Bradley County Arkansas Military

Military Record of Milton Joshua Childers

Here is Milton's Military record. He received his pension from North Carolina (Johnston Co).
The last battle he was in was at Bentonville, NC.  ( almost next to Smithfield, NC.) 
He married, lived, and died in Smithfield, NC (Johnston Co.).
Pvt. Joshua M. Childers, 2nd.Arkansas Infantry Regiment, Comp. I, CSA
Below are the military records of your ancestor, transcribed by our
cousin, in Benton, AR.
Pvt. Joshua M. Childers, 2nd.Arkansas Infantry Regiment, Comp. I, CSA
Private/ Private/ 9 cards
(1) 28 Feb 1863 to 30 Apr 1863/ enlisted at Warren by Capt. McKenney 8 Jan
for war /present 52pier? caps, 78 cts. stoppage?
(2) 30 Apr 1863 to 30 Jun 1863/ absent/ sent to hospital 25 May 1863
(3)30 Jun 1863 to 31 Aug 1863/ last paid by Capt. Sullivan 30 Jun /present
(4) 31 Aug 1863 to 31 Oct 1863/ absent /wounded at battle of Chickamauga 20
Sep 1863
(5) 31 Oct 1863 to 31 Dec 1863/ absent/ wounded at battle of Chickamauga 19
Sep 1863
(6) 31 Dec 1863 to 29 Feb 1864/ last paid by Hospital 31 Oct /absent
(7) 29 Feb 1864 to 30 Apr 1864/ absent /as above
(8) 30 Jun 1864 to 31 Aug 1864/ last paid by Capt. Sullivan 29 Feb/ present
(9) paroled at Greensboro NC 1865
(10) register of payments on descriptive lists 1 Jul 1863 to 31 Oct 1863
pd. 11 Nov 1863 by Jno. Decker $44
(11) Joshua Childers appears on a register of St. Mary's Hosp. Dalton Ga,
complaining: Rubella
admitted: 21 May 1863
sent to : Oliver Hospital 20 Jun 1863
(12) The confederate States - Form 18; Private J.M. Childers ,Co.I, 2nd Ar
Vol. for commutation of Rations while on sick furlough Oct 6 to Dec 4
Inclusive 60 days 19 80
(13) pd. Nov 11 1863 J.M. Childers, Pvt, Co. I, 2nd AR Vol.  from 1 Jul to
31 Oct 1863 -- $44
(14) to J.M. Childers private receipt of same/ signed by mark
Pvt. Joshua M. Childers, 2nd.Arkansas Infantry Regiment, Comp. I, CSA
NC started accepting applications from veterans for other injury and diseases
with the Act of March 2nd. 1901.
M.J. was disapproved at age 57 for the application dated 7/1/1901.
He reapplied at age 63  with the ratified Act of March 2, 1903 and was
Here are some statements from both applications:
* (if different Application #2)
State of North Carolina County of Johnston Co
Milton J. (M.J.) Childers who enlisted in Co. I of 2nd. Arkansas on or about
the date of April 18, 1861 (April 12, 1861), to serve in the armies of the late
Confederate States, and that while in said service at Chickamauga Tenn.
received a wound.
Applicant. was shot through the right thigh at the battle of Chickamauga, Tenn.
and also suffers from rheumatism and frequently suffers from kidney colic.
These diseases were brought on by exposure and hardship in the army and the
applicant can not do much manual labor.
Also personally appeared before me Thel Hooks a physician in good standing in
said county.....thoroughly examined M.J. Childers, the applicant for pension,
and finds such disability for manual labor as described below, by reason of
wounds received while in the discharge of his duty as a soldier or sailor of
North Carolina in the service of the late Confederate States.
Applicant had a ?  ? of the right thigh which healed - caused by minie ball.
This disability amounts to 1/2.
(Mr. Childers was wounded in the right thigh and has rheumatism from exposure
during his 4 years service in Civil War.  This disability amounts to 3/4.)
approved on 7/5/1905
Application for the "Home for Disabled Ex-Confederate Soldiers" at Raleigh, NC. 
Application accepted 9/1917.
Friends that signed they knew him as a Confederate solider:
W. B. Cole
J.T. Barham? (maybe Banham or Basham)
William S. Eldridge
John Stephenson
I.W. Hocutt
This is to certify that I am Mr. James* Childers physician. That he has just
had pneumonia and measles and it has left him in a helpless physical and mental
condition.  ......has to be looked after by others.  He is not even able to get
about.   Dr. Thel Hooks
M.J. Childers respectfully shows that he is on the pension roll of Johnston
County.  He was a soldier in the confederate army in Co. I 2 ARK. for 4 years
and was in the battle of Bentonville Johnston Co.(NC) and he has been a citizen
of Johnston Co. since 1865 having married and raised a family near Smithfield,
NC.  The applicant is now 75 years old. That on or about the date of April 1,
1917 the applicant was stricken with pneumonia which followed by measles and
since through his whole body has become paralyzed so that he is totally
disabled to do anything.  He can only get up as he is helpless and he
respectfully asks that he be advanced to the totally disabled list.
We have carefully examined the application of M.J. Childers and find him a
worthy solider and totally disabled and we commend his advancement to the
wholly disabled list.
W.M. Murphy
W.S. Stevens
This is to certify that I have examined James* Childers and find him partially
blind and physically unable to make a living for himself.  He has also had a
slight stroke of paralysis.
Dr. Thel Hooks
M.J. Childers being duly sworn says that he is now in the 76th. year of his
age. That he is on the pension rolls of Johnston Co and has been for several
years and that he is in the 4th. class.  That a year or two ago he had a long
spell of pneumonia which lasted 3-4 months and that before the got over the
pneumonia he had a bad case of the measles and after recovering from these he
has been mostly blind and unable to do but very little work and about 2 weeks
ago he had a slight stroke of paralysis which leaves him in a helpless
condition and he respectfully asks to be advanced to the totally disabled list
by reason of said paralysis and sickness.  He here with files the certificate
of Dr. Thel Hooks his attending Physician. We are satisfied that the applicant
should be advanced and recommend the same.
W.S. Stevens-County Pension Board

