Bradley County, Arkansas Military

Bradley County Soldiers, World War I Draft Registrations, Surnames A-F

Index to the Bradley County World War I Draft Registration. There were three different forms used in 1917-1918, but basically they give the following information: Serial Number; Name; Address; Age; Date of Birth; Race; Occupation; Nearest relative; Height; Build; Color of eyes; Color of hair; Disability; Name of registrar; Date.

If a name is linked, the draft card has been transcribed and more information is available. Click the name to see this information.

This is a work in progress. More names will be added as we have time to work on this project.

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- A -

Willie Gibbs Abernathy
Calvin William Adair
James Benjamin Adair
Andy Rufus Adams
Benjamin Rayford Adams
Cadmus (? Duren) Adams
Don Adams
Edward Joseph Adams
Henry Columbus Adams
James Adams
James Lonzo Adams
Jessie Melver Adams
John Adams
John Adams (black)
John Barber Adams
Jas. Henry Washington Adams
James Selvin Adams
Jesse Adams
Jesse Adams (black)
Leroy Adams
Martin Elonzo Merchant Adams
Peter Pressley Adams
Richard Ellis Adams
Roy Adams
Rufus Henry Adams (black)
Samuel Columbus Adams
Thomas Eli Adams
William Richard Adams
Frank Adcock
Henry Wade Adcock
William Walter Adkerson
Hal Mickle Akens
Ira Victor Akens
Eugene Akens
John Thanel Akens
John Benjamin Akens
Cheston Alexander (black)
Willie Clevelan Alexander
Zenobia Alexander (black)
George Allen (black)
Will Allen
William Allen (black)
Davie Allison
Edward Allison (black)
Herbert Glasgow Allison
Stehen Lee Allison
Tom Allison (black)
William Allison (black)
Benjamin F. Ammons
James Robert Anders
Josias Lee Anders
Riley Calvin Anders
Steven Benjamin Anders
William Frank Anders
Claud Collins Anderson
Clyde Anderson
Franklin Lafayette Anderson
Gus Anderson
John Franklin Anderson
Louie Anderson (black)
Monroe Anderson (black)
Pink (?) Anderson (black)
Willie Anderson (black)
Mark Edward Andrews
Brown Garrison Appleton
Jesse Edwin Armstrong
Jesse Jackson Armstrong
John Thomas Armstrong
Samuel Richard Armstrong
Willie Eugene Armstrong
Dean Curtis Ashcraft
Don Ashcraft
Mell Jefferson Ashcraft
Edward Aswell
Daniel Lucious Atkins
John Atkins
Morgan C. Atkins
Cecile Calvin Atkinson
William Manuel Atwell
Charley Avery (black)
James Avery (black)
William Avery (black)
Owen O. Axley
Burl Aycock
Curtis Aycock

