Bradley County, Arkansas Military

Bradley County Soldiers, World War I Draft Registrations, Surnames G-O

Index to the Bradley County World War I Draft Registration. There were three different forms used in 1917-1918, but basically they give the following information: Serial Number; Name; Address; Age; Date of Birth; Race; Occupation; Nearest relative; Height; Build; Color of eyes; Color of hair; Disability; Name of registrar; Date.

If a name is linked, the draft card has been transcribed and more information is available. Click the name to see this information.

This is a work in progress. More names will be added as we have time to work on this project.

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- G -

Pearly Gaines (black)
Thomas Laonades Gaines (black)
John William Gambill
Minor Elmo Gambill
Rollie Hurbert Gambill
John Otto Gammill
Abner Alpheus Gannaway
Christopher Claude Gannaway
James Alpheus Gannaway
John Ganaway (black)
Tommy Gadden (black)
Dewey Lee Gardner
Dillard Franklin Gardner
Elzie Gardner
Henry Gardner (black)
Jack Gardner
James E. Gardner
James Robert Gardner
John Lewis Gardner
John T. Gardner
Junior Gardner (black)
Leland Everet Gardner
Louis Gardner (black)
Mathias Litherman Gardner, Jr.
Newton Ellis Gardner
Stephen Auther Gardner
Thomas Hamilton Gardner
William Gardner (black)
Zollie Leonidous Gardner
James E. Garland
Clumbus Edward Garrett
Dock Garrett (black)
Rufus Monroe Garrett
J. Ira Garrick
Alfred Garrison
Claud G. Garrison
James Webster Garrison
Peter Earl Garrison
Ralph Douglas Garrison
Richard G. Garrison
W. Brown Garrison
Quinnie Gates
David Howard Gates
Homer Wilson Gates
Will Gates
Willie Ted Gates
John Wesley Geeter (black)
Caswell Gibson
Connie Gibson
James Edward Gibson
Columbus B. Gilbert
Hurley Gilbert (black)
Jessie Gilbert (black)
Newton P. Gilbert
Olen Gill (black)
Bliss Herman Gill
Carroll Lee Gill
Charley Gill (black)
Ellis Gill
Frank Gill (black)
Harvey Gill (black)
Henry Gill (black)
Hosey George Gill
Hubert Gill (black)
Jesse Gill (black)
John Bill Gill (black)
Mark Gill (black)
Quincey Walter Gill (black)
Reuben Gill (black)
Otis Eugene Gilliam
Perry Gilmore (black)
Jonah Lee Givens
Oscar Givens (black)
Sadlor Givens (black)
Edward Warren Gladden
Van Gladden
Edgar Harvey Glasgow
Robert Wilbur Glasgow
Auther Glosson
Johnnie Glosson
Benjamin Judson Glover
Pletus Glover
Joe Glover (black)
Virgil Newton Glover
Victor Wendell Glover
William Melford Glover
Plessie Wallace Godfrey
Thomas Alexander Godfrey
Samuel Wesley Godfrey
Robert Mikel Godwin
Rufus Carey Godwin
Fred Price Goforth
George Cabort Goins
Lummie Goins (black)
Louis Gold (black)
Monroe Gonder (black)
Shields Meek Goodwin
Rich Gordon (black)
Alvert Gorman
Americus Gorman
Christopher Columbus Gorman
Daniel Webster Gorman
George Simeon Gorman
John Wesley Gorman
Joseph Gorman
Lum [Christopher Columbus] Gorman
Van Porter Gorman
Vasser Gorman
William Mitchell Gorman
Walter Lee Gossien
Allen Gould (black)
Henry Gould (black)
Nath Gould (black)
Stephen Gould (black)
William Howard Graham
Hilery Grandy (black)
Jessie Grandy (black)
Helmer Lund Grave
George Grant
Lenerd Odine Grasby
Rupert Grasby
William M. Graves
John Thomas Gray
Larkin Henry Gray
Walter Gray (black)
Ben Green
Bertram A. Green
Calvin Green (black)
Charles Green (black)
Donham Leslie Green
Ed Green (black)
I. Wilburn Green
Jasper Green
Monroe Jefferson Green
Moses Green
R. H. Green
Roy H. Green
Thomas Batson Green
Will Green (black)
Willie Green (black)
Alexander Lawton Green
Clarence Greenwood
James Clarence Greenwood
John Greenwood
J. Walter Greenwood
Joshua Claud Greenwood
Ned Greenwood
Ralph Greenwood
Walter Carl Greenwood
Robert Andrew Greer
Birt A. Grice
Hudie Burl Grice
Walter Engram Grice
Ed Oscar Grider
Howard Graves Grider
James Albert Grider
John Henderson Grider
Marvin Phanuel Grider
Minor Watson Grider
Richard Milton Grider
Robert Harvey Grider
Joe J. Griffin
Souis Sylvester Griffin (black)
John Grimes (black)
Dave Grisham (black)
William Asa Grisham
Comadore Groves
William Lawrence Grubbs
James Edward Guess
Daniel W. Guice
John Guynn

