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Map Resources for Bradley County

   - List of Bradley County Historical "Forgotten" Towns - NEW - March 8, 2013.
Submitted by Richard Hudson.

   - New Map Resource from the USGS
Aerial Photos, Topographic and some Urban Maps
Submitted by Carolann St. John.

   - Bradley County Map
Shows communities, schools, waterways, cemeteries and more! Date not given
Submitted by Mary K. Barrett.

   - Railroad Maps
The OKGenWeb Maps expert, Sharon McAllister, has produced a great set of Railroad Maps
for OKGenWeb. She has now expanded her effort to include regional maps for the other 47
continental states. The maps are large and contain a great deal of information including
the location of many defunct towns.

   - United States Digital Map Library
If you are looking for maps you may also want to check out this site.

   - Arkansas Maps
This external link will take you to a site with many maps of Arkansas, showing how it
changed through the years 1813 to present day; also the Census maps.

   - Bradley County Map with townships and ranges.   
If you've found land records for your ancestor, you can find out where in the county the
land is situated. Also shows towns, waterways, highways and railroads.
Submitted by Jann Woodard.

   - List of Bradley County townships through the years.
Submitted by Michelle Hood.

   - 1845 Bradley County Map.
Notes say this map was drawn up in 1978 by the late Robert L. Gatewood showing Bradley County
in 1845; information taken from original documents in the County Courthouse.
Submitted by Jann Woodard.

   - 1853 Arkansas Map (144 KB).
Submitted by Debbie Patrick.

   - 1861 United States Map (1663 KB).
"Map of the United States of America, showing the boundaries of the Union and Confederate gepgraphical
divisions and departments, June 30, 1861. From an original in the Map Department, Library of Congress."
From HISTORY OF NORTH AMERICA, Copyright, 1905, by George Barrie & Sons.
Submitted by Carolann St. John.

   - 1895 Arkansas Map.
This external link will take you to a large map of Arkansas which shows several of the small towns
once located in Bradley County. (1646 KB in size, it will take a while to download depending on your
internet connection speed.)

   - 1895 Bradley County Map.
A close-up of Bradley County from the 1895 Map above.

   - 1930 Bradley County Township Map.   
This map rendering is based on a map submitted by Michelle Hood.

   - New 1936 Map Resource (933 KB - 3000 X 2596 pixels)
1936 General Highway and Transportation Map prepared by the Arkansas State Highway
Commission in cooperation with United States Department of Agriculture. It identifies farms,
dwellings, business establishments, churches, factories, sawmills, roads, cemeteries, waterways
and more. Full-sized (502 KB, 18,300 X 11,400 pixel tif image) Arkansas county 1936 maps
are available at this webpage.
Submitted by Jean McClellan

   - 1941 Arkansas Map (123 KB).
Submitted by Debbie Patrick.

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