Bradley County, Arkansas Military

Bradley County World War II Volunteers at Home

The following information was sent to my Great-Grandfather by the United States Department of Agriculture Extension Service. It is postmarked "Warren, Ark., Jan 20, 10-am, 1942".

During WWII representatives of all farm families in Bradley County were asked to go to specified enlistment centers to "pledge their wholehearted and complete assistance to the Food for Victory Campaign."

The United States Department of Agriculture Extension Service declared January 22, 1942 "Enlistment Day". All Bradley County farm families, "as public, spirited American citizens," were asked "to help supply the needs of allied industrial and armed forces."

The following is a list of "Minutemen or Leaders & the Enlistment Centers":

Wagnon		Mrs. C. T. Lavender & O. J. Davis		Church
Pleasant Grove	Mr. & Mrs. Roy Burks				School
Center Point	Mrs. Lige Moseley & Orlan Carter		Moseley's Store
St. Paul	Florence Martin & Isom Belin			School House
North Oak Grove	Mrs. Parker Brown & Walter Thomason		Baptist Church
Harmony		Mr. & Mrs. John Nichols				Nichol's Home
Blue Springs	Mr. & Mrs. Bob Wagnon				Church
Hopewell	Mrs. A. B. Reynolds & Carl Cooper		Reynold's Home
Oak Dale	Mr. & Mrs. Roy McKinney				Good Hope Church
Willoughby	Mrs. J. D. Divine				Divine's Home
Warren		Mrs. Fowler Claytor				County Agent's Office
Corinth		Mr. & Mrs. Chas. T. Jolley & Mrs. Luther Durham	Church
Center Ridge	Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Strange			School
Pine Grove	Major Mcoy					School
Banks		Mr. & Mrs. W. C. Loomis				Post Office
Cross Roads(Route 1, Warren)	R. H. Wherry			Church
Ebenezer	Cone Kinard & Mrs. John Bradford		Bradford & Kinard Homes
Oak Grove	Mr. & Mrs. Earl Hairston			School
Carmel		Mrs. Tom Singer & Mr. A.D. Knowles		School
Lanark		Mr. & Mrs. Archie Frazer			Jones' Store
Davis		Velma Davis & John Tatum			School
Pleasant Valley	Mrs. Mable Doggett				School
Prospect	Mr. & Mrs. Sam Bryant				Church
Childs		Irene Childs & Murray Momon			School
Springhill	Mrs. Homer Wallace & Troy Rowland		School
Farmville	Mrs. Frank Castleberry & H. F. Castleberry	Church
Pine Crest	Mr. & Mrs. Dunham Green				Green's Home
Santuck		Mrs. Harvey Rowland & Webb Brown		Brown's Home
Sumpter		Mrs. Johnny Savage & M. C. Mann			Baker's Store
Jersey		Mr. & Mrs. J. P. Johnson			Methodist Church
Gravelridge	Mr. & Mrs. Arlie Lewis				Church
Hermitage	W. F. Measel & Mrs. Fred Wylie			Mayor's Office
Pattsville	I. F. Ferguson & Mrs. Bob Dickey		Church
Mt. Olive	Archie B. Ross					Church
Hilo		Mr. & Mrs. Monroe Bethea			Church
Ingalls		Mrs. Zack Dees & D. F. Haygood			Clanton's Store
Union Hill	John Morgan & Mrs. Harrold Vickers		Church
Johnsville	Mrs. H. R. Calloway & G. P. Cooper		Calloway's Home
Moro Bay	Mr. & Mrs. Ellis Pirtle				Pirtle's Home
Marsden		Mrs. Joe Johnson & J.D. Johnson			Church
Thomas		Mary & Peter Thomas				School
Vick		Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Pope				Jeff Pope's Home
Palestine(White)	Mr. & Mrs. T. F. Craig			Craig's Home
Palestine & Broad(Colored)	Mamie & Mose Newton		Broad School
Eagle Lake	Mrs. Jack Richards & John Harrod		School
Cross Roads/Ingalls	G. C. Corker & Mrs. Fred Temple		Church

The following information was sent to my Great-grandfather by the United States Department of Agriculture/Agricultural Adjustment Administration.  The postmark states "Warren, Ark., May 7, 5-pm, 1942".

It is a list of WWII "Neighborhood Stamp and Bond Pledge Committeemen" as follows:  

Wagnon            Mr. & Mrs. C. T. Lavender
Pleasant Grove    Mr. & Mrs. Roy Burks
Center Point      Mr. & Mrs. Lige Moseley
St. Paul          Florence Martin
North Oak Grove   Mr. & Mrs. Walter Thomason
Harmony           Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Taylor
Blue Springs      Mr. & Mrs. Bob Wagnon
Hopewell          Mr. & Mrs. Carl Cooper
Oak Dale          Mr. & Mrs. Fred McKinney
Corinth           Mr. & Mrs. M. C. Jenkins
Center Ridge      Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Strange
Pine Grove        Steve & Bama Gardner
Banks             Mr. & Mrs. N. B. Whittington
Cross Roads       Mr. & Mrs. Van Hamaker
Ebenezer          Mr. & Mrs. Hilburn Faulkner
Oak Grove         Mr. & Mrs. Carl Hairston
Carmel            Mr. & Mrs. A. D. Knowles
Lanark            Mr. & Mrs. Will Ederington
Davis             Velma Davis
Pleasant Valley   Mrs. Mable Doggett
Prospect          Mr. & Mrs. Sam Bryant
Childs            Murray Momon
Spring Hill       Mr. & Mrs. Troy Rowland
Farmville         Mr. & Mrs. Frank Castleberry
Hickory Springs   Mr. & Mrs. Webb Brown
Sumpter           Mr. & Mrs. M. C. Mann
Jersey            Mr. & Mrs. J. P. Johnson
Gravel Ridge      Mr. & Mrs. Claude Sweeney
Hermitage         Lawrence Peebles
Pattsville        Mr. & Mrs. Bob Dickey
Mt. Olive         Archie B. Ross
Hilo              Mr. & Mrs. Preston Moseley
Ingalls           Mr. & Mrs. J. B. Splawn
Union Hill        Mr. & Mrs. Harold Vickers
Johnsonville      Mr. & Mrs. H. R. Calloway
Moro Bay          Mr. & Mrs. Ellis Pirtle
Marsden           Mr. & Mrs. Joe Johnson
Thomas            Peter & Mary Thomas
Vick              Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Colvin
Palestine         Mr. & Mrs. Tom Craig
Eagle Lake        Mr. & Mrs. John Harrod
South Cross Roads Mr. & Mrs. Fred Temple

If you would like a copy of the original correspondence, or further information regarding this document please e-mail me. I will gladly mail a copy of these original documents to any person interested in adding this information to their family records.

This information comes from Shannon Lloyd 

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