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- B -

Bertram Henry Bailey
Harry Bailey (black)
L. C. Bailey (black)
L. D. Bailey (black)
Patrick Wilson Bailey
Rex Bailey (black)
Alfred Edward Baker
Claude Baker
Douglas Lee Baker
Edward Mike Baker
Ernest Clifton Baker
Ira Baker
James Irvin Baker
James Thomas Baker
Joseph McRobert Baker
Lucian W. Baker
Ola Rufus Baker
Steve Coston Baker
Thomas Benjamin Baker
William Henry Baker
Willis Avery Baker
Arthur Banks (black)
Nathan L. Barber
Gilbert Barfield
Spurgeon Hemperly Barnett
Byron Herring Bartlett
James Travis Bates
Ben Barker (black)
Charlie Barker, Jr.
George Barnes
Harrison Tomlin Barnes
James Barnes
Judson Edmond Barnes
William Jasper Barnes
Willis M. Barnes
Beverly W. Barnett
Guy Barnett (black)
Herbert Galloway Barnett
Gaston Barton (black)
Reubin Franklin Bates
Willie Bates (black)
Sam Batiie (black)
A. D. Beamon (black)
Barnie Alexander Beard
Benjamin Hamilton Beard
Charles Hugh Beard
Clarence William Beard
John Monroe Beard
Noel C. Beard
Rufus Barton Beard
Shelton Beard
Travie Bond Beard
Will Beard
William Edward Beard
William Frankline Beard
Ben L. Beasley
David Walter Beasley
Herman Auston Beasley
William Shelby Beasley
Charley Beavers (black)
Edd Beavers (black)
Ira Denson Beasley
James Walter Beasley
Julius Taylor Beasley
William Shelby Beasley
Everitt Beavers (black)
George Washington Beavers (black)
Homer Beavers (black)
Jasper Beavers (black)
Jim Beavers (black)
Ollis Beavers (black)
Omer Beavers (black)
Sammie Beavers (black)
Willie Tillie Beckham
John Burns (black)
Arthur Eddie Belcher (black)
Till Belcher (black)
Ben Belin (black)
Carl Columbus Belin
Daniel Wallace Belin (black)
Henry Belin (black)
Isom Belin (black)
Jabe Coleman Belin
James Belin (black)
James William Belin
Jesse Belin (black)
Jessie Belin (black)
Jesse Elgie Belin
Joe Belin
John Louis Belin
Lincoln Belin (black)
Louis C. Belin
Matel Belin (black)
Monroe Belin (black)
Richard Belin (black)
Robert Lee Belin (black)
Roy Belin (black)
Tom Belin (black)
Troy Belin (black)
Will Belin (black)
William Belin (black)
William Franklin Belin
William Henry Belin
Nillie Belin (black)
Wince Belin (black)
Tom Bell
Finley Bellott
Edward James Joseph Belongy
Peter Manuel Belongy
Bennie Benford (black)
John Benson (black)
Garland Berkley (black)
Alvin Berry
Calvin Berry (black)
Cone Turner Berry
Edgar Guy Berry
James William Berry
Roy Harding Berry
William Norman Berry
Albert H. Bethea
Joe Edgar Bethea
Noah L. Bethea
Russell Bethea
William Benjamin Bethea
William Troy Bethea
Josh Billingsly (black)
Ollie Bergley (black)
Clarence Bivins (black)
Samuel Columbus Bivens
Robert Lee Black
Hugh Blackman (black)
John William Blackman (black)
Gordon Blackwell
James Alexander Blackwell
Walter Asbury Blackwell
Claud Euelin Blair
Dewey Blake
Fred Douglas Bland (black)
Ervin W. Blankinship
Garland R. Blankinship
Herbert Olin Blankinship
Ernest Lee Blueford (black)
Thomas Jefferson Blueford (black)
Alex E. Blythe
John Samuel Blythe
Leonard Herbert Blythe
Thomas H. Blythe
William Franklin Boldebook
Wiley Boman (black)
Joe Edward Bond
John Charles Bond
Sam Bond
William Wendell Bond
James Booker
John Walter Booker
Columbus Boswell (black)
Edward Boswell (black)
Garthe Boswell (black)