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- H -

Fredrick Theodore Haas
Thomas Southard Hadley (black)
Carroll D. Hagood
Daniel Feimster Hagood
Elgie H. Hagood
Fred Otto Hagood
Oscar Dean Hagood
Aubert Lewis Hairston
Cornelius Paul Hairston
Earl Rufus Hairston
Jasper Geoffrey Hairston
Joe Sias Hairston
Leroy M. Hairston
Walter Alexander Hairston
Wiley Layfette Hairston
William Lafayette Hairston
Robert Holcomb
Major Green Hale
Amos Thomas Hales
Ed Hall (black)
Edgar Hall (black)
Joseph Ritcherson Hall
Sam Hall (black)
William Green Hall
Floy L. Halley
Brit Halligan
Lige Halligan
William Jesse Ham
George Jeffery Hamaker
Hargis Hamaker
John Elbert Hamaker
Leroy Hamaker
Oscar Hamaker
Osceola Hamans (black)
Elmer Grady Hamilton
Jesse Hamilton (black)
Jesse David Hamilton
Joe Louis Hamilton
Robert Chambers Hamilton
Sidney Alexander Hamilton
Vernor James Hamilton
William Wesley Hamilton
Claude Hammaker
Auther C. Hammons
Amzi Hampton (black)
Austin Hampton (black)
Clabon Hampton (black)
Cleveland Hampton (black)
Dave Hampton (black)
David Hampton (black)
Ed Hampton (black)
Ernest Hampton (black)
Ester Hampton (black)
George Hampton (black)
Henry Hampton (black)
James Hampton (black)
Jesse Jean Hampton (black)
Joe Wylie Hampton (black)
John Hampton (black)
John B. Hampton (black)
Lucious Graham Hampton
Manuel Hampton (black)
Monroe Hampton (black)
Mose Manuel Hampton (black)
Richard Hampton (black)
Riley Hampton (black)
Sam Hampton (black)
Sterling Hampton (black)
Tony Hampton (black)
Willie Hampton (black)
Walter B. Hanchey
Charles Felton Hankins
Edwin Hankins
Ernest Hankins
Joseph Clanton Hankins
Marvin Luther Hankins
Robert Hurley Hankins
Asa Jefferson Hopkins
Angus Harber
Columbus Oscar Harber
Irvin (?) Harbison
Dick Harcrow
Rufus Purcell Harcrow
Joe Harden (black)
Willie Hardin (black)
Carl Jerome Harding
Horace Harding (black) - NEW! 2-1-2009
James Jesse Harding
Jim Harding (black)
Omer Harding (black) - NEW! 2-1-2009
William Alexander Harding
Cornelius Hardy (black)
Jeff Hardy (black)
Bernie S. Hargis
Carl Thomas Hargis
Charlie Hargis
Clifton Hargis
Collumbus Calvin Hargis
Henry Stephenson Hargis
James Washington Hargis
John N. Hargis
Robt Hargis
Watt Bennett Hargis
William Carter Hargis
William Henry Hargis
Fred Hargraves
Henry Howard Hargraves
Roy Lee Harley
Hugh Solomon Harper
Judge Harper (black)
Zatie Harper (black)
Wrenn (?) Harrelson
Audrey Alex Harris
Clinton L. Harris
D. C. Harris, Jr.
Edgar Harris (black)
Franklin P. Harris
Harvey Lee Harris
Jewell C. Harris
John Wesley Harris
Polk Harris
Melvin Harris
Rufus Harris (black)
V. B. Harris
Emmons Harrison
Jeppy Clemmon Harrison
John Harrison (black)
Mellie Columbus Harrison
William N. Harrison
William Henry Harrison
Curtis K. Harrod
Howard Harrod
Hubert Harrod
Ira Harrod
Johnnie Harrod
William Ofa Harrod
Arenous Conder Hartsell
John Green Harvey
Van Harvey
Oscar Haven
Claude H. Hawk
James Benford Hawk
James Pinkney Hayes
Reuben Virgil Haygood
John Robert Haygood
Oscar Lee Haygood
Otis Haynes
Charles Oliver Hayes
Hugh Cleveland Hays
William Plese Hays
