Bradley County, Arkansas Military

Bradley County Soldiers, World War II

The following Bradley County soldiers had their pictures printed in the Nov. 11, 1943 edition of the Eagle Democrat. All the men are in uniform and it states below the pictures where they are stationed (this information not available here).

Copies of the Nov. 11, 1943 and the Nov. 11, 1944 newspapers with the pictures of the Bradley County men in the Military can be viewed at the Bradley County Veterans Museum at 210 North Main St. in Warren, Arkansas.

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Wm. S. Abernathy
James C. Adair
Howard C. Adams
Millard R. Adams
Richard J. Adams
Woodrow R. Adams
John T. Akens
John R. Anders
Otha Anders
Herman C. Anderson
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James S. Baker
Jessie Baker
Leroy Baker
Noel J. Baker
LeRoy Beasley
Stewart Benson
Cone Berry
Howard Franklin Berry
Newell M. Berry
Norman Wilson Berry
Lavonn Binns
Clarence Blair
Aubert L. Booker
Walter Neal Booker
Walter T. Bowles
William J. Bowles
Tommy Neal Bowlin
Kirby Bowman
Renna Bowman
Herbert Bradley
Curtis Brady
Otis O. Brady
Claude Braswell
S.T. Braswell
Joe C. Bratton
Wayne Bratton
Cleve Brian
S.R. Brooks
Ira E. Broom
Frances L. Broughton
George E. Brown
Herbert S. Brown
Hurley J. Brown
Joe D. Brown
Will K. Brown
Jesse Brumley
William A. Bryant
Allan Bullock
Noel Burks
Lester Butler
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Clyde Calloway
Elmer Campbell
Ois Campbell
Vestal Castleberry
L.C. Chandler
Malvin Chandler
James L. Childs
Harold W. Clanton
Ralph Clanton
Samuel A. Clanton
Chas Laverne Clark
John F. Colvin
James W. Cooper
James A. Cooper
Eustus H. Corbitt
Prather L. Cox
James Craig
Terrell H. Craig
Chas P. Creed
Joe B. Creed
Warner Morris Creed
Richard Crisman
Kenneth Croswell
Marvin Crow
Merle Crow
A.G. Cruce
Russell Cruce
Garner Culpepper
Alva L. Curry
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William A. Daniel
Flowler Davis
Fred L. Davis
Joel O. Davis
Garner DeArmond
William C. DeArmond
Gurvis Dees
Arch Denne
John Denton
Marshal Denton
Norwood Denton
Horace R. Douglas
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Brooks Echoff
Reaves Erwin
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Everette H. Ferguson
John H. Ferguson
Vance L. Ferguson
Albert M. Ferrell
Travis G. Ferrell
Henry Ford
S.R. Forrest
David B. Fort
Donald W. Fort
Ralph Fort
John S. Franklin
Cloyce C. Frazer
William H. Frazer
William T. French
Robert W. Fullerton
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Clarence Gaddy
Mack Galloway
Roy Galloway
Duel Gambill
John C. Gambill
C.E. Gannaway
John Lee Gannaway
Fred Gardner
Richard A. Garrison
Aubrey H. Gates
Earnie Ted Gates
Jimmie Gates
John W. Givens
Garland N. Godfrey
Hubert R. Godwin
Thad Godwin
Wm. B. Godwin
Lee F. Gorman
W.M. Graham
Wade Graham
Kenneth Gregg
Robert J. Grider
Joe Guice
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Wiley C. Hairston
Kirby A. Halligan
J.B. Hamilton
W.F. Harding
John W. Hargis
Maurice B. Hargis
Robert Allen Hargis
Samuel Hargraves
William S. Harris
Charlie Bruce Harrod
Ellis C. Harrod
J.O. Harrod
Willis W. Haynes
Louis Helms
Richard Henry
Gill C. Herring
S.R. Herring
Hershell Hester
Francis E. Hickman
Joe V. Hightower
Max Hightower
Allen Hines
L.L. Hollingsworth
Robt. T. Hollingsworth
Joseph Hottle
Everett Howard
Samuel R. Howard
Julius C. Howsen
Marvin Huitt
Wilson Huitt
Augert Lee Hunter
Joe H. Hunter
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Robert Lewis Ivey
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John F. Jackson
Hartsell R. Johnson
James P. Johnson
Morris J. Johnson
Robert W. Johnson
Arthur L. Jolly
Herman Jones
James C. Jones
Leroy Jones
S.T. Jones
Wm. E. Jones
