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Bradley County, Arkansas Schools

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Warren High School Yearbook,
"The Pine Cone", 1925

  Page 1 - Front Cover (softcover) (59 kb)
  Page 2 - Foreword (41 kb)
  Page 3 - Dedication (19 kb)

to Mrs. Frank E. McAnear
  Page 4 - Dedication Photo (74 kb)

Mrs. Frank E. McAnear
  Page 5 - Faculty Photos (79 kb)
  Page 6 - Faculty List (39 kb)

T. F. Key, Miss Amy Fish, John Thompson, Miss Augusta Conrad, Miss Mabel Best, Miss Sadie Davis, Mrs. T. F. Key, Miss Annie Mae Akens
  Page 7 - Superintendent Photo (72 kb)

Frank E. McAnear
  Page 8 - Senior Class Graphic (39 kb)
  Page 9 - Senior Class (79 kb)

Moree Akens, Jack Berry, Mervin Adams, Wirt Bond, Robert Baker, Herman Brown, Corrine Beasley, Homer Burns
  Page 10 - Senior Class (78 kb)

Annie Lee Burns, Ora Lou Corbett, Mattie Childs, Edith Creasy, Lummie Coker, Joe Hurley Cunningham, Eva Green Colvin, Jewel Curry
  Page 11 - Senior Class (76 kb)

Mildred Darby, Lucille Herring, Berniece Green, Evelyn Hoyle, Sam Hargis, Wallace Hurley, Kim Hederick, Evelyn Hudgens
  Page 12 - Senior Class (82 kb)

James Hunter, Ray McCullough, Virginia Jarratt, Reba Moseley, Ray Joyner, Berniece McEwen, Eva Clyde Lehman, Owenby Meek
  Page 13 - Senior Class (80 kb)

Starr Meek, Nezzie Spencer, Hugh Morgan, Annie Will Turner, Effie Pierson, Curtis Thompson, Lynelle Smith, Louise Wall
  Page 14 - Senior Class (68 kb)

Dorothy Williams, Edward Wise, Leroy White, Mary Lee Wright, Betty Woolridge, Martha Wheeler
  Page 15 - Honor Students (59 kb)

Annie Lee Burns, Annie Will Turner, Edith Creacy, Lummie Coker; Senior Honor Roll list (no photos) Martha Wheeler, Starr Meek, Herman Brown, Wirt Bond, Berniece McEwen, Owenby Meek, Evelyn Hoyle, Eva Clyde Lehman, Nezzie Spencer, Moree Akens, Eva Green Colvin, Mildred Darby
  Page 16 - Senior Class Will (83 kb)

(mentions many senior class students and faculty; no photos; very interesting to read!)
  Page 17 - Senior Class Prophecy (73 kb)

(poem - mentions senior class members; no photos; very cute reading!)
  Page 18 - Senior Class Prophecy (72 kb)

(poem continued)
  Page 19 - Commencement Program (23 kb)

(no photos) Starr Meek, Eva Clyde Lehman, Robert Baker, Lummie Coker, Herman Brown, Owenby Meek, Martha Wheeler, Annie Will Turner, Jack Berry, James Hunter, Moree Aken, Mattie Childs, Dr. B. W. Torreyson, Frank E. McAnear
  Page 20 - Junior Class Graphic (31 kb)
  Page 21 - Junior Class Photo (96 kb)
  Page 22 - Junior Class Roll (35 kb)

Miss Best (Sponsor), Edwin Hankins, Ben Berry, Jack Burnette, James Denham, J. B. Quimby, Graham Hampton, James Moseley, John Ed Creasy, Herbert Chambers, Mary Clair Reaves, Gladys Thompson, Ina Adams, Ruth Hoyle, Natalie Clark, Sue Turner, Flavelia Kirchbaum, Albert Weiss, Louis Wilson Ederington, Clyde Sloan, Christine VanArsdel, Neppie King, Claude Thompson, Mable Wilfong, Virginia Wheeler, Dorothy Tomlinson, Katie Marie Hickman, Sam F. Broughton, Leron Wardlaw, Fred Sharp, Frank Milner, Gus Harrison, Willie Waits, Horace McCain, Hilery Gannaway, John Watson, Floyd Reep, Ruth Reaves, Lillie Tom Green, Marian Watson, Katherine Ford, Ardelia Potter, Annie Fike, Clydine Chids (Childs?), Jack Youngblood, Fay Temple, Charles Turner, Beulah Black, May Moseley, Clary Butler, Gilruth Herring, Catherine Burnette, R. T. Hester
  Page 23 - Junior Class Writeup (59 kb)