*Milton Joshua Childers- (AKA  --  M.J., James and Jim )
I believe that listed below is Milton Joshua's Family in Bradley Co.
I still need more proof.  What I have to go on is:
Milton Joshua Childers mustered out of Bradley Co. His death certificate states that his father is Andrew Childers. It also states that his mother is Jane Childers. It states that his Father was born in Mississippi, and that M.J. was born in MS. I have yet to find any one researching this family.  Many years later when my mother asked for any family names my G Grandmother Dora did not remember any names. Dora went to visit relatives in Ark. when she was nine. The only thing she remembered was crossing the Mississippi River on a ferry.  5/2002
1860 census - Bradley Co. Arkansas - Washington Township--Hermitage
782-782 Childers, Jane E. 32 Farmer  SC
Johnson, Jesse L. 23    SC
Childers, David  15  MS
, Milton 14    MS
, Daniel  12   MS
, Jane  10  MS
, Joseph 8  MS
, Lydia 7  MS
No Andrew is listed in the house
No William listed in this house.

Descendants of Milton Joshua Childers

1 Milton Joshua Childers b: December 26, 1843 in MS d: January 9, 1924 in Smithfield, NC (Johnston Co)

. +Jane Anne Sellers b: March 14, 1847 in NC (Johnston Co) d: November 26, 1934 in Wison Mills Twp, Smithfield, NC (Johnston Co) m: April 28, 1865 in Smithfield, NC (Johnston Co)

............. 2 David William Childers b: 1867 in NC (Johnston Co) Not proven d: February 17, 1891 in AR -place unknown

............. 2 Fannie J. Childers b: January 3, 1868 in NC (Johnston Co) Not proven d: December 9, 1926 in Smithfield, NC (Johnston Co)

................. +sReben Wilkerson, IIIsave b: September 1857 in NC (Johnston Co) d: Aft. 1923 in Smithfield, NC (Johnston Co) m: September 4, 1883 in Smithfield, NC (Johnston Co)

............. 2 Mary Childers b: October 1871 in Smithfield, NC (Johnston Co) d: November 1871 in Within 1 month of birth

............. 2 Edward Walter Childers, Sr. b: October 29, 1871 in Smithfield, NC (Johnston Co) d: October 27, 1966 in NC (Johnston Co)

................. +Hettie Virginia Hill b: November 3, 1879 d: October 13, 1945 in NC (Johnston Co) m: Abt. 1895 in NC (Johnston Co)

............. 2 Rosa L. Childers b: April 1874 in Smithfield, NC (Johnston Co)

................. +George Lee b: 1874 in NC (Johnston Co) m: September 3, 1895 in Smithfield NC (Johnston Co)

............. 2 George H. Childers b: September 1877 in Smithfield, NC (Johnston Co) d: in Smithfield area, NC (Johnston Co)

................. +Alice Narron Pendergraph b: Abt. 1895 d: in Smithfield area , NC (Johnston Co)

............. 2 Betty Jane Childers b: January 8, 1879 in Smithfield , Nc (Johnston Co) d: March 5, 1961 in Selma, Nc (Johnston Co)

................. +Collins b: Abt. 1875 in ? d: in ? m: in Smithfield, Nc (Johnston Co)

............. 2 [1] Dora Lee Childers b: May 7, 1883 in Smithfield, Nc (Johnston Co) d: December 10, 1965 in Chapel Hill, Nc (Wayne Co)

................. +Levi J. Hughes b: September 21, 1882 in Smithfield, NC (Johnston Co) d: August 10, 1949 in Selma, NC(Johnston Co)

............. *1st Husband of [1] Dora Lee Childers:

................. +George Daughtery

............. 2 Alcie Daniel Childers b: May 7, 1886 in Smithfield, Nc (Johnston Co) d: January 18, 1968 in Four Oaks, Nc (Johnston Co)

................. +Carie Lessie Mitchell b: March 25, 1887 in Smithfield, Nc (Johnston Co) d: September 1978 in Four Oaks, Nc (Johnston Co) m: in Nc (Johnston Co)

............. 2 Joseph Carl Childers b: August 8, 1890 in Smithfield, Nc (Johnston Co) d: January 30, 1943 in Smithfield , Nc (Johnston Co)

................. +Rindie Magdalene Narron b: July 14, 1894 in Smithfield , Nc (Johnston Co) d: February 4, 1964 in Smithfield , Nc (Johnston Co)


Letter written by his Sunday School class to wife -
To: Jane [Ann Sellers] Childers, [grandson -] Thel Jackson,  [and wife of Thel - ] Virginia Louise Pierce Childres
Sunday - 1/13/1924
Business Men's Sunday School Class Room
Whereas Almighty God has seen fit to take a member of our class Brother M.J. Childers.  Be it resolved that we the Business Mens class extend to his bereaved widow and children our deepest sympathy, and may Heavens blessing be extended to them, and friends is our earnest prayer.

J.H. Woodall, Secty'
W.L. Fuller
G.E. Thorton (Committee)
The church that M.J. Childers,  Woodall, Fuller, and Thornton belonged to was Centenary Methodist (formerly Smithfield Methodist) Church, located at 2nd and Market streets across from the courthouse. It was founded in 1839.

This information submitted by Charlene Nix, May 2002

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