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James Virgil Kelley
Cecil Kemp
Herbert N. Kephart
Johnnie Kinard
W.G. Knickerbocker
Sherman G. Knowles
Oscar Koehler
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Pete Lain
V.M. Lain
Wm. E. Langston
Delbert Lawson
Frederick Lawson
James C. Lawson
J.O. Lee
Asa Lewis
Jack Lewis
Paul Lewis
Kneath E. Loomis
Douglas Lowery
James T. Lowman
Willie F. Lyon
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Kenneth Martin
Randall McCain
Coy F. McClain
Roy McClain
Walter T. McDonald
Henry L. McDougald
Loyd J. McDougald
Walter E. McDougald
James McEwen
A.J. McFarland
Ernest McFarland
Jerry McFarland
Ned McFarland
Frank McKimmy
Joe Fred McMahon
Chas D. Measel
James R. Melton
James T. Mew
Crenton Miller
Roy Morris Miller
Samuel Miller
Almon Mitchell
Donnie Hayes Moore
Bonnie Morgan
James Morgan
Orie Felton Morgan
David Allen Morris
Durwood Moseley
Harmon Moseley
Hugh Moseley
Clifton Myers
Leroy Myers
Walter Myers
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John T. Neal
Edwin T. Neely
Winfred Neely
Albert F. Nichols
Wallace Nixon
H.D. Norman
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George Wilson O'Neal
Charles O'Rear
Edgar Orr
James Clifton Orr
Alfred Overton
Vance Ozment
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Harold B. Parnell
Hubert Parnell
James Parrott
Edwin Paulus
John W. Paulus
Robt. E. Paulus
Walter B. Pinson
Earl Berry Piper
Bill C. Powell
Roy Powell
Fred Purcell
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H.H. Reaves
Joe L. Reaves, III
Robert Gibb Reaves
Bennie Reddin
Wm. D. Reddin
Clifford Reep
Jerrell Reynolds
John D. Reynolds
W.S. Reynolds
Edwin Rhodes
Jerry Richardson
Justin Richardson
Charles M. Risher
Paul K. Roberts
Jerry Robertson
W.D. Roddey
V.M. Rotton
Marion Rowland
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William Sanders
Claude Savage
William S. Seay
Louis G. Selig
Harmon Senn
Lennie N. Senn
James Sharkey
John D. Sharkey
Garland Sharp
Nolan Shirey
Mack Simmons
Willie Singer
Jessie Sipes
Lorene Slaughter
Dayton Sloan
James L. Smith
John Smith, Jr.
Leonard Smith
R.T. Smith
Travis J. Smith
William E. Smith
William P. Smith
Paul Spraggins
Webster C. Spraggins
Wm. Cecil Spraggins
John E. Squires
Amos Clifton St. John
Kenneth M. Stedman
B.J. "Jack" Stewart
Emo Stoker
M.E. Stough
Fixie Strange
Luther Swan
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George W. Tarlton
Charles Roy Tate
J.W. Tate
James E. Tate
John L. Tate
Robert E. Tate
Ralph F. Taylor
Earl Temple
Orie E. Temple
Purman Temple
Robert Temple
William T. Temple
John M. Thomas
Clarence Thomasson
William Thornton
Ellis Tull
Earl J. Tullos
Cone Turner
Henry G. Turner
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James E. Victor
Rex O. Vowell
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James Wade
H.G. Wagnon
Leron E. Wardlaw
Dewey Waterfield
William T. Wear
Jack Weir
Albert T. Weiss
Elmer Wentz
Sidney Wharton
Ray Wheeler
Carol Wherry
Levi Wherry
Curtis G. White
Dee P. White
John B. White
Roy White
Wm. R. Whitehead
George T. Wiggins
Durell Williams
Ernest Williams
Hershel Williams
Jack Ray Williams
Nolin L. Williams
Harold Wilson
Joe M. Wilson
John Womack
Harold Ray Wood
Jesse Wood
Ernest E. Woodruff
Dean R. Woodward
Ralph Lavon Wooley
Lester Wright
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Aubrey York
Daniel York
Dennis York
Hansel York
Herman York
Kermit York
Thomas York
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See the 1944 list of Bradley County soldiers.

We are very grateful to Jann Woodard for extracting and typing all these Bradley County soldiers, and to Brian Warner for writing a helpful program to alphabetize the list.

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