Bonney Hayes
Horace Haywood
Beck Heath (black)
Mandrel Fred Hedrick
George Helms
Louis W. Helms
Ernest Hampell (black)
Robert Henderson
Albert Sidney Henry
Clinton Everett Henry
Ed Henry
Herbert Henry (black)
Homer Henry (black)
Hugh Thomas Henry
James A. Henry
John David Henry
Olar Wood Henry
Robt Henry (black)
Roy Curtis Henry
Steve Henry (black)
William Wise Henry
Byron Leonidias Herring
Grover Herring
Hugh Clifton Herring
James Keithly Herring
Jim Herring
John L. Herring
Perry H. Herring
Simeon Joseph Herring
Thomas Edwin Herring
Watson Roscoe Herring
William Bryan Herring
William Franklin Herring
William Marion Hester
Walter Richard Hester
Carl Hewitt
Christopher Adolphus Hewitt
Fletcher Hewitt
William Mansfield Hewitt
Willie Neal Hewitt
Arthur Hickey
Earl Samuel Hickey
Arnold Merritt Hickman
Carroll Wood Hickman
Charles Franklin Hickman
Francis Marion Hickman
John Alex Hickman
John Roscoe Hickman
Joseph Little Hickman
Stephen Edward Hickman
William Andrew Hickman
William Grady Hickman
William Webb Hickman
Willie Edward Hickman
Delany Lonzo Hicks
Jim Hicks (black)
Walter Edwin Hicks
William Howell Higgason
William Hutson Higgason
George Washington Higgins
John Sherman Higgins (black)
AB Hightower
Eddie Hightower (black)
Fred Hightower
Norwood Daniel Hightower
Alex Hill (black)
Arthur Hill (black)
Henry Hill
James Hill (black)
L. Francis Hill
Jett Asbery Hill
Sidney Hill (black)
Conrad Washington Hilson
Henry Hines (black)
Dallas Hines (black)
Edgar Hines (black)
Elijah Hines (black)
Estus Hines (black)
Gene Hines (black)
John Fletcher Hines
Lee Roy Hines
Luther Hines (black)
Macon Hines (black)
Meddie Hines (black)
Tommy Mack Hines (black)
William Hines
Edgar Hinton
Earl R. Hobbs
Howard Putman Hobbs
James C. Hobbs
James Kelsie Hobbs
Oswin Hobbs
Charles Bailey Hodge
James Hodge
Vesta Belle Hodge
Willie Gilferd Hodge
Bill Hogans
Charlie Aberson Hogue
Edward L. Hogue
Emmett or Everett Hogue
Jesse Monroe Hogue
James Joel Hogue
Carl Drayton Holbrook
Garland B. Holbrook
John William Holiman
Louie Hellman (black)
Benjamin Claude Hollingsworth
Carl Russell Hollingsworth
Carroll Hollingsworth
Franklin Asbery Hollingsworth
Samuel Hollingsworth
John Hollis
George David Holmes
Thomas Perry Holmes
Shelly A. Holt
George Washington Homans
Emilie Young Hooks
George Martin Hooks
John Robert Hooks
Nathan Thomas Hooks
Warren Thomas Hooks
Hughy Hopper
Joseph Franklin Hottle
John Vontee Howsen
William Houston
Jim Ad Howard
J. Alvin Howard
J. M. Howard
Harvey Lee Howaard
Samuel M. Howard
Tom W. Howard
Willie Lee Howsen
William Henry Howsen
Charles Tendall Hoyle
Robert Lee Hoyle
Josh Hudgin (black)
Arthur Hudson (black)
Roy Hudson
Joseph Lee Huff
Robert Huff
Jarrott Tillman Hughes
John Robert Hughes
Rufus Hughes
Thomas Mack Hughes (black)
Edward Huitt
James William Huitt
Jesse Alvin Huitt
John Franklin Huitt
Toliver Huitt
William Thomas Humbarger
Arthur Hunt (black)
Charles Hunt
James W. Hunt
Henry Hunter
John Orion Hunter
William Craig Hunter
Curtis Brown Hurley
Laurence Hurley
Dixie Cortez Hutcheson
Andrew Millege Hyman

