Letter from Ruby Neely to Carl Wear

Courtesy of Cindy Munson.

This letter from Ruby Neely to Carl Wear was written Dec 8 1939, a month before she died.
( Letter in possession of Robert Wear)

Neely Letter Page 1

Dear Carl, I'll write
2 or 3 lines and rest.
Maybe I'll get it wrote.
I feel or believe I am
some better, although
I'm awful weak. I don't
try to even sit up yet.
I got the money order
OK yesterday. I sure thank
you and appreciate it
very much But I can
pay them Carl. I hate
for you to do that as long
as I have any money
at all. Paul is still
on the P W A. After
Arthur found out I was
sick he's been mighty
good he didn't know

I was sick. Laverne
and Homer lost their
Baby born dead. I haven't
heard any particulars.
I hope you soon feel
Carl you just as well
stop those insurance men
until I can get better
and mended again.
I have a letter nearly
every day, they wanted
to know why I didn't
go on I may send it to
       will close

Neely Letter Page 1

Neely Letter Page 2

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