wood
J.A. Woodson
Fannie Woolridge
T.J. Word
Fletcher Wynn
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C.C. York
John Young
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We are very grateful to Jann Woodard for extracting and typing all these names from the Bradley County newsbriefs.

To order a copy of Warren Newsbriefs, send $25.00 (postage included) to:

Jann Woodard
12008 Ginger Lane
Benton, AR 72015

To request a lookup, please e-mail

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