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- I -

Alvesta Ingram (black)
Amos Ingram (black)
Andrew Jackson Ingram
Chesley James Ingram
Daniel Edward Ingram (black)
Dudley Turner Ingram (black)
Fred Ingram (black)
Garland Ingram (black)
Henry W. Ingram
James Iverson Ingram (black)
Lester L. Ingram
Shurman Ingram (black)
Thurman Ingram (black)
Albert B. Ivey
Fred Samuel Ivey
Harry Jethro Ivey
James Arthur Ivey
Marcellus Carroll Ivey
R. Carlton Ivey

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- J -

Adam Jackson (black)
Alton Elmer Jackson
Arthur L. Jackson
Cornelius Jackson (black)
Edd Jackson
Flem Jackson (black)
Fred Jackson (black)
Henry Jackson (black)
James Wesley Jackson
John Thomas Jackson
John William Jackson
Marvin Alexander Jackson
Nathan Jackson (black)
Richard Andrew Jackson
Robert A. C. Jackson (black)
Walter Jackson (black)
Will Jackson
James E. Jacobs
Cecil C. James
Charley James (black)
Foquet James (black)
Henry James (black)
Robert James (black)
Robert Raymon James
Dan H. Jarratt
Edward Augustus Jarratt
Henry C. Jarratt
Marion Jefferson Jarratt
Millard Jarratt
Millard Filmore Jarratt
Nannie Edward Jarratt
Nicholas Alexander Jarratt
Robert Pleasant Jarratt
Willie Jarratt, Jr.
George Watson Jeffers
William Harrison Jeffers
John Jefferson (black)
Lee Jefferson (black)
David P. Jeffress
Jessie Lee Jenkins
Massie Jenkins (black)
William R. Jenkins
Ed Johns
Ervin Johns
George Henderson Johns
Joe Ederington Johns
John Wheeler Johns
Virgil Johns
Allen Virgil Johnson
Arch Boyd Johnson
Auston Johnson (black)
Bennie Lee Johnson
Carroll David Johnson
Eddie James Johnson (black)
Edward Wylie Johnson
Elgin Taylor Johnson
Elmer Willie Johnson
Frederick A. Johnson
George Allen Johnson
George Thomas Johnson
Harry Franklin Johnson
Henry Johnson (black)
Hesikiah Johnson (black)
Holney Johnson (black)
Howard C. Johnson
James Johnson (black)
James Franklin Johnson
James Hilary Johnson
James L. Johnson
Jack Samuel Johnson
James Selvin Johnson
James Warren Johnson
Jesse Carl Johnson
Jim Johnson
Jobe Johnson (black)
John Johnson (black)
John Daniel Johnson
John Harrison Johnson (black)
John Huston Johnson
Jordan Johnson
Judge Johnson (black)
Leonard Boyce Johnson
Lewis Johnson (black)
Louie Robert Johnson
Luther Johnson (black)
Pink Johnson (black)
Richard Johnson
Rixie Johnson (black)
Robert Sisero Johnson
Roy Johnson (black)
Sam Johnson (black)
