Letter from Mary Tulula Spooner

This letter is correspondence from Mary Tulula Spooner in Attapulgus, Georgia to her Aunt Nancy Elizabeth Brunson, (widow of Jackson Henry Ingram), in Bradley County, Arkansas in 1899.

This letter appears courtesy of Terri Ingram-Hegenbart .



        Attapulgus Ga. Mar 20eth 1899
My Dear aunt -
              Your letter was
rceived and red with much
pleasure. Please exchose me for
my bad writing    I don't feel much
like writing this evening.
I am sick with cold and fever
have been sick for three four
days    we are all sick with cole
and fever    Ma was in bed near
a week but is up now but not well
sister Liew Ellen was in bed for
three or four days last week    is
up now but not weell
Buddy was in bed a day is up
now but not well    sister
Vianna ben down yet, Pa havent'
eather. Feb. 12th it snowed from
about 11 or 12 oclock untill in
the nigh    the snow was on the


grownd 3 days    I beleive it was about
the coldest time I ever saw.
How are you all now    I am
sorry you are all sck    hoping you
will all get well.
Aunt Mary died the 10 of Mar
She has a sufferer for svreal years
and is better off now.
Aunt I would be glad to be there
but for the partys    I don't care
any thing for them    I haven't
been to but two and did'nt enjoy
them. The patracted meeting
is to begin the first sunday in
september and is expecting a
Irsh preacher to help.
I will send you the children
some poppy seed    I think
they are ver pretty red
flower. I will send cowan Chloe
a flower that I made    hers is the
one with the blue streak    I will send


cousin Alethea a flower the
largest one    I will send the baby
the smallest one and a little
hatchet    please tell him to
go to cuting down new ground
with his little hatchet    tell
the girls to tie there flowers on a
green vine or on a green bush.
Plese write soon and often.
   Yours truely
           Tulula Spooner






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