Letter from M.A. Webb to Mrs. Susan Grider

The following letter was written March 1882, from M.A. Webb to her sister, Susan Hall Castleberry Grider.

The letter appears courtesy of Peggy Bowman.

Plains of Dura, March the 12, 1882

Mrs. Susan Grider

Warren, Bradley County, Arkansas

My dear sister your letter that was wrote the fourth of February 1881 I received yesterday was one week ago. Was very sorry it did not get to me sooner but John Hall, having so many letters and other business to attend to forgot to send it to me. Sorry to hear that your health was bad. Hope by this time it is better. My health is not very good. We are all well as usual. We are living where we did last year on Mr. Smith Davenports place near the Magnolia Springs 12 or 14 miles west of Americus. Dear sister, Father was willing to go. He did not seem to fear death none in the least. He has had the place picked out for several years where he wanted to be laid by the side of our dear old mother where we quietly laid his body to rest. A few years before he had the place walled in with brick which has and iron gate to it, also a head and foot board of tombstone put to mothers grave. We now have some to go to his. Sister Betsy stayed with me three weeks left last Saturday. She has a bad cough. Her children are all near her, 3 married, 2 single. Joe's wife was sick the last I heard from them. Dear Sister I wish we could meet once more on this green earth but I fear we never will, but if we never meet on earth again I hope that it may be our happy lot to meet in that land where parting is unknown. Write soon direct your letters to Plains of Dura, County Sumter.

Your devoted sister.

M.A. Webb

Write to me as soon as you get this and in my next letter I will tell you something and Father's property.

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