Samuel Thomas Johnson
Sanford Johnson
Sammie Johnson (black)
Thomas Benjamin Johnson
Thomas Jefferson Johnson
Toliver Richard Johnson
Warner Johnson (black)
William A. Johnson (black)
Willie Johnson
William Daniel Asbury Johnson
William Fred Johnson
William Leslie Johnson
William Thomas Johnson
Willie H. Johnson
Wilmot Johnson
Bennett Harrell Johnston
Frank Johnston
Harry Johnston
Harvey Watson Johnston
Hubert Washington Johnston
Murry Johnston
G. Y. Joiner
Walter Joiner
W. Lewis Joiner
Edd Jolly
James Edward Jolly
John Crawford Jolly
John O. Jolly
Lemuel L. Jolly
Paul Jolly
Samuel Claude Jolly
Albert Jones (black)
Cliford Edward Jones
Amos Jones (black)
Arthur Jones (black)
Ben Jones (black)
Burl Jones (black)
Charley Jones
Clayton Jones (black)
Cleveland Jones (black)
Curt Jones (black)
Dan Jones (black)
Daniel Webster Jones
Dolphus Jones (black)
Earl Jones (black)
Eddie Jones (black)
Ernest Jones (black)
Frenchie Jones (black)
Frank Jones (black)
Guss Jones (black)
Harry Jones (black)
Henry Jones (black)
Isaac Jones (black)
Isaac Murphey Jones
James Jones (black)
James Elmon Jones
James Walter Jones
Jes Jones (black)
Jimmie Jones
Jimmie Jones (black)
John Jones (black)
John Taylor Jones (black)
John C. Jones
Leonard Thomas Jones
Luther Everett Jones
Sam Jones (black)
Seldon Chester Jones
Sidney Jones (black)
Silas Jones (black)
Silas Pringle Jones
Thomas Jones
William Jones (black)
Willie Jones (black)
Jake Jordan (black)
Sam Jordan (black)
John Williams Journey

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- K -

Andrew Karlbanic
Thomas Frederick Keenes
Bennie Carl Kelly
Boze Kelly (black)
Hurley Kelly (black)
John Wesley Kelly
Willie Kelly (black)
Byron Kemp
Otis Kendrick (black)
Robert Montgomery Kennedy
Gilbert Nathanial Kephart
Conway Kidd (black)
Brooks Wilson Kight
James C. Kight
John Cornelius Kight
Willis Henry Kight
Charlie Marion Kilgore
G. Carroll Kinard
John Thomas Kinard
Henry Kines (black)
Dan King (black)
Francis Lester King
Henry Turner King
Hoyt King (black)
Martin Eugene King
Nyless King (black)
Willis Clanton King
Samuel Walter Kinney
Charley Kitchel
James Oscar Kitchens
Verna Napoleon Kitchens
Walter Edward Kitchens
William M. Kitchens
Judge D. Knickerbocker
Evan Columbus Knight
Arthur Davis Knowles
Walter H. Knowles
Barney Lee Kolen (black)
Jesse Lee Kolen (black)
Silas Willie Kolen (black)
Charles Edward Kyle
Hosea Floyd Kyser
James Samuel Kyser

