Corrections to Bradley County, Arkansas Marriage Records

Please note: These corrections were submitted by Bradley County researchers. You should always make every effort to confirm data by looking at the original record.

Alemeta V. Blankinship (married Hugh Bradley) should be Amelia Virginia.

Charles C. Calvin (married Emma Hamilton) should be Charles C. Colvin.

The marriage license for Bessie Martin and J. W. McGhee was returned unexecuted.

R. M. Calloway (married Mrs. D. Simpson) should be R. S. Calloway.

Ellen S. Stone (married A. A. Hamilton) should be Ellen S. Slough.

For marriage of J. R. Haygood and Mary O'Neal, Debbie Patrick shows 8 Jan 1911, Marriage Book G, p. 454.

Ola Hickman (married Harvey Temple) should be Ola Hickey. Her name is listed as Hickey on her cemetery headstone.

Kathye Upham said the record for "Mattie STOVALL married O.D. BEASLEY" should say "I. D. Beasley" (Ira Denson Beasley)

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