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Unknown Photos

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  "A" Names

1936 Arkansas Centennial Float

1954 Telephone Operators, Bradley County, Arkansas

Bryant Adams

Henry Adams Family

J. T. and Emily Sharpe Adams

Ila Dean Adams Miller

Myrtle Totty Adams

James Wiley and Mary Jane Kemp Adams

Jesse Melver Adams Family

Jesse Warren Adams

Martha Colvin Adams

Sallie Adams Hargis

William Richard and Ida Anna Neely Adams

Nancy Elizabeth Adkins Smith Vines

Mary F. Gorman Anders

Agnes McMurry Armstrong

W. T. Armstrong

Bessie Bertha Ashcraft Sebille

Carl C. and Clemmie L. Reddin Atkins

Daniel and Martha Sims Atkins Family
Neal, Lillian, Carl and Leota Atkins and Eliza Sims

Martha Atkins Gardner

Vernon Lee and Marthaline Temple Atkins

Sarah Lavinie "Viney" Auld Nolan Burks

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    "B" Names

J. M. Bailey

Edward Simmie and Nancy Louvenia Dawkins Baker

James Harrison Baker Family

James Harrison Baker and great-grand daughter Waldean Baker

Banks Boys' Basketball, 1962-3

Banks Girls' Basketball, 1962-3

Banks High School

Banks School Class about 1920

Ira Beasley

Mary Alice "Mollie" Beasley Sharp Savage

Mary B. "Polly Anna" Forrest Beasley

William Shelby Beasley family
"Papa Sheb," Ira Lou Hickman,
Alice Annie and Macon Boyce Beasley

Florence Belin Hankins

Elzie and Will Belin

William Franklin Belin

Mary Jane Bell Ozment

Alphonsis Coinburg (A. C.) Berry

Alvin Berry, World War I

Hattie Lou Edwards Berry

Spruce Albert Berry

Spruce Albert and Mary Ann Glover Berry Family
Alvin, Sarah Mack Ruth, Frances Arthusa,
DeLona Berry, Spruce Albert, Edgar Guy,
Mary Ann (Glover) and James Coinburg Berry

Dixon Pierce and Nancy Elizabeth Plair Bethea

Russell Cade and Florence Bethea

Bethea Relations
Ruby George Bethea and Arline Bethea Vickers

George and Bethea Relations
Albert Henry, Billy Ray, Helen,
Arline and Faye Carol Bethea

Vera Blankenship Carter

Cleo Blankinship

Verna Irene Ferrell Blythe Hairston

Rhoda Boington

Joy Bond

Benjamin Franklin Bowman

Bowman Family

Eleanor Louisa McFadden Boyd

Viola Beatrice "Bea" Boyd Wear

Daniel Boyett

Hugh Bradley

Bradley County School Class, 1923

Bradley County Teachers Institute, 1910

Bradley Lumber Co. Baseball Team

Bradley Lumber Company Employees, ca. 1930's

Bradley Store

Sarah Martha Bradley

Etta Braswell Savage

S. E. and T. J. Bratton

Bessie Lorena Briley Reddin

Oda Neal Broach

Jane Finch Brockman

Ruth Stewart Finch (Mrs. Oliver) Brockman

Brooks Ladies
Dorothy Singer Brooks, Mitt Brooks Neumann,
Mary Brooks Trammel, Esther Wade Brooks

Lucy Brooks Stewart

Carson Brown

Charlie Brown

John F. M. Brown

Tommie Brown

Veta Bob Brown Young

Brunson Family

Irene Moseley and Frank Brunson Family

Claude and Kenneth Bryant

John Schuyler "Buck" Burkhart

Lige and Vera Burks Williams

L. C., Moria, Mrs. Katie & John Robert Burton

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    "C" Names

Pastor Callaway and Wife

Sarah Larkin (Sally) Callaway Johnson

Dr. Campbell

Cecil Caplinger

Charlie Bell and Fay Kitchell Carr Family

Cora Carr Williams

Annabelle Carraway Williams

Cecil Carraway Family

Emma Clements Carraway and children

Dr. Oscar Absalom Carruth

Robert Hill Carruth

Carter Family
Hurley Bruce, Vera Blankenship,
Thomas Albert, Mollie E. (Mary) Moseley,
Thomas Oliver and Edna Offutt Carter