Horace Boswell (black)
Ira Boswell (black)
James Boswell
Jettie Boswell (black)
John Grady Boswell
Alex Bowee (black)
William Jackson Bowles (black)
Casper A. Bowman
Dewey Sligh Bowman
George Washington Bowman
Jake Franklin Bowman
George Washington Boykin
John Mack Boykin
John Mark Boykins
Alfonze Bradford
Alfred V. Bradford
Bryant William Bradford
Henry Clay Bradford
John Thomas Bradford
Leonard Wilmot Bradford
Raymond Cornelius Bradford
Abe Bradley (black)
Albert Havis Bradley
Clifton Leon Bradley
Earnest Bradley
Edgar Bradley (black)
Glen Bradley (black)
Henry Bradley (black)
Hugh Bradley (black)
John Bradley (black)
John Bradley (white)
Joseph B. Bradley
Lee Bradley (black)
Marvin Bradley
Robert Lee Bradley
Robert Knox Bradley
Warren Bradley (black)
Will Bradley (black)
Alvin Brady
Jesse Jackson Brady
Henry Douglas Branch
Luther Brandon (black)
Benjamin Clay Brantley
Andrew Jackson Braswell
Benjamin Carr Braswell
Charley Alexander Braswell
Claude Braswell
Edward Jefferson Braswell
Jacob Carson Braswell
James Leon Braswell
Marvin Braswell
Parvin Braswell
Davis Prather Bratton
Elonzo Bratton
Paton Robert Bratton
Patrick Henry Bratton
Sandford B. Bratton
Thomas Edward Bratton
Victor Moss Bratton
Louis J. Brazeale
Hugh Breathwit
Isom Brewer
Robert Alphonse Brewster
Floyd Britt
Carle Lee Broach
Harvey Meek Broach
Jim Broach
George Oscar Brock (black)
Barkley B. Brooks
Ed Brooks (black)
James Lee Brooks
Met Lafayette Brooks
William Augustus Brooks
William Perry Brooks
William Webster Brooks
Archie Brown
Arthur Brown (black)
Bolden Brown (black)
Carson Eramous Brown
Daniel Brown (black)
Edd Brown
Edgar G. Brown
Frank Brown
George Franklin Brown
James M. Brown
James Webb Brown
Lee Roy Brown (black)
Mark Brown (black)
Nelson Michael Brown
John Brown
John Henry Brown (black)
John Brown
Johnson (?) Brown
Oscar Brown
Robert Brown (black)
Robert Brown
Robert Brown
Samuel Brown (black)
Tom Brown (black)
Virgil Brown
William Burl Brown
William Parker Brown
Eliss Browning (black)
Jessie Jerome Brumley
Lee B. Brumley
Herbert Gray Brummett
Dr. David Clinton Brunson (black)
Franklin A. Brunson
Norris Rayford Brunson
Edward Thomas Bruster
Benjamin Walter Bryant
Elzie Robertson Bryant
Henry Lloyd Bryant
Ivan Bryant
Jess Bryant
John H. Bryant (black)
Lee Bryant (black)
Sam Bryant (black)
Sam Augustus Bryant
Bennie Bunn (black)
Henry Oliver Bunn
Cartha Busy (black)
Frank Bunge
Bryan Orion Burk
Floyd Burks
George William Burks
John Wesley Burks
Noel E. Burks
Zack Burks (black)
Samuel K. Burley
Abe Burnes (black)
Brady Burnes (black)
Jasper Burnes (black)
Arthur Ralier Burnett
Elmer Burnett
Eugene Burnett (black)
Hurley Burnett (black)
Roy Burnett
Leslie Burnham
William Burnham
Calvin Burns (black)
Ben Burns (black)
Christopher Columbus Burns (black)
Clemon Altus Burns
Garland Burns (black)
Harry Burns (black)
Henry Burns (black)
Jeppie Burns (black)
Jim Burns (black)
Jonah Burns (black)
Julius Burns (black)
Lotus Buford Burns
Oscar James Burns (black)
Sam Burns (black)
Shep Burns (black)
Zack Burns (black)
Zettie Burns (black)
Jim Burrell (black)
John Alonzo Burton
Albert Butler (black)
Dave Butler (black)
John Hulen Butler
Omer Franklin Butler
Russell Butler
Selvin Turner Butler
John Steave Buzbee
Homer Byars (black)

