Brides "B & C" - 1940 to 1990

Big THANK YOUS to Bev Hall for transcribing these records,
and to Jann Woodard for providing them for the web pages.

This list contains the surnames of people who were married between 1940 and 1990. As some of these people may still be living, we will NOT be posting their marriage information on the internet, to protect their privacy.

If you are a relation of any of these couples and wish to have their information, please contact me, Barbara Logan, at Please send me the FULL NAMES of the couple you are requesting information on and I will email you that information privately.

These lookups are currently only available for the following Brides with Surnames starting with "B & C" and these Grooms with Surnames starting with "O." Information MAY include full names, age at time of marriage, marriage date and Marriage Book and page reference. Some of this information is not available on some of the listings.


Bryant - Cornett
Bryant - Curry
Bryant - Mitchell

Bunn - Rogers

Burks - Hewitt

Burnett - Bowen

Burns - Jackson
Burns - Smith

Burrell - Young

Bush - Sowell

Butler - Arberr
Butler - Phillipsy

Byrd - Ashcraft

Callum - Davis

Calvert - Haynes
Calvert - McClendon

Calvin - Vickers

Carmical - Carroway

Carr - Blackmn

Carter - Crawford

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