Edna Castleberry Wear

J. W. Castleberry

Jane Castleberry Wolfe

Jimmie Reynolds Wright Castleberry

Joel Cecil Castleberry

Thelma Chambers Green

Vivian Chambers

Milton Joshua Childers

Watt Childs

Ada Belle Clanton Hargis

Marcelle Reynolds Clanton

Judge J. C. (Julius Ceasar) and Molly Frazer Clary Family

Columbus Washington "Lum" and Lula Jane Clay Smith

Daniel and Emma Denson Clements

Roy Lafayette Clower

People at the Coker Hotel (18 images)

Lummie Coker

Miss Allie Mae Colvin

Judge G. B. Colvin

Ollie Temple Colvin

Ella and Exine Cook McMurry

Lillie Gorman Copeland Ray

Corinth Baptist Church, mid-1950s

Beulah Lee Belle Corker

Cotton Gin

Harrison, Alma George and Catherine Cox

Jerry and Julia Mann Cox

Thomas W. and Sarah Ann Loftin Cox

Tom and Ardelia Harrison Cox

William "Chuck" Ephram and Mary Ada Givens Creed Family

Mary Jo Cronin

Dr. Merl Crow

Sue Martin Crow

Willie Plair, Bud and Lottie Cruce

W. T. Culbreath

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    "D" Names

George Davidson

William Barney and Eula Mae Wolfe Davidson

Emma Idella "Della" Davidson Miller Loomis Cox

Mary Susan Davidson Ezell

Minerva E. Hayes Davidson

Minerva E. Hayes & Wesley Camp Davidson, Jr. Family
George Wesley, Mary Susan, Margrette Matilda Jane,
William Barney, Sally Annis, Emma Idella, Robert Lee,
James Henry and John Thomas

Sarah Davis Wolfe

John W. and Elvira Dawkins

Margurite "Margaret" Eva Caroline

Paul Dawkins

Sophie A. Blalock Dawkins and Ada Octavia Dawkins

Darace Ethyl McMurry Dean LaFollette

Darace Ethyl McMurry Dean LaFollette

Waymon Dearman

A collection of Denson family photos

Nicholas Council Denson

Mary Clair Ragar Derryberry

Linnie Mae and Beatrice Doggett

Shirley Mae Doggett

Charles Frank Douglas Jr.

Carrie Agnes Powell DuBose and Leta Mae DuBose Kelley

Carrie Agnes Powell Dubose

Durmon relations
Katie Sue, Ida Mae Hooks and
Ollie Viola McMurry Durmon and
Mary Frances Durmon Fuller.

Durmon Family
Joseph, John Franklin, Ollie Viola McMurry, Ida Mae,
Myrstine, Noel, Clifton, A. V., Laura Delta, Willis,
Myrtle, Nora, Ruby and , Robert

Clifton and Willis Durmon

Myrtis Lorene Durmon

Ollie Durmon

Ollie Viola McMurry Durmon

Tally Lester Durrant

Duvall Children
Bettie/Betty, Claudie, Gladys, Franklin, Edna, Rubie

Betty Duvall Wear

Ernest Duvall, youngest brother to the Duvall Children above

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    "E" Names

East School Teachers, May 26, 1922

Avarilla Easterling George

Avarilla Broach and Joel Harrison Easterling

Robbie Easterling Reddin

William Harrison Easterling Family
Sarah Elizabeth Wright, Horace, Avarilla,
Mary, Margaret, Joel, Milton, Florence,
Albert, and James Easterling

Ebenezer School Classes from the 1920's

Joan Ederington

John T. Ederington

Louis Ederington

Minnie Wherry Ederington

Hattie Lou Edwards Berry

Kathryn/Katherine Hankins Englehart

Broda Heul Erwin

Gurtha Lee Erwin Henry

Herbert Laird Erwin

Newton and Belle Erwin

Susan Pate Everett

William Henry Everett Family

Charlie Lee and Mary Susan Davidson Ezell

Mary Susan Davidson Ezell

Ruth Ezell Johnson

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    "F" Names

Nettie McFadden Falls

Farmville Girls Basketball Team

Farmville School 10th Grade Class, 1928

Farmville School Class, 1902 or 1903

Farmville School Class of 1904 Reunion

Farmville School Class, About 1927

Ferguson Family
R. Lee, Bunnia, Mary,
Katy Elizabeth and John

Effie Ferguson McMurry

John Ferguson

Kate Singer Ferguson

Mary Permelia G. Ferguson

Fred Ferrell

Ferrell, Ouita and Stella Lowery, Vertie Temple,
Ethel Herring and Jonathen
    NEW 30 December 2013