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- C -

Lum Cabean (black)
Robert Cabean (black)
Winston Cabine (black)
Earl Calbert (black)
Huston Calbert (black)
Sam Captian Calbert (black)
Sim Caldwell (black)
Andrew Calhoun (black)
Charlie Wade Calloway
Claud Leonard Calloway
Henry Walter Calloway
Nick N. Calloway
Robert Carson Calloway
Simmie Rubin Calloway
Fred Callum (black)
George Callum (black)
Lon Callum (black)
McKinley Callum (black)
Daniel Van Calvert
Early Calvert (black)
Hurley Calvert (black)
Jno. Calvert (black)
Louis Alphonse Calvert
Monroe Calvert (black)
Sylvaner Cambell (black)
Willie Cambell (black)
Columbus Cambell (black)
Neal Alexander Cammell (black)
John R. Cameron
James Campbell (black)
John Campbell (black)
John Franklin Campbell
Lee Campbell (black)
John Campbell (black)
Lee Campbell (black)
Marshall Campbell (black)
Orville E. Campbell
James William Cameron
David Lathan Caplinger
Garland Isaac Caplingerr
Soloman Edward Caplinger
Willie L. Caplinger
William Franklin Carlisle
Frank L. Carmical
Florence Carmical
Claude Hayes Carmical (black)
Charles H. Carr
Charley J. Carr
Durwood M. Carr
Horace Foster Carr
James A. Carr
Paul Hunter Carr
Tilden Hendrix Carr
Ellis Verne Carraway
Benjamin Whitemarsh Carroll
William Franklin Carruth
Alvin Grover Carter
Aarthur Lafayette Carter
Charlie Flynn Carter
Charles George Washington Carter
Elmar Elsworth Carter
Fredrick Orville Carter
George Isaac Carter
James Franklin Carter
John Albert Carter
John W. Carter
Oliver Crawford Carter
Orlan Price Carter
Oscar Carter
Sam Carter (black)
Thomas Oliver Carter
Warren Elisha Carter
William Henry Carter
John Ruben Cash
Benjamin Franklin Castleberry
Carl Lee Castleberry
Clifton Green Castleberry
Coid (?) Castleberry
Don Castleberry
Henry Ferd Castleberry
Houston Roscoe Castleberry
Lesley (?) Harton Castleberry
Presley Joel Castleberry
Robert Dee Castleberry
Walter Castleberry
Walter Lafatte Castleberry
William Franklin Castleberry
Zesby (?) Castleberry
Albert Sidney Caston
Andrew Bartlett Cathey
Carl Lee Cathey
Hal B. Cathey
William T. Cathey
Tally Cavenness (black)
Willie Cavenness (black)
Elmer Chambers (black)
Marshall Louis Chambers
Croel Q. Chandler
John Frank Chandler
Luther Chandler
Printice Ervin Chandler
Delly Chapell (black)
Henry A. Chapman
Louis Chapman (black)
Henry Madison Childers
Lee Oril Childers
Albert Childs (black)
Allen Childs
Boss Childs (black)
Calvin Childs (black)
Lawrence Clay Childs
Columbus Childs (black)
Erna Mathis Childs
Ezekial Childs (black)
Garland Childs (black)
General Childs (black)
Columbus Childs (black)
Hoyle Edwin Childs
James Childs (black)
James Lafayette Childs
Marion Childs (black)
Nimrod Childs (black)
Omer W. Childs
Opal Otis Childs
Robert Watt Childs
Thomas Childs (black)
Tobe Childs (black)
Tom Childs (black)
Van Childs (black)
V. Mathis Childs
Walter Childs (black)
Willie Childs (black)
Zenar Childs (black)
Atticus Elmo Clanton
Grover Cleveland Clanton
Henry Clanton
Jesse Franklin Clanton
Julian Wallace Clanton
Samuel Wesley Clanton
Thomas Oscar Clanton
Vergie Ardie Clanton
William Elbert Clanton
Elmo Clark
George W. Clark
Lemmie Clark (black)
Major Clark (black)
Tom L. Clark (black)
Will Clark
Robert Lee Clayton
Thomas Hayden Clift
Arthur Clingman
Harry W. Clingman
John Wiley Clower
Benjamin Franklin Cobb (black)
Fred Cobb (black)
Ray Cobb (black)
Clarence Coddington
Lee Roy Coddington
William Calvin Coggins
Will Cargile (black)
Lee Roy Coker
Robert Lee Coker
Tom Colden
George Coldman (black)
Ed Coldman (black)
Edgar Coleman
Barnett Caswell Coleman
Fred Coleman (black)
Orice Coleman
Onice Coleman
Bates Collins
Jack Collins (black)
John Collins (black)
John Collins (black)
John Willie Collins (black)
Lee Collins (black)
Ulyses S. Colon (black)
Johnnie Edward Colvin
Lee Colvin
Lee Malachi Colvin
Otis Herbert Colvin
Rufus Columbus Colvin
Shafter Green Colvin
William Felton Colvin
William Melton Colvin
Willie Lee Colvin
Lige Conley (black)
Charley Cook (black)
Clyde Cook (black)
Jesse Cook (black)
Jim Cook (black)
Robert Lee Cook
Elliott Cook (black)
Elbert Cooper
George Pearson Cooper
Lee Cooper
Robert Dewey Cooper
Robert Gibb Cooper
Carl Henry Copeland
James Copeland
Grover Cleveland Corker
Jeff Davis Corker
James Richard Corley
Elihue Carrothers (black)
Ralph Dinkins Carrothers (black)
James Francis Cosby (black)
Aubry Ennis Councille
Louis Dudley Councille
Otis Steven Courtney
Harvey Couser (black)
Joseph Whitney Cowell
Alfred Benjamin Cowser (black)
Charlie Cowser (black)
Louis Cox
Luther Cox
William Cox
Earl George Crabtree
Elmer Crabtree
James Craig
Jim Craig
Thomas Forrest Craig
Gus Crawford (black)
Alonzo B. Crawford
Archiball Russell Crawford
David Austin Crawford
Edwin Russell Crawford
Jesse Hill Crawford
Joe Rease Crawford
Roscoe Franklin Crawford
T. Boyce Crawford
William Clyde Crawford
Henry Creal (black)
Julian Creesy
James Creed
John Seldon Creed
Joseph A. Creed
Joseph Edgar Creed
Robert Henry Creed
Robert Jefferson Creed
William Ephran Creed
William Creed
Bowman M. Crittendon
William Edward Croft
Eugene Cross (black)
Alex Wilson Croswell
Marvin Thacker Crow
Elmer Crowder
Guy Truman Cruce
Wesley Cruce
Floyd Culbreth
Robert Culbreath
Robert Benjamin Culp
Walter Andrew Culp
Dink Cummings (black)
B. Vance Cunningham
C. D. Cunningham
Fletcher Cunningham
Harold Reuben Cunningham
Joseph Hurley Cunningham
Thomas G. Cunningham
George Carlton Curry
Carrol Cleveland Cuthbertson

