Bradley County Records

Land and Deeds

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Bradley County, Arkansas Federal Land Records

Land Deed - J. S. and M. E. Lee to Easter Green

Edward N. Johnson Land Description with Map

George F. Turner Deeds and Land Information


- "Taking the Mystery Out of Land Records" - An informative essay on understanding land records by Linda Haas Davenport.

- "Where to Obtain a Land Patent" - A state by state resource listing of land records information by Linda Haas Davenport.

- The Bureau of Land Management General Land Office (GLO) Records Title companies, historians, genealogists, and other interested people can obtain millions of historic land title records from the thirty Public Land States (those States not included in the original 13 Colonies), East and West, dating back to the 1780s. These fascinating and valuable records include homesteads, patents, military warrants, and railroad grants.

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