Robert John Ferrell and Family

Verna Irene Ferrell Blythe Hairston

Annie, Smead and Betty Fike

Floy Wheeler Fike

Mattie Ona Moseley (Mrs. W. W.) Finch

Ruth Stewart Finch (Mrs. Oliver) Brockman

Estelle Outlaw Fletcher

Fogle siblings
James Matthew Fogle, Cyntha Fogle Sled
and Fannie G. Fogle Wilson

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Reed Ford

Henry E. Ford

Vol C.Ford, Sr.

Mary B. "Polly Anna" Forrest Beasley

Nancy I. Forrest Smith

King Forrester

King Earl Forrester

Virginia Hankins Fort

Dr. T. A. Fowler

Alfred Franklin

Judge J. C. (Julius Ceasar) and Molly Frazer Clary Family

Esther Fuller

Mary Francis Durmon Fuller

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    "G" Names

Alice and Raymond Gambill

Fannie Fitzgibbon Gambill

Roll Gambill Family

William Thomas and Mary Ida Coats Gambill Family
Raleigh "Roll" Herbert, Minor Elmoe/Elmer, John
William, Roxie Grace and Iva Lee

Virgil and Bea Stewart Gambill

Dr. C. E. Gannaway

Gardner relations
Betsy, Mary, Marvin and Martha Atkins

Isaac Mason Garrett

Alfred and Annie Eubertie "Birtie" Reaves Garrison, Jr.

James W. and Brown Garrison, 1920's

Mett Garrison

Mary Sue Hairston Garrison

George and Bethea Relations
Alma, Ruby, Birdie, Mabel, Avarilla Easterling,
James Arlington, Nora Ione and Effie Mae George

Alma George Cox

James Arlington "Papa" George

Jewel, Willie, Ruth and Mae George

Abbie Gibb Richardson

Dora Givens

George Washington Givens Family

Jim Givens

Lizzie Givens

Lum Givens

Mary Wood Givens

Minnie Givens

Preston Givens

Robert Columbus "Lum" and Lester Givens

Robert Daniel Givens

Thomas Jonah Givens Family
(Surnames include Thornton, Wood, Ferguson,
Creed, Rowell, Hampton, Kirkley)

Wesley Givens

Margaret Jeffers Glossom

Mary Ann Glover Berry

Ruth Glover and Joseph Johnson Mann Family

Dott Godwin

William Shields Goodwin

Gorman Family
Lillie Copeland Ray, George S.,
James W. and Mary F. Gorman Anders

Jack Gorman

Willie Belle Gorman Koehler

Green Family
Wilmot Lathan, Thelma Chambers, Mary Amelia
McFadden, Wilmot Rufus, Jewel Leone Lathan Green

Green Family
Eleanor McFadden Green Pennington, Ruby Green
Pennington, Jessie Green Baker, Isaac Wilburn Green,
Mary Amelia McFadden "Mollie" Green, Effie Green
McNeer Leslie, Wilmot Rufus Green, Dunham Leslie Green

Green Family
William Rufus Green, Mary Amelia McFadden Green,
Jessie, Effie, Eleanor, Dunham, and Wilburn Green