(mentions many junior class students and faculty; no photos; very interesting to read!)
  Page 24 - Sophomore Class Graphic (88 kb)
  Page 25 - Sophomore Class Photo (87 kb)
  Page 26 - Sophomore Class Roll (36 kb)

Miss Conrad (Sponsor), Alma Johns, Juanita Jarratt, Pel (Rel?) Gray, Lila Mae Kirchbaum, Mac Lee Rhodes, Pearl Pearson, Quita (Ouita?) Wilson, Robert Irving, Sarah Humburger, Elizabeth O'Rear, Opal Tate, Harry Thaxton, Turner Knowles, Martha Martin, Homer Preston, Ella Ross Bond, Mary Jane Bowden, Ernest Higgason, Rex Bailey, Stanton Bartrum, Earl Breathwit, John Newton Scobey, Sybil Sloan, Carless Hataway, Carl Deering, Buck Lyons, Noel Lee McCain, Clarence Durham, Nell Croswell, Martha Moore, Edna Craig, Troy Adams, Fred Krug, Loyd Moseley, Elsie Baker, Leonidas Herring, Gladys Booker, Walton Pumphrey, Corine Wise, Lawton Greene, Grena (Orena?) Morgan, Mary Wilfong, Elizabeth McClerkin, Vera Halligan, Quita (Ouita?) Quimby, N. H. McDaniels, Madge Irwin, Jeanette Coker, Marguerite Moseley, Reba McDaniels, Katherine Heath, Doyle Richardson, Elmo Stoker, Mary Beard, Meigs Jones, Doris Reynolds
  Page 27 - Sophomore Class History (97 kb)

(interesting information about some students of the sophomore class; no photos)
  Page 28 - Freshman Class Graphic and Photo (58 kb)
  Page 29 - Freshman Class Roll (27 kb)

Miss Edwards (Sponsor), Mary Baldwin Meek, Ralph Wharton, Harold Blankinship, G. B. Colvin, William Broughton, Albert Wilson, William Holt, Clarice Beard, Thelma Sturgis, Effie Abshire, Leah Kight, Hazel Steadman, Sarah Mitchell, Scott Hill, Clela Sharp, Floyd Carr, Kathleen Ricks, Katrina Anderson, Glynn Reep, Leroy Richardson, Elvin Englehart, Jerel Barns, Ed McEwen, Gordon Baker, Conrad Brazill, Jack Bartrum, Ruby Reep, Emma Louise Fontaine, Mae Brown, Agnes Holt, Velma Veazey, Gladys Dumas, Mary Florence Scobey, Lucille Collins, Jack Darby, Gladys Reep, Ruby Derryberry, Merlie Tucker, Jack Temple, John Lipovac
  Page 30 - Organizations Graphic (50 kb)
  Page 31 - Student Advisory Council (47 kb)

Ardelia Potter, Lummie Coker, Evelyn Hoyle, Annie Will Turner, Ruth Reaves, Starr Meek, James Hunter, Graham Hampton, Albert Weiss, Walton Pumphrey, Elizabeth O'Rear
  Page 32 - Student Advisory Council (59 kb)

(information about this organization)
  Page 33 - Girl Reserve Club (74 kb)

Mrs. R. L. Newton (Advisor), Reba McDaniels, Corinne Wise, Evelyn Hoyle, Owenby Meek, Clydine Childs, Lila Mae Kirshbaum, Neppie King, Katie Marie Hickman, Louise Wall, Flavelia Kirshbaum, Sue Turner, Natalie Clark, Mildred Darby, Martha Wheeler, Juanita Jarratt, Mary Jane Bowden, Annie Will Turner, Lynelle Smith, Bernice McEwen, Mable Wilfong, Lillie Tom Greene, Christine VanArsdale, Faye Temples, Mae Moseley, Ella Ross Bond, Martha Martin, Marian Watson, Mattie Childs, Charline Scobey, Catherine Ford, Martha Moore, Chtherine Burnette, Ruth Reaves, Lucille Herring, Virginia Jarratt, Katherine Heath, Ardelia Potter, Virginia Wheeler, Dorothy Tomlinson, Opal Tate, Elizabeth O'Rear, Ruth Hoyle
  Page 34 - Hi-Y Club (58 kb)

Lawrence Hurley (Adult Leader), James Hunter, Edward Wise, Frank Milner, John Watson, Ray McCullough, Jack Berry, Sam F, Broughton, Hugh Morgan, Claude Thompson, Graham Hampton, Ben Berry, Wallace Hurley, Joe Hurley Cunningham, Fred Sharp, N. H. McDaniels, Herman Brown, Clarence Durham, Horace McCain, Leron Wardlaw, Kim Hedrick, Jack Burnette
  Page 35 - Dramatics (90 kb)

