Letters from Mary E. Hampton (Ashford) from Bradley County, Arkansas

These letters were written in July 1884 by Mary E. Hampton, who was teaching school in or near New Edinburg, AR., to her uncles James A. Hampton and Charles G. Hampton in DeSoto County, MS.

The information and letters appear courtesy of Melinda Freeman.

(Surnames that might find interest in these letters: HAMPTON, ASHFORD, TOLLETT, MCKINNEY, WILLIAMS, BRADLEY, FOWLER, WAGNON, JOLLY, ERWIN)

From the letters we learn she is living near Uncle Charlie and Aunt Em Williams, Charlie's sister Darcus Williams Jolly Erwin, Pete Wagnon. She mentions finding a beau.

From our research we know:

We are searching for the families descended from the Ashford-Hampton marriage. We are also looking for proof of Mary E. Hampton's identity. We believe her to be the daughter of Benjamin F. Hampton and Mary C. McKinney Hampton. We assume she is living with her maternal grandmother McKinney (mom of both Rebecca and Mary C.?) in 1880. If she is BFH's daughter, he enlisted for the civil war in Warren, Bradley, in 1862 and died same year at Camp Gum Springs. She was born 1861; BFH bought land in Bradley in 1861.

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Page 1, Mary Hampton letter to C. G. Hampton


                         New Edinburgh Ark
                               July "6" 1884
           Mr. C. G. Hampton
         	             My dear uncle, 
         I will after so long a time answer 
         yours of June "10". I was very glad
         to hear from you. I have waited
         for news but I believe news is
         as scarce with me as was when
         I received yours. Well I will write
         all I know and I hope you will
         excuse the rest. How did you
         enjoy July the fourth? Hope you had a gay
         time. I did. I wish you could have
         been with me. I was at a wedding
         reception and had oh such a nice
         supper. I found me a sweet
         heart too. I tell them that I don't
         think that I will have to live an
         old maid now that I have found

Page 2, Mary Hampton letter to C. G. Hampton

         one that I think probably I can
         get. Well you know I have to have
         a little fun. I hope you are ready
         to pay me that visit now and that
         you will come soon. Come and
         we will go and have some photographs
         made. There is a splendid photographer
         here now. I believe I will wait for
         you to come and go with me to the
         gallery to have my pictures made.
         That is if you won't stay off too long
         I will wait. Have you an idea
         of going to Texas? I received a
         letter from Cousin Mollie and Aunt
         Caroline lately. Aunt Caroline sent
         me a lock of her hair in her letter.
         I was so glad to get a lock of her hair.
         I thought I would send her a lock
         of my hair in my next letter. I want
         you to be sure and come to see me
         this summer. Hope you will excuse
         this letter as I want to write to Uncle James
         and Uncle Charlie Williams is going to Warren,
         going to start this evening, so I haven't time
         much to write. Hope to hear from you soon. 
                     Your niece, Mary E. Hampton

         Note in top margin of letter: 

         Uncle got off to Warren before I completed my letter and I did not get to send my letter
         to the office that day. My school will be out in one more month and then I will  be free.
         Then I can answer any letters more prompt. Please excuse all errors (word I can't read).
         Your niece, Mary E. Hampton to CGH

Page 1, Mary Hampton letter to James A. Hampton


                         New Edinburgh Ark
                               July "13" 1884

           Mr. James A. Hampton

                                My dear uncle
         I was gladly surprised to get your
         dear letter. I received your letter some
         time ago. Pardon me please for not
         answering sooner. I have but very
         little time to write as I am teaching.
         Sunday is all the time I have to write
         and I have but little time then for I
         very often have company. But I will
         soon be free again. I just have one
         month to teach and I will be through
         teaching for this year. You spoke of going
         to Texas this summer. If you go you
         are going to come by to see me are you not.
         I want you to be sure and come by. I am
         very anxious to see you and uncle Charlie.
         I thought I would answer your letter
         last Sunday but failed to do so. We are
         having some fearful hot weather now. It
         is wearysome to me to have a mile and a half
         to walk through hot lanes. You know how 

Page 2, Mary Hampton letter to James A. Hampton

         the road is from Mr. Williams, the old
         man's, place to Mr. Pete Wagnon.
         It is nothing but a lane hardly. We 
         live half a mile from Uncle Charlie Williams,
         between his house and the Moro Creek.
         He lives on his Pa's old place.
         Mrs. Jolly, uncle's sister, is dead. She 
         married a man by the name of Erwin.
         Her son, James Jolly, is dead. Laura
         and Lulia (?) married. Lulia is dead also.
         Aunt Em and Uncle are raising one of
         her little boys. He has been going to school
         to me all this year. I think your children
         are very smart to know so much
         and are so young. That is the way to
         give them an education. Start them while they are young.
         Tell Aunt Fannie that I would like
         to (words on crease; can't read)... Tell
         her that I imagine she is a great hand
         to my uncle James. I want you to send
         me your picture and aunt Fannie's and
         those sweet little children. I would
         like to take one peep at their sweet
         looks. I hope to hear from you soon.
         Excuse all errors please and write soon.
         From your affectionate niece, Mary E. Hampton 

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