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- L -

William Lankford (black)
Arthur Langston
Benjamin Hutchison Langston
Daniel Thomas Langston
George Richardson Langston
James Henry Langston
John Nathan Langston
Joseph William Langston
Jessie (?) Elvin Lanier
Vernor Henry Lanier
Alvin D. Lansdale
William Edward Lansdale
Willie Larry (black)
Marion L. Lasiter
David Wilson Lathan
Lemuel Milton Lathan
William Seldon Lathan
Clarence Lavendar
George William Lavendar
Amos Lawson (black)
John Patton Lawson
Albert B. Lawson
Emmett Lee
Ewell Alvin Lee
John Calvin Lee
Robert Edward Lee
Thomas Lee (black)
William Cravens Lee
Austin Clyde Lehman
Cyrus Cole Lehman
John Lemons (black)
Calvin B. Leonard
Joe Robertson Lephiew
Marl C. Lephiew
Will Lephiew
Arthur Guy Leslie
Austin Leslie
Ellis Berry Leslie
James L. Leslie
Paul D. Leslie
Luther H. Leslie
William Herbert Leslie
Henry Clayton Lewis (black)
Junius Arlie Lewis
Thomas Franklin Lewis (black)
Will Lewis (black)
Marion Lilley
Winston Lloyd
Peter Long (black)
William Franklin Long
Emmit Evart Loomis
Walter Chaimberlain Loomis
Will Henry Looper
Will Louis (black)
Chester Arthur Loveless
William Brantly Loveless
Booker Lovell (black)
Jessie Madison Lovett (black)
George Lovett (black)
Allen Lowe (black)
Sam Lowe (black)
Will Wist Lowe
Edward Nathan Lowry
George Mason Lowry
John McFennon (?) Lowry
Owen Knox Lowry
Paul Irving Lowry
Joe Bob Luck
Enoch Crosley Lucas
Robert Rasmus Lusk
John Carter Lyon
Lester Lyon
Ovid Lyon
Oscar Curtis Lyon
John Stevens Lyon
Shelby Carter Lyon

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- Mc -

Hosie McAdams
Cecil McCalister
Jessie McCalister
John Benson McCann
Van Buren McCann
John William McCauley
Robert Sampson McCauley
Gilbert Emmitt McAnnaly
Burks Wells McCain
Dewitt Victor McCain
Reid McCain
Thomas Marion McCain
Jess McClain (black)
Shelby Jackson McClain
Alonzo McClairne (black)
Henry McClendon (black)
James McClendon (black)
James McClendon (black)
John McClendon (black)
John Sidney McClendon
Lucian Edgar McClendon
Munn O. McClendon
Walter McClendon (black)
Willie McClendon (black)
Earl M. Coggins
Charley Andrew McCort
John Nathaniel McCort
Columbus McCoy (black)
Henry McCoy (black)
John McCoy (black)
Lee McCoy (black)
Prentis McCoy (black)
David Alexander McCullar
John Murdock McCurry
Booker Morgan McDade
Emmett McDaniel
Archibald Scott McDiarmid
Arthur McDiarmid
Samuel Joseph McDonald
James Tilmon McDougald
John Henry McDougald
Willie Fike McDouglad
George Robert McDougle
Rufus Alonzo McDougle
William Franklin McDuffey
Dave McEntire (black)
William Augusta McEntyre
Luther McEwen
Charley McFadden (black)
Dave McFadden (black)
Garland McFadden (black)
Junior McFadden (black)
Auburn Jerome McFarland
Carl McFarland
Joseph Bryan McFarland
Ruel Austin McFarland
Dan McFee (black)
Ben McGhee
Elbert Lee McGhee
Frank McGhee (black)
James William McGhee
Edmond Winfer McGough
Arvin McHenry (black)
Haywood McHenry (black)
Lee McHenry (black)
West McHenry (black)
R. Cline McKay
Marcus C. McKenny
Alex H. McKinney
Alvin McKinney (black)
Arthur McKinney
Carl McKinney (black)
Columbus Edward McKinney
David McKinney
Fred Little McKinney
Roy McKinney
Selven McKinney (black)
Vernor Ross McKinney
Virgil Webb McKinney
John Thomas McKinzie
Thomas Baxter McLain
George Franklin McLeod
James M. McLeod
Jess Malcom McLeod
Joseph Edwin McLeod
Robert Calvin McLeod
Robert Claude McLeod
Samuel Washington McLeod
Walter A. McLeod
William Henry McLeod
Charlie McMurry
Jess Franklin McMurry
John Joseph McMurry
Lee Hoyle McMurry
Levette McMurtrey