Information on two of three plays performed by Warren High School students; "Clarence," "Penrod," and "Kicked Out Of College." Names listed: Herman Brown, Owenby Meek, Starr Meek, Lynelle Smith, Lummie Coker, Curtis Thompson, Kim Hedrick, Evelyn Hoyle, Hugh Morgan, Mattie Childs, James Hunter, Wallace Hurley, Leroy White, Wirt Bond, Robert Baker, Jack Berry, Eva Clyde Lehman, Nezzie Spencer, Annie Will Turner, Moree Akens, Mildred Darby, Lucille Herring, Eva Green Colvin and Evelyn Hudgens.
  Page 36 - Dramatics (28 kb)

(continued) Information on third play performed by Warren High School students. Names listed: Robert Irving, Mattie Childs, Bernice McEwen, John Newton Scobey, Joe Hurley Cunningham, Edwin Hankins, Lucille Herring, Flavelia Kirchbaum, Walton Pumphrey, Rel (Pel?) Gray, Mac Lee Rhodes, Lynelle Smith, Evelyn Hoyle, Kim Hedrick and Wallace Hurley.
  Page 37 - Glee Club (55 kb)

Ardelia Potter, Ruth Hoyle, Annie Fike, Clydine Childs, Mary Jane Bowden, Amy Echoff, Lila Mae Kirshbaum, Katherine Heath, Sue Turner, Katie Marie Hickman, Catherine Ford, Gladys Thompson, Mattie Childs and Lynelle Smith
  Page 38 - Boy's Quartett (34 kb)

J. B. Quimby, Jack Berry, Claud Thompson and James Hunter
  Page 39 - High School Band (64 kb)

Herring, Lawton Greene, Dick Hedrick, Homer Burns, Steve Lipovac, Starr Meek, G. E. Wallick, Fred Sharp, Graham Hampton, Robert Irving, James Denham, John N. Scobey, Kim Hedrick, Wallace Hurley, Homer Preston, Albert Weiss, Claud Thompson, Elvin Englehart, William Holt, Clary Butler and Lamar Deal
  Page 40 - Orchestra (59 kb)

Mr. Wallick (Director), LeMarr Deal, Cecil Wallace, Kim Hedrick, Carl Deering, Lawton Greene, Starr Meek, James Denham, Dick Hedrick, Elizabeth O'Rear, Katie Marie Hickman, Fred Sharp, John Newton Scobey, Clary Butler, Homer Preston
  Page 41 - Poem (72 kb)

"Ambition" by Owenby Meek
  Page 42 - Debating Team (49 kb)

Robert Irving, Walton Pumphrey, Lummie Coker and Flavelia Krichbaum (Kirchbaum? Kirshbaum?)
  Page 43 - Pine Cone Staff List (36 kb)

Martha Wheeler, Annie Will Turner, Jack Berry, Herman Brown, Bernice McEwen, Owenby Meek, James Hunter, Dorothy Williams, Evelyn Hoyle, Lucille Herring, Wirt Bond, Catherine Burnett, Mary Wilfong, Lummie Coker, Mattie Childs, Lynell Smith, Annie Lou Corbett and Kim Hedrick
  Page 44 - Pine Cone Staff Photos (82 kb)
  Page 45 - Athletics (59 kb)

Coach Thompson
  Page 46 - Football Team (52 kb)

Coach Thompson, Ray McCullough, J. B. Quimby, Charles Beard, Jack Youngblood, James Hunter, Buck Lyons, Hugh Morgan, Edwin Hankins, Clifton Greenlee, N. H. McDaniels, Leroy White, Rufus Johnson, Robert Baker, Meigs Jones, Arthur Adcock, Jack Burnette, Mercer Morgan, Stanton Bartrum, Horace McCain and Harry Thaxton
  Page 47 - Basketball Team (61 kb)

Coach John Thompson, N. H. McDaniels, Harry Thaxton, Buck Lyons, Meigs Jones, Horace McCain, Hugh Morgan, Fred Sharp, Jack Berry and Ray McCullough
  Page 48 - Track Team (58 kb)

Coach Thompson, N. H. McDaniels, Ray McCullough, Homer Preston, Hugh Morgan, Buck Lyons, J. B. Quimby, Clarence Durham, Stanton Bartrum, Doyle Richardson, Hilery Gannaway, Bernard Murphey, Willie Waite (Waits?), Edward Anthony, Noel McCain, "Chick" Hill and "Pewee" Smith
  Page 49 - Calendar, Senior Sayings and Jokes (52 kb)

