Bradley County Military

Military Pension Application Information for George F. Turner

This page contains transcripts of various documents relating to George F. Turner, including such things as Doctor's report, Witness Documents, Widows Benefits, etc. These are from the 24th Arkansas Infantry, and dated 1901. Transcribed and submitted by Vickie Clarke.

                                 EVIDENCE OF PHYSICIAN

County of Bradley

        I, W.C. Evans a duly registered and practicing physician i Bradley County, 
Arkansas, do hereby certify that I am personally well acquaitned with Geo F. Turner
of Lanark, Arkansas, who is an applicant for a pension under the Statutes of Arkansas.
        That at his request I have made an examination of his physical condition and
State description and character of wound ----------
Physical condition and to what cause is his incapacity for maual labor attributable.
Nervous Prostration, Old age and Exposure and that said disability is not the result
of his own vicious habits still persisted in----

Extent of disability Wholy unable to do any kind of manual labor.

                                               W.C. Evans  M.D.

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 31 day of May 1901.
                                               J.D. McLeod, J.D. (then it is cut off)

(Transcription  typed by me and all spelling errors included.  VACS) 

PROOF OF SERVICE (By Comrades if Possible) STATE OF ARKANSAS County of Bradley On this day personally came before the undersigned, a Justice of Peace within and for the County of Bradley and the State of Arkansas R. McAllister, J.D. Hall citizens of Bradley County whom I certify to be credable persons and worthy of confidence, who being duly sworn, state that they are each, personally, well acquainted with applicant Geo F. Turner and have known him 30 years, respectively. That he was a Confederate soldier. Belonging to Company "C" Regiment of Port Lock's That as such soldier he seved from (the beginning was crossed out) 1862 to the end. That he was honorably discharged (paroled or released) from such service, and did not desert the same. That he is now and has been for the past twelved months a bona fide resident of Arkansas. That he is incapacitated for manual labor for reason of Narvous Prostration, old age ed, Exposure and that such incapacity (or disability) is not the result of how own vicious habits still persisted in. That to the best of our knowledge, all property now owned by him and his wife, together, is not worth exceeding $400 (exclusive of household goods and wearing apparel). That neither he nor his wife is in receipt of any income, annuity, pension or wages for any services, or the emoluments of an office, in excess of $150 per year. That we have no interest in this claim. R. McAllister J.T. Hall Subscribed and sworn to before me this 8 day of June 1901 J.D. McLeod J.P. (Transcription typed by me and all spelling errors included. VACS) (VACS_Notes: It looks like Mr. Hall was J.D. on the first part and J.T. as a signature)
LETTER FROM PENSION BOARD STATE OF ARKANSAS County of Bradley We, the undersigned, sitting as a Pension Board for Bradley County, do certify that we have examined the application of the within named Geo. F. Turner for pension, under Act of the General Assembly of the State of Arkansas, as approved March 11, 1901, and the proof in support of the same, and find that said applicant is Disabled Confederate soldier, is in indigent cirumstances, and wholly or partially incapacitated for manual labor, and that his claim is just, and that he should be allowed $50.00 pension. M.B. Garrison [SEAL] H.L. Turner [SEAL] C.C. Hering?[SEAL] 4054 APPLICATION OF G.F. Turner Lanark P.O. Bradley County Examined and Allowed and $50. allowed and Auditor authorized to draw warrant for same. FILED IN AUDITORS OFFICE, July 19, 1901 T.C. Manor? Auditor This 9 day of Aug 1901 J.W. Crockent ? Sec'y of State T.E. Monroe Auditor V.Y. Cook Major General Commanding? C. V. (Transcription typed by me and all spelling errors included. VACS)

This information submitted by Vickie Clarke

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