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- M -

Joe Mosby Madison (black)
William Major
Clifton R. Mann
Dewey Green Mann
Garry Selvin Mann
George Preston Mann
Hugh Benton Mann
Isaac Alexander Mann
James Mode Mann
Joseph Johnson Mann
L. Taylor Mann
Melly Columbus Mann
Price Alexander Mann
Samuel M. Mann
Samuel Watts Mann
Thomas Jefferson Mann
Walter Young Mann
William Berry Mann
James Manns (black)
Lewis Marks (black)
William Thomas Marks
James Edgar Maroney
Walker Evins Maroney
Walter Leroy Maroney
William Henry Maroney
Henry Marshel (black)
Pink Marshel (black)
Spence Marshel (black)
Atlas Martin (black)
Aubert Martin
Bryan Martin
Christopher Columbus Martin (black)
Coot Martin (black)
Dennis Reid Martin (black)
Dock Martin (black)
Ed Martin (black)
Ed Martin
Elias Jamison Martin (black)
Elliott Martin
Ernest W. Martin
Geter Willie Martin
Gill Martin
Jake Martin (black)
James Nicklin Martin
John Henry Martin (black)
Joseph Edward Martin (black)
Lawrence Wilson Martin
Noel Martin
Paul Martin (black)
Perry Martin (black)
Rufus Martin (black)
Rufus Martin
Albert Mason (black)
Edker Mason (black)
Fred Mason (black)
Henry Mason (black)
James Isaac Mason (black)
Lum Mason (black)
Willie Mason (black)
Walter Balke Massey
Ruff Elbert Mathews
William C. Maxwell
Chesley M. May
Claud May
Eugene May
John Troy Mays
Allen L. Meachem (black)
Clifton B. Means
Denson R. Measel
William Franklin Measel
Willie Pat Measels
Edward Meeks (black)
Guy Fleming Meei
John Meek (black)
John Rufus Starr Meek
Nathan Meek (black)
Walker Meek (black)
William Franklin Meek
Ira Bert Mendenhall
Arthur Ray Menter
James Mercer (black)
Clarence Merritt
John Henry Mew
Lawrence Middleton (black)
Gabe Milburn
John Bradley Milburn
Sebastain Milburn
Eppa Lee Milholland
John Quincy Milholland
William Nathan Milholland
Earnest Miller
Mat Miller
Seldon Miller
Jesse Elmo Miller
Luther Martin Mills
William Henry Mills
Harry Crawford Milner
Charlie Milton (black)
Manuel Minton (black)
Sid Minton (black)
Almon Mitchell
David Bond Mitchell
Erwin Charles Mitchell
James R. Mitchell
John B. Mitchell
Martin Luther Mitchell
Wallace Edward Mitchell
William Jefferson Mitchell
Clarance Mixon (black)
James Franklin Mobley
Ben/Bun Moman (black)
Dillard Moman (black)
Julius Moman (black)
Murray Moman (black)
Cleveland Momphis (black)
Jesse Monk (black)
Don Bee Montgomery
Eli Montgomery (black)
Kenneth Ben Montgomery
Frank Moore (black)
Fred Moore (black)
Howard Moore (black)
John Calvin Moore
Norman Moore
Ernest Moore (black)
Edgar Clarance Morgan
George Clifton Morgan
George Washingtoon Morgan
Jettie Morgan
Joseph Franklin Morgan
Louis Morgan (black)
Roy Morgan
Samuel Washington Morgan
William Zadock Morgan
William Samuel Morgan
Willis Morgan (black)
Charley Morris
Elmer Allen Morris
James Wesley Morris
John Newton Morris
Will Morris
Robert Morrow (black)
Alex Moseley
Alvah Leroy Moseley
Carl Jennings Moseley
Claude Little Moseley
Earl Moseley (black)
Elijah Tidwell Moseley
Emmitt Lee Moseley
Hughie Frank Moseley
James Elijah Moseley
James Troy Moseley
Jesse Hugh Moseley
John Edgar Moseley
Joseph Thaddeus Moseley
Monroe Moseley (black)
Norman Moseley
Thomas Lafayette Moseley
Watt Moseley
William Edgar Moseley
William Monroe Moseley
Hugh Nelson Moss
William Moss (black)
William Mozee (black)
Nathan Forest Mulliken
David W. Munford
James Franklin Munford
William Hugh Munford
Harold Jesse Murry
John H. Murry
John Murrell
Enoch Morgan Myres
Jesse Myers
Wesley Myers