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- D -

Robert Dabney (black)
Joe C. Dailey
John Clay Dalton
Jonnie Lee Dalton
William Holis Dalton
Fred Daniels (black)
Hubert Daniels (black)
John Mark Daniels (black)
Mason Daniels (black)
William Adolph Daniels
Edwin Cobble Darby
Hugh Thomas Darby
William Price Darby
George Wesley Davidson
Robert Lee Davidson
William B. Davidson
Albert Turner Davis
Bonner G. Davis
Cornelius Davis (black)
David Davis (black)
Ed Davis (black)
Frank McNeely Davis
Garland Rufus Davis (black)
Houston S. Davis
Jackson Davis (black)
James Davis (black)
John Davis (black)
John Davis (black)
John Davis (black)
John Davis (black)
John Franklin Davis (black)
John W. Davis
John Willie Davis (black)
Joseph Virgil Davis
Lee Davis (black)
Lum Davis (black)
Millard Davis (black)
Morris Davis
Nathaniel Davis (black)
Oda Jackson Davis
Oliff Davis
Paton Davis
Quincey Fred Davis
Robert Davis
Sam Davis (black)
Sandy Davis
Titus Davis (black)
Walter Jackson Davis
Washington Davis (black)
William Davis (black)
Willie Davis
Lamar Dawkins
Peter Marion Day
John Franklin Dearman
Marvin Leroy Dearman
Claude Mayhugh Dearman
Fred Hornsly DeArmond
John Logan DeArmond
Louis Gold DeArmond
Wesley DeArmond
Will Zack Dees
Arch Deneen
Willie Dennis
G. L. Dent
Shelly Dent (black)
Elan Denton
Lawrence Hedrick Derby
John Franklin Dermon
Don Carlos Derryberry
John Devorce (black)
Leon Devorce (black)
Charlie W. Dickens
Ernest Dickerson (black)
Elbert Dickerson (black)
James Dickerson (black)
Thea Dickerson (black)
Tom Dickerson (black)
Will Dickerson (black)
Harvie Otis Dickey
Robert Lee Dickey
David Monroe Dickson
Doyle Dilley
Claude Dillon
George Desmute
John Daniel Devine
Joseph Lewis Devine
David Dyer Dix
Garfield Doan
John Madison Dodgen
Jessie Mack Dodson (black)
George Washington Doggett
Thomas Anderson Doggett
Wesley Doggett
Woodie Haywood Doggett
Almer Edward Dobson
Oscar Dobson
Walter Leroy Dobson
Martin Dorham (black)
John Louis Dorsey (black)
Isreal Doss (black)
Talmadge Earnest Doss
William Thomas Doss
Coy Hoke Doster
Harris Dotson (black)
Charley Frank Douglas
Oscar Mason Douglas
Otis Leroy Douglas
Willie Draper (black)
Charlie Edward Drinkuth
Ernest Washington Drinkuth
John H. Drinkuth
Theophilus Columbus Dryson (black)
Elbert H. DuBose
James Henry DuBose
Linsey Dulaney (black)
Lyman Duncan
Roy Duncan
Willis Franklin Dunkle
Henry Crook Dunlap
Johnnie Durden (black)
Ernest Gladstone Durham
Joe Durmon

