Letter from Julia Singer Wear

Courtesy of Cindy Munson.

This letter was to Carl Wear from his mother Julia Singer Wear.
(Terrell Wear did the writing for his grandmother Julia Wear.)

                   Warren Ark.
                   July 21, 1935        
Dear Son,
   How are all of you
out there this hot dry
day. We sure are having
some hot dry weather
hear, the crops are 
almost burned up. 
Warren has a cheese
factory now, and daddy
has a milk Route
hauling milk to it. 
Grandma stayed at
our house from the
first of April until 
about the middle of May
then she went back

to Aunt Ruby's and stayed
until about the first
of June and she is still
at our house. Grandma
is feeling better over
hear she said, about
a week or too ago she
was bothered with her
Kidneys a lot, but got
better, she is feeling 
pretty bad today she 
said she was weak. 
Kirly Smith died 
yesterday at 7:00 oclock
in a hospital at
Little Rock. He had
3 operations, he was
auditor in 12 northern

counties in Arkansas, he
used to be cashier at the M,tp
    Lummye Coker is in 
the hospital again at 
St Vincents at Little 
Rock, she is pretty 
bad this time, this 
makes four operations 
for her in all.
   Grandma said she
was going to Aunt Melia
in a weeker too and
stay awhile.
             Your Mother
         By Terrell

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