Sam F. Broughton, James Hunter, Herman, Evelyn Hoyle, Jewel Curry, Bernice Green, James Denham, Moree Akens, Mary Beard, Elizabeth Mc., Juanita Jarratt, Joe Hurley, Noel Lee Mc, Ray Joyner, Lucille Harring, Frank Milner, John Watson, Reba McDaniels, Charline Scobey, Elsie Baker, Graham Hampton, Bo Weiss, Flavelia K.
  Page 50 - Who's Who Graphic (18 kb)
  Page 51 - Who's Who List (53 kb)

Bernice Green, Claude Thompson, Charline Scobey, Starr Meek, Marian Watson, J. B. Quimby, Christine VanArsdel, Jack Berry, Ray McCullough, Ruth Hoyle, James Denham, Annie Lee Burns, James Moseley, Ruth Reaves, R. T. Hester, Clydine Childs, Hereial (Hercial?) Clayton, Mr. Key, Miss Fish, Harry Thaxton, Lucille Harring, Katie Marie Hickman, Robert Baker, Mary Wilfong and Rufus Johnson
  Page 52 - Who's Who Photo (58 kb)

Miss Bernice Green
  Page 53 - Who's Who Photos (96 kb)
  Page 54 - Who's Who Photos (89 kb)
  Page 55 - Advertisements and "Pine Needles" Jokes (73 kb)

Martin & Scobey, Warren Bank
  Page 56 - Advertisement (34 kb)

The Bradley Store, J.E. Victor
  Page 57 - Advertisements and Joke (78 kb)

W. R. Appleton, The Rexall Store, The Rex Clothing House
  Page 58 - Advertisement (70 kb)

Arkansas Agricultural and Mechanical College, F. H. Russell
  Page 59 - Advertisements and Joke (72 kb)

Scobey's The Model, Hurley Hardware & Furniture Co.
  Page 60 - Advertisements and Joke (36 kb)

J. T. Ederington Company, Turner-Jones Grocery Co.
  Page 61 - Advertisements and Cartoon (56 kb)

Red Rose Garage & Filling Station, Arkansas Lumber Company
  Page 62 - Advertisement (47 kb)

Southern Lumber Company Store
  Page 63 - Advertisements and Poem (75 kb)

Saline Grocer Co. Incorporated, S. M. Davis & Son, A. T. Davis
  Page 64 - Advertisements (38 kb)

Warren Stave & Lumber Co., Warren Cotton Oil & Manufacturing Co.
  Page 65 - Advertisements and "Pine Needles" Jokes (52 kb)

J. R. Gannaway & Co., Pastime Theatre, Kim, Starr, Lucille, Robert B. and Nezzie
  Page 66 - Advertisements and Joke (32 kb)

Shorty's Barber Shop, Republic Power & Service Co.
  Page 67 - Advertisements and "Pine Needles" Jokes (55 kb)

Glasgow's Confectionery, "F" (Firestone?) Tires, Virginia Wheeler, Mattie, Evelyn Hoyle and Annie Will
  Page 68 - Advertisements (32 kb)

Bradley Lumber Company of Arkansas, G. W. Hankins & Sons
  Page 69 - Advertisements and Circus (46 kb)

Kight's Filling Station, Boyd-McCloy Co., (don't know if the circus is a joke or something they actually did! Sorta looks like a joke to me) James Hunter, Bill Hurley, Meigs Jones, Herman Brown, Lucille Herring, Charline Scobey, Joe Hurley Cunningham, Wirt Bond, Lummie Coker, Ella Ross Bond, Martha Wheeler, R. T. Hester, J. B. Quimby, Wallace Hurley, Amy Fish, Juanita Jaratt, Robert Irving, Annie Lee Burns, Mildred Darby, Harry Thaxton, James Denham, Mr, Thompson, N. H. McDaniels, Ray McCullough, Starr Meek, John Watson and Claude Thompson
  Page 70 - Advertisements and "Pine Needles" We Wonder (69 kb)

Walker's Service Station, Merchants & Planters Trust & Savings Bank, Carl Hollis, A. L. Greene, Annie Will Turner, Clyde Day, Henderson-Brown
  Page 71 - School Pals (10 kb)

Classmate autograph page (blank)
  Page 72 - Finis Graphic (4 kb)

The pages from "The Pine Cone" were provided by Jann Woodard. Many thanks to Jann for sharing this Warren High School yearbook with us!

If you have rosters, photographs, news articles, or other items related to Bradley County schools, please e-mail Barbara Logan at

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