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Members, Martin-Tate Post
American Legion
Warren, Arkansas

Bradley County home page > Organizations > American Legion 1959-1960

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Acruman, W. B.
Adair, Calvin W.
Adams, Barney
Allen, John W.
Anders, Travis J.
Anderson, S. S.
Ashcraft, Don
Ashcraft, E. C.
Ashcraft, John B.
Ashcraft, T.K.
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Ball, B.
Barnes, J.P.
Beard, C. Treavor
Beard, James Thad
Black, Brown
Blankenship, E.M.
Blankinship, Fred
Blankinship, Harold G.
Blankinship, H.O.
Bond, Joe E.
Braswell, J. Carson
Brazeale, Dave J.
Brown, Joe A.
Brown, Monroe
Burch, John Clay
Bush, Robert L.
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Callaway, Clyde D.
Campbell, O.D.(Dr.)
Carmical, S. C.
Carmical, Watt
Carr, Johnnie R.
Carter, Oliver
Cater, Mike
Chapman, Henry A.
Clower, Jack
Clower, Roy L.
Creacey, Herbert J.
Creed, Harold
Crow, Merl (Dr.)
Cruce, A.G.
Culp, Marvin
Curry, Artimes M.
Curry, Pat
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Dalton, W. H.
Darby, Paul
Davis, Wesley
Dean, Charles
Denton, Norwood H.
Derby, L.H. Jr.
Derby, L.H. Sr.
Doggett, Alvin
Dyer, James D.
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Ederington, John T.
Ederington, Ollie
Etheridge, Bill
Evans, John H.
Ezell, Charles
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Ferguson, Lester H.
Ferguson, Robert
Ferrell, Howard C.
Ford, Henry
Forrest, Jeff
Fort, Don
Frazer, J.B.
French, William T.
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Galloway, John J.
Galloway, Mack
Galloway, Roy
Gannaway, Aber
Garrick, James I.
Garrison, Richard A.
Gibbs, Hal
Girdner, F.W.
Godwin, Thad E.
Gorman, Van P.
Gray, Richard
Gregg, Kenneth
Green, Robert E.
Green, Roy H.
Greenwood, C.C.
Greenwood, J. Claude
Greenwood, R. L.
Grice, Junior E.
Grider, Minor W.
Griffin, Joe
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Hairston, Billy G.
Hairston, Earl R.
Haley, Tom
Hamilton, Jesse S.
Hankins, Hugh
Hankins, Martin
Hankins, Wilson
Hanley, N. F.
Hargis, B. S., Sr.
Hargis, Delton C.
Hargis, Robert A.
Hargis, W. C., Jr
Hargraves, S. H.
Harrison, Dewey,
Hawk, Claude H.
Haynie, Lawrence E.
Headrick, Fred C.
Herring, Frank
Herring, Hugh
Herrod, John A.
Hickman, A.M.
Holloway, Arthur J.
Hooks, Frank
Hughes, Carl
Huitt, Lavon
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Jaggers, M.S.
Jarratt, Clay
Jarratt, H.C.
Johnson, E.L.
Johnson, Loran
Jones, D.W.
Jones, Ray
Jones, W.M.W.
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Kelley, Grady
Key, T.F.
King, Willis C.
Kitchel, Elza
Knowles, Arthur D.
Koehler, Oscar, Jr.
Koehler, Oscar, Sr.
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Lansdale, W.E.
Lain, Pete
Langston, Dan K.
Lanier, J.B.
Lonsberry, Lee
Love, W.L.
Loveless, J. Archie
Lyon, W. F.
Back to top

Marsh, James W.(Dr.)
Martin, Kenneth
Miller, Earl, Jr.
Mills, Fred A.
Montgomery, Redus
Morgan, G. C., Jr.
Morgan, G. C., Sr.
Moseley, Hugh, Jr.
Moseley, James Edd
Mullins, Beadie
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Neely, E.W.
Nichols, Earl
Nicholson, J. E.
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O'Rear, Charlie R.

Ozment, Alfred E.

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Paulus, E.F., Jr.,
Pennington, James W.
Phillips, Porter B.
Pinson, Olen R.
Price, Dave
Proffitt, Don
Purkins, DuVal L.
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Reaves, Joe, III
Reaves, Lovett M.
Reaves, Wayne
Reep, Floyd
Reep, H.T.
Reynolds, Aubert
Reynolds, W. Forrest
Reynolds, Willie C.
Richards, Wesley
Richardson, Bobby G.
Richardson, Floyd
Richardson, J. Cliff
Roberts, Elmer
Roddey, W. D. , Jr.
Ross, James B.
Russell, Jimmy
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Sanders, Claud
Sanders, Keith
Sangster, C.E.
Sangster, G.C.
Scroggins, Albert
Scroggins, Wilbert
Seay, Smith
Sharp, Richard
Singer, M.C.
Sinks, Cecil A.
Sledd, E.N.
Sledd, Frank M.
Sledge, Weldon
Smith, Arnold E.
Smith, Bonnie
Smith, Chester
Smith, Fred
Smith, George B.
Smith, James W.
Splawn, H.O.
Splawn, J.B.
Spraggins, W.A.
Spraggins, William C.
Stewart, Robert L.
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Tate, Robert E.
Tate, Rupert C.
Taylor, Dale
Thomason, Jesse L.
Thompson, Joe
Trimble, Carl
Tullos, Jasper H.
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Vaughn, Samuel O.
Vaughan, Verna
Vick, C. R.
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Watkins, J.S.
Wear, Arthur
Wear, T.P.
Wheeler, R. Bates
Williams, Everette R.
Williams, J.E.
Williams, Sherman
Williams, Thurman
Wilson, Joe M.
Wiltshire, A.P.
Wisener, Wayne F.
Wolfe, Arthur E.
Wood, Lavohn
Wood, Turner
Woodall, A.D.
Wynne, George F.(Dr.)
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Young, Dennis
Young, Henry
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Membership list for 1956-59

Submitted by Mary K. Barrett

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