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- E -

Fletcher Ead
Jim Benjamin Earnest
Clint Eason
George Eason
James Jewel Easterling
Oscar Troy Easterling
Will Eaton (black)
John William Echoff
Ollie John Edeline
Owens Edeline
Alfred Seldon Ederington
Dillard Artemus Ederington
Dudley Ederington (black)
John Ederington (black)
John Madison Ederington
John Thomas Ederington
Louis Ederington
Samuel Ederington (black)
Samuel Lafayette Ederington
Thomas Jefferson Ederington
Tillman Ederington (black)
Vest Vance Ederington
William Elzie Ederington
William Wheeler Ederington
William Murry Edney
Alexander Edwards (black)
David Henry Edwards
George Washington Edwards (black)
Harvie Oliver Edwards
John Edwards (black)
Ed Eggleston (black)
James W. Eichelberger, Jr. (black)
Charlie Eliotte (black)
Fred Elliott
Lee Elliott (black)
Grant Elon (black)
Charles E. Englehart
Andrew Richard Entricken
George Leonard Ervin
Herbert Leonard Ervin
Newton Birdwell Ervin
Oder Lee Ervin
Sidney Sylvester Ervin
William Edgar Ervin
Bob Etheridge
William Daniel Etheridge
Andrew Guss Evans
George Washington Evans
Hugh Evans (black)
James McKinley Evans
John Evans (black)
King Evans (black)
Willie Humphrey Evants
Charlie Everett
Clarence Everett (black)
Leon Everett (black)

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- F -

Coleman Falls (black)
Henry Falls (black)
James Farmer (black)
Lloyd Farmer
John Wesley Farrar
William Joseph Faulkner
George Fearrand
John Feaster (black)
James Feaster (black)
Walter Feaster (black)
William James Whitley Feaster
Buford Jewell Ferguson
Cleveland Ferguson
Daniel Carl Ferguson
Ernest William Ferguson
Howard Hough Ferguson
Ira Ferguson
Ira Ferman Ferguson
Jessie Ferguson
Lester Hough Ferguson
Robert Lee Ferguson
William Martin Ferguson
Richard Franklin Ferrand
Alex Ferrell (black)
Andy Ferrell (black)
Ben Ferrell (black)
Brown Benjamin Ferrell
Dave Ferrell (black)
Frank Ferrell (black)
Harry or Henry Harper Ferrell
Gresham Waterson Ferrell
James Calvin Ferrell
John Garland Ferrell
Luther Ferrell
Osbert Ferrell (black)
Samuel Fred Ferrell
Willie Oscar Ferrell
Sam Frewell (black)
Joe E. Finch
Oscar Patrick Fitzgibbon
Bob Fitzgibbon
Guy Fitzgibbon
Henry Jackson Flanders
Doby Fletcher (black)
Read Fletcher
Robert Fletcher (black)
Walter Fletcher (black)
Edward Floyd (black)
John Allen Floyd
William Floyd (black)
Albert Ford (black)
Dallas Ford (black)
Jasper Ford (black)
John Ford (black)
Robert Ford (black)
Sam Ford (black)
Vol Calhoun Ford
William Ford (black)
Lee Foreman (black)
Benjamin F. Forrest
Caleb (?) Forrest
Ed Forrest
John Selvin (?) Forrest
Milton Forrest
Richard Hughey Forrest
William Thomas Forrest
Henry Clark Forrester
King Earl Forrester
Norman Mitchell Forrester
Erlin Foster
Leland Foster
Joel Hunter (?) Fowler
Cicero Franklin
James Franklin (black)
J. T. Franklin (black)
Joe Franklin (black)
Johnson Franklin (black)
Charlie Columbus Frazer
Thomas Jeremiah Frazer
J. Hall Frazer
John Bernard Frazer
Bob Freeman
John C. Freeman
John Henry Freeman
Newton W. Freeman
Oscar K. Freeman
Pleas Columbus Freeman
Tom Freeman (black)
Abraham Boyd Frey
William Frisby
Elmon Fuller (black)
Sandy Fuller (black)
George Franklin Fulmer
C. C. Funderburg
K. E. Futch

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We are very grateful to Jann Woodard for extracting and typing all these Bradley County soldiers' names.
If you write to Jann requesting a lookup, please be kind and limit your lookup to 1-2 names (not 1-2 surnames).

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