Postcards from William O. Pontius

            "These post cards were written to my great grandfather, John D. C. McClure, by a W. O. Pontius
from Warren in 1927 when my great grandfather was living in New Orleans for the year. My great grand
father had lived in Wilmar, in Drew County. Pontius was something of a cartoonist because the cards are
illustrated with cartoon type drawings. They are somewhat unique.
             My great grandfather, John D. C. McClure, was employed as a saw filer with Gates Lumber 
Company. He was born April of 1853 in Vigo County, Indiana and died after 1927 in DeKalb, Kemper
County, Mississippi. He and his wife, Emma Maul McClure are buried in Monticello, Arkansas. I do not
know anything about the author of the cards - other than he had a sense of humor!" ~~Sylvia Akin

William O. Pontius postcard - Black cat on fence


             "Dear J.D.C. - 
                          I am wishing you a 
               howling good time for tomorrow.
               We are to have chicken. Kepharts
               have invited us to eat turkey
               in the evening.
William O. Pontius postcard - Man and Dog
            "My dear J.D.C. - 
                 Did you ever have a 
             fellow like this want
             to carry on a con-
             versation with you.
             I would like
             to be in a corner
             watching and listening.
             He is all dressed
             up looking for
             Mrs. B. ate dinner
             with us last
             night. Mrs. Anderson
             from Wilmar was
             visiting Anna.
             Our S.S. class has a
             banquet tonight at church.
                            W. O. Pontius"

William O. Pontius postcard - Love Birds

                                                                    Jan 25, "27 
               "My dear J.D.C. McC - 
                                           Just a month ago today w/ you in
               Jackson, Texas. Had a very nice visit indeed. Went in
               the rain and came back the same way. Water, water
               everywhere and nowhere to swim. I ate fruit cake and
               mince pie for three days. Tasted just right - then on
               the following Thursday after I got back home I "puked" the whole works up. Had
               that in my stomach almost a week. No more fruit cake, mince pie comb-
               inations for me!!! You did not state how you were feeling.
                                         Now what are you and your lady friend
               going to do since you changed hotels. I hope your new work will
               be even more congenial than the other place. I was in Little Rock
               on Jan 11-12 for state assn. meeting. Warren is a mud hole 
               again as they are now building more streets. Will be glad when
               it is finished.                       Truly, 
                                                                  W. O. Pontius"

William O. Pontius postcard - Chitlins



          MY DEAR J.D.C -

These postcards appear courtesy of Sylvia Akin.

                      "I looked in the Censuses and found William O. and Anna L. Pontius. They are in Pennington
               Township, Warrren Town in Bradley County on April 5, 1930. William is age 45, Anna is age 41; both 
               say they are born in Indiana. They have been married 20 years. They have a son with them, Harry, age 4, 
               born in Arkansas. William's occupation is listed as Physician, and he is working as a Chiropractor. He is 
               not a veteran and owns $5000 worth of home and real estate. They live at 110 Scotta (?) Street, which is
               Dwelling #76, Family #78 on Sheet #4A, Stamped page #153.

                      In 1920 they were in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, Census Sheet #7A, Stamped page #92,
               Renting at 201 North New Jersey Street, which is Dwelling #79, Family #189. He is attending school
               (Medical?) and is not employed. She is a stenographer for Star Battery(?) Company working for wages.
               They have no children, and are listed as William O. and Anna S. Pontius, ages 36 and 31 respectively, and
               both born in Indiana; dated January 10, 1920.

                     I also found a Harry E. Pontius in the Social Security Death Index who might be the son. The birthdate
               is right. He was born 27 Dec 1925 and died 19 Aug 1991. Last residence listed is the U.S. Consulate,
               Mazatlan, Mexico; Social Security Number 430-38-6263 issued in Arkansas. 

                     From our webpages I also found that Dr. W. O. Pontius was an honorary pallbearer at a funeral in July
               1931 for Mrs. William F. Mack." ~~Barbara Logan

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