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- N -

James Clifton Neal
James Henry Neal - Black
John Tom Neal
Karl Neal
Lum Neal - Black
Mal Neal - Black
Sam Neal
Thomas Layfette Neal
Ed Neel
Charlie Jackson Neely
Earnest William Neely
Ervin Neely
Floyd M. Neely
Henry Everette Neely
Herbert Neely
Jesse Neely - Black
John Neely - Black
Ritchey Clyde Neely
Samuel Henry Neely
William Neilley - Black
James M. Neelan - Black
William Carl Neely
Hamlet Clay Neill
Taylor Austin Neill
William Archie Neill
Wiley Bryan Neill
James Lewis Nelson
Marion Franklin Newman
Charley Newton - Black
Dee Newton - Black
John Newton - Black
Mose Newton - Black
Moses Newton - Black
Nathaniel Newton - Black
Robert L. Newton
Sterling Newton - Black
Wylie Newton - Black
Abb Nichols
Floyd Nichols
George Calvin Nichols
Henry F. Nichols
John Alvin Nichols
John Walter Nichols
Luther Burdette Nichols
Robert Louis Nichols
Charlie Nixon
Deaton Nixon
Earnest Barnard Nixon
Henry Rodolphus Nixon
James Frederic Nixon
Walter Franklin Nixon
Enyard Norman
John Norman - Black
Vertie Norman - Black
Richard Norris - Black
Thomas Manuel Norris - Black
John Wesley Nyegard

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William Oglesby
William Henry Oglesby
Nathan Oliver
Albert L. O'Neal - Black
Charlie Green O'Neal
Willis S. O'Neal - Black
Robert Edward Lee O'Neill
William Henry O'Neill
Chas. R. O'Rear
Walter Joseph O'Rear
Wiley O'Rear
Edgar Alexander Orr
James Wheeler Orr
Watt Orton
Ben Outlaw
Benjamin Alvin Outlaw
Hunter Outlaw
James Calhoun Outlaw
J. C. Outlaw
William Alonzo Outlaw
Ben Franklin Overton
Charlie Ederington Owens
Claude Thomas Owens
Daniel Albert Owens
Franklin Marion Owens
Fred Houston Owens
Hollis B. Owens
Jesse Richardson Owens
Joseph Byrd Owens
Lindsey Jefferson Owens
Robert Franklin Owens
William Henry Owens
William Washington Owens
Lawson Ozment
Robert Shelby Ozment

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We are very grateful to Jann Woodard for extracting and typing all these Bradley County soldiers' names.
If you write to Jann requesting a lookup, please be kind and limit your lookup to 1-2 names (not 1-2 surnames).

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