Abram and Martha Greenwood

Joshua Claude Greenwood

Ralph Greenwood Family

W. Greenwood

William Karl Greenwood Family

Frederick S. 'Fed' Grice

Susie Grider Hairston

Zema Grider

Mack D. and Allis (Alice) Dawkins Groves

Mrs. Fannie Guice Richardson

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    "H" Names

Arthur Lee Hairston Family

John Hairston

John Francis Hairston

Rebecca Hickman Hairston

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    "H" Names

Mary Sue Hairston Garrison

Susie Grider Hairston

Two Hairston Girls

Versa Hairston

Versie and Gladys Hairston

Versie Mae Hairston

Walter Alexander and Verna Irene Ferrell Blythe Hairston

Walter, Cliffton & Ed Hale

Birdie Hall Williams

Nancy M. Speck Hall Moseley

Thomas Ellen Hall Tate

Levi Hamaker and Martha Jeffers

Alexander Hamilton

Ellen Slough Hamilton

Jess Hamm

Melton L. and Ruth Hamm Smith Family
LaCoy, John Benson, Linnie

Fallie Hampton Thornton

Carl, Neely & Johnie Hankins

Charles Woodbin Hankins Family
Kate Hurley, Neppie Martin, Ernest and Edwin,
Myrtie Orton Hankins, Florence Belin Hankins,
Mary Martin Hankins Bryan Martin, Betty Hankins
Henry, Harriett Hankins McClendon, Martin,
Virginia Hankins Fort, Bob, Wilson, Hugh,
Ernest, Jr., Kenneth Martin, Sue Martin Crow,
Martha Martin, Kathryn Hankins Englehart & Edwin, Jr.

R. H. Hankins, Sr.

Dick Harcrow

Hargis Family
Amy, Anna, Barney Lee,Willie Belle Adams
Henry Washington, Jennie Bradley and Sallie Adams Hargis

Hargis Family
Margaret Jane, Sally, William, Lillie,
Drucilla Ann Shaw, Lillie, Columbus "Lum",
Henry Sevenson, Ada Belle Clanton, Noel
and A. Alonzo Hargis

Henry Stevenson and Gordie Francis York Hargis Family
Van, Vanessa and Remona Hargis

Remona Hargis

Ollie Drusilla Temple and Robert Washington Hargis

Washington Blackard Hargis Family

Arcadie 'Katie' Mae Hargraves Harrelson

Augustus M. and Lucinda Wardlaw Hargraves and Descendants

James Hargraves

John and Missouri Jackson Hargraves and children

Mary Etta Hargraves Whittington

Solomon Snow Hargraves

Nell Harper

Arrie Harrelson Williams

Alma Harris

Cap and Bethel Jeffers Harris

Harrod Men
Otto, Johnny, Hubert, Charles, James

John Thomas and Willie Jean Kelly Harton

Oscar and Van Haven

Minerva E. Hayes Davidson

Kermit, Pauline and O. W. "Dub" Haygood

Mary O'Neal Haygood and Helen Neely Pearl Haygood

Possibly Virgil Haygood

C. C. Hendon Family

Betty Hankins Henry

Gurtha Lee Erwin Henry

John Pickens Henry Family

Hermitage High School Basketball Team, 1934

Hermitage High School Students, 1911

Hermitage School 1st grade class, 1936

Hermitage School 2nd & 3rd grade class, 1933

Emily Herring Jenkins

Grover and Ethel Ferrell Herring     NEW 30 December 2013

Carl Hewitt

Hickman Siblings

Alec and Hettie Hickman

Ira Lou Hickman Beasley and her Sisters?
Can you put names to the rest of these folks?

Roy "Shortie" Hickman

Sheriff C. W. Hickman

John Cary Hickman

William "Bill" Medell Hickman

Henry Hill

Tom and Kate Hill Jeffers

Henry Newton Hines Family

Enoch and Lilly Odel Poole Hollingsworth Family

John Lewis Hollingsworth

John Calvin Holt

Johnny Fred Holt

Sophronia Holt

Hooks relations
Billie Dean, Ida Mae Durmon,
and Melody Ann Hooks

Billie Dean Hooks

Hooks Family
Ida Mae Durmon, Johnnie Bob, Wilbur and Billie Dean

Hooks Siblings

Amanda Hopper Hunter

Ivey House McMurry

Mary E., Maudie Ethel, Charlene & Mrs. Sarah Howard

Riley Sylvester Howard

Mary Jane Ruffin and Dorry Vontee Hamilton Howsen

Winnie Lue Norman Howsen

Birtha Lee Hudson and William Walter Johnson Family

Hughes Family
Eligah, Nina Pugh, James, Emma, William Chatman,
Eda Bett, Lucy, Sallie, Elizabeth Weeks and Moses Hughes

Sallie Hughes Waldrop

William David Huitt Family

(possibly) Lucille Hulligan

Rev. Earl Humble

Hunter Family
Orie Edward, Grady Curtis, Amanda Hopper,
Birtie Mae, Lula Belle, Clyde Edward, Dewey,
Elsie, Howard, Eva Jane, Orie Jr. 'Tom," Juanita,
Aubert and Victor Hugh Hunter.

Edith (Pat) and Jane Hurley

Kate Hurley Hankins

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    "I" Names

Ingalls High School Basketball Team, 1929-1930

Ingalls School, Ingalls, Arkansas, 1920-1923?

Ingalls Street Scene, Ingalls, Arkansas, 1920's

Ingram Family Photos (16 photos)
Royal James, Henry, James Chestley,
Sylvester, Beadie, Andrew, Aletha (Lethie)

Bessie Mae Temple and James Chestley Ingram

Jeannette Kaye Ingram

Sylvester and Ernie Ingram

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    "J" Names

Alma Jackson Mulligan Neves

Della Johnson Jackson Spraggins

Dr. Jackson

John and Missouri Jackson Hargraves and children

Leona Jackson Surrat

Richard Jackson

Mary Ellen Veaz ey James

Miss Thelma James

Jeffers Children
Russell, Bethel and Noah

Cap and Bethel Jeffers Harris

Clarkey and George S. Jeffers

Doris Stewart Jeffers

Doris Stewart and Noah Jeffers

Leona and George Jeffers Family

Lucinia Jeffers and William W. Plair

Margaret Jeffers Glossom

Levi Hamaker and Martha Jeffers

Bill and Mary Jeffers Plair Family

Roy and Bill Jeffers

Tom and Kate Hill Jeffers

William R. Jeffers Family

Willis and Molly Trammell Jeffress Family

Agnes? Jenkins

Emily Herring Jenkins

Floyd Jenkins     NEW 30 December 2013

Herbert Jenkins

James A. Jenkins

Rebecca Jenkins     NEW 30 December 2013

Vester Jenkins

Johnson Family
Carrol, Jordan, William Leslie, Martha York,
Della Jackson Spraggins, Georgia Sharp Lillard, Alma
Mulligan Neves, Jim Beck, Molly/Mollie Sharp,
Grace, Tob and Leonard Boyce 'Buck,' Sr. Johnson

Johnson Family
William Hugh, Edward Wylie, Flora Marie,
Bhula R., Bernis Grafton, Arlin
and Josephine Pearl Naron Johnson

Allen Hinton Johnson

Benjamin "Ben" Johnson

Edward N. Johnson

Evelyn Johnson O'Rear

George Allen and Aletha Ingram Johnson

George Johnson Family

John Fletcher Johnson Family
Reba, Gordie, John, William Thomas (Bill).
Hugh, Mattie, James, Lulu, Effie
Della L. Mann Wilkinson Johnson,
Sarah Larkin (Sally) Callaway Johnson

Larry Marlon Johnson

Myrtis Smith Johnson

Myrtis Smith Johnson

Myrtis Smith and William Doyle Johnson

Myrtis Smith and William Doyle Johnson

Tol Johnson Family

W. T. Johnson

William Fred Johnson

William Fred Johnson

Birtha Lee Hudson and William Walter Johnson Family
Allen Columbus, Posey Lee, Daniel Wesley, Lydia Cordelia,
Birtha Lee Hudson, William Herring, William Walter,
Ruth Adlee and Mary Lucille Johnson

James E. Jolley

Frances Gennet Cox Jones

Gary Jones

Orlean Jones Outlaw

Armster Jordan

Jane Davies McFadden Justiss

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    "K" Names

Bennie Kelly

Ludie Kelly Wheeler

Ida Kinard Neely

Beatrice and Willie Belle Gorman Koehler

Jim Kyser

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    "L" Names

Darace Ethyl McMurry Dean LaFollette

Darace Ethyl McMurry Dean LaFollette

Elizabeth Sawyer Langston

James Henry and Joseph W. Langston

Mary Frances Parker and James L. Langston Family

Sarah Theodocia "Docia" Langston and Fred Poole Family
Otha Lewis, Frances Genetta, Lilly Odel,
Clarence Albert, Hardie E., Gladys and David

Isaac T. Langston family

Bernard Lanier

Lansdale Family

Jewel Leone Lathan Green

Lawton's Store, early 1900s

Albert Barton Lawton and Ferry

Albert Barton Lawton and Grader

Albert Barton, Barbara Meddie Feldman and Lorice Lawton

Nick M. and Myrtie Irene McLeran Lawton

Children of Nicholas M. and Myrtie I. McLeran Lawton

Legal Hill School, circa 1911

Legal Hill School, after circa 1911

Bill and Myra Leslie

Eleanor Elizabeth Leslie McFadden

Georgia Johnson Sharp Lillard Family

P. I. Lipsey

Audrey Lipton

Emma Hughes Livingston

Sallie Meek Long

Archie Loveless/Walter Savage

Lowery, Delbert, Ouita Ferrell, Stella Ferrell and Owen
    NEW 30 December 2013

Verda Outlaw Lowry

William and Mary Martha Plair Lumm

Edna and Ora Lyon

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    "M" Names

Allie Faye Madden Reddin

Della L. Mann Wilkinson Johnson

James Mode Mann Family

John Watts Mann

Ruth Glover and Joseph Johnson Mann Family

Mary Josephine Mann Stewart

William and City Hooks Mann

Ida Elizabeth Stuard and William Thomas Mann Family

Irene Manns

Neppie Hankins Martin, Kenneth,
Mary Martin Hankins, Bryan & Martha

Albert Martin

Miss Dot Martin

Athleen & Mary Martin

Benjamin Martin

Dr. Charlie N. Martin

Miss Columbia Martin

Edward Martin

H. G. Martin

Herbert Martin

Dr. John Wilson (J. W.) Martin

Mary E. Franklin Martin

Paul Martin

Willis Martin

Rev. Quincy Mathis

May Day Decoration

Dicey Trussell McClain

A. McClendon

Harriett Hankins McClendon

McCone Siblings,
Sue Alice, Margaret or Effie and I think
James Gill & Thomas Garland McCone

John McDodd

McDougald and Stanfield Families

Mary Amelia McFadden Green

McFadden Family
Mary Amelia, Eleanor, Nettie, Suzanna, Jane,
Isaac Davies, Eleanor Elizabeth Leslie McFadden

Edna Haygood McGhee

Charley Anice McKay and Jim W. Temple

Preston McKinney

Madge McLeod Nichols

Lilly Shumway and Dr. Albert Barton McLeran

Minnie McLeran Wright

Nick M. and Myrtie Irene McLeran Lawton

Monroe McMahon

McMurry relations
Evelyn Wilkerson, Houston Neal,
Ollie Viola Durmon and Bud McMurry

McMurry relations
Darace Ethyl, Donna, Houston, Haskell Aaron,
Sara Ellen Poe, Raymond Withers ("R. W.")
and Mary Elizabeth Wolfe "Lizzie" McMurry

Agnes McMurry Armstrong

Charley McMurry

Lennie, Lillian, Laura Liue Neal and Darace Ethyl McMurry

Mary Elizabeth Wolfe McMurry

Ollie Viola McMurry Durmon

Ollie Viola McMurry Durmon

Pinkney Euphrates/Euphratus McMurry on his 90th birthday
Ollie Viola Durmon, William Taylor, Raymond Withers, John Joseph,
Charlie Clifton, Jesse Franklin, Lee Hoyle, Effie Ferguson, Ella Cook,
Ivey House, Lizzie Wolfe, Exine Cook and Eva Taylor McMurry

Mr. McPagan

William "Bill" Medell Hickman

Meek Descendants

Meek Sisters & Elizabeth Martin Meek

Edith Elizabeth "Bessie" Martin Meek

James Eli Meek

John Rufus Starr Meek (I)

John Rufus Starr Meek (II)

Mary Lema Watson Meek

S. B. Meek, Sr.

Samuel Baldwin Meek

Sarah Meek

Suzanna Elizabeth McFadden Meek

Ila Dean Adams Miller

Mollie Everett Mitchell

Raymond and Gladys Phillips Mitchell
- Coker Hotel
(18 images)

Will Mitchell

Milburn Mobley

Monticello S. A. S. Class of 1923

Helen Annette Moore Thomason

Lela Moore

Lee Morgan

Children of Philander and Carolyn Hickman Holloway Morris

Moseley Children
Annette, Marguerite, Ona, Eula, Cora, Howard, Knox and James

Moseley and Tipton family photos

Claudine Moseley Stedman

Ella Moseley Parnell

Eula Moseley and Brent Wade, probably 1906

Irene Moseley and Frank Brunson Family

James Elijah Moseley

Jesse Robertson Moseley Family

John Henry and Celestina O'Neal Moseley

Joseph Moseley Family

Mattie Ona Moseley (Mrs. W. W.) Finch

Mollie E. (Mary) Moseley Carter

Nancy M. Speck Hall Moseley

Peter Moseley

Thelma Moseley

Alma Johnson Mulligan